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Child Sex Education

Definition of child sex education
  Child sex education is a socialization process for children’s educated people to carry out education in sexual science, sexual ethics and sexual civilization. It is an educational system project involving the family, the school and the whole society. It is also a re-socialization process that continues to grow with the age of the educated. 
The significance of child sex education
  Child sex education is a socialization process for educators on sexual science, sexual ethics and sexual civilization education. 
  Sex education is not just about reading a book, listening to a lecture or watching a video, but an education system project involving the family, the school and the whole society. It is also a re-socialization process that continues to grow with the age of the educated. 
  Help the child to identify with his or her gender, stipulate his or her gender role behaviour and emotional response, according to gender, and do not adopt a simple reprimand or deceitful attitude towards the child’s display of nakedness and genitals, not only to teach ugliness, but also to be unpopular And conceal. Parents can tell the difference between the sex organs of boys and girls and, “Where am I from?”, and don’t have to be ashamed. Let the children play and play with same-sex and heterosexual children of the same age, cultivate a natural and a healthy attitude of children and their peers, and build a healthy personality. 

Child sex education is divided into several periods
  Child sex education is divided into five periods: infancy, early childhood, childhood, juvenile and adolescent, called five-stage sex education. 
  Infancy sex
Education The main content of infancy sex education is the feeding of children through parents, mainly mothers. 
  The mother’s contact with the child’s body can increase the sensitivity of the child’s nervous system and promote the differentiation and development of the child’s brain. Children with insufficient physical contact with adults will suffer from varying degrees of intelligence and sexual sensitivity. American animal psychologists have found that if two young monkeys, leaving their mother are fed by different mothers, one is a “cotton towel mother” (an artificial female with an outer towel, a bottle in the chest), and the other is a metal thorn. “Mom” (a fake female monkey with a bottle of metal thorns). The young monkeys who grew up eating the mother of the metal monkey will not have sex during adulthood, and the behaviour will shrink and not match the group. 
  Therefore, the education of infancy is characterized by satisfying the appetite of the baby and satisfying the developmental needs of the baby’s skin touch. This period is generally no more than three years old. At this time, maternal and child sleep is good for the development of children. 
Early childhood sex education
  Early childhood sex education begins to let children know their gender and enters gender roles initially. For example, encourage the brave and strong of the boys, encourage the gentle sweetness of the girls, love to clean and so on. Also, boys should wear boys’ clothes, and girls should have girls’ costumes. Starting from your own likes and dislikes, the practice of boys and girls or girls is extremely harmful, because this may be one of the reasons for the child to have homosexuality in the future, and may become the cause of the child’s future family disharmony. 
  At this time, we should start instilling preliminary sexual ethics, such as letting boys love and respect women. Learn basic sexual health knowledge, such as washing your hands before and after urinating. Do not put small sticks and other things into the hole of the urine. At this time, in order to facilitate the care of young children, parents should stay in bed with their children, but they must be separated. This stage is from the time of weaning to the age of six, that is, the child will stop at night before the night. If the child has strong independence and when he can get up tonight, he should be separated. 
Child sex education
  Child sex education starts from the age of six to ten years old. At this time, children have entered school and the scope of social knowledge and activities has been further expanded. All eligible families should live with their children. At this time, the child’s sexual consciousness is further enhanced, and there is an unwillingness to be at the same table and peers with the opposite sex, and he is proud and proud of his gender. At this time, we should not interfere with the psychological phenomenon of the child, but should be sure. 
  If the child is found to be disgusted with his or her gender role, it should be corrected in time to prevent future gender roles from being reversed. At this time, you should teach your child the basics of sexual hygiene and learn to maintain the health of your sexual organs. At the same time, children should be taught how to protect themselves, encourage their independence, and ask their children to be different from men and women. In particular, educate boys to respect women. The general moral rules that teach children to communicate with men and women must be self-respecting and self-love. 
Sex education in
  Adolescence Sex education in adolescence has special significance. Because most children have entered the stage of puberty during this period, the girls showed menstrual cramps, and the boys showed the first appearance of nocturnal emission. They have begun to pay attention to the opposite sex, and with the awkward sexual consciousness, they have begun to have curiosity and communication requirements of the opposite sex. 
  The content of sex education at this time is mainly: adolescent physiological health knowledge, menstrual health knowledge, the principles and precautions of men and women, how girls protect themselves, the initial principles of marriage and love, and the basic requirements of legal and moral relations between the two sexes to prevent Sexual crimes occur at the same time, and they must both know and accept themselves. This time period is from 10 to 20 years old. 
Adolescent Sex Education
  Adolescent sex education is characterized by children who have grown up, have independent hobbies and personalities, gradually mature, and begin to love marriage and form their own families. The main content of sex education is how to bear the family’s responsibilities and obligations, husband and wife life knowledge, children’s education knowledge, family economic knowledge, to prepare for the establishment of the family. This time is from 20 to 35 years old.
Sex education starts from the age of the child
  When parents conduct correct health education for their children ,sex education experts believe that the following aspects should be noted: 
  1. Appropriate age
  In theory, gender differences between men and women, especially first sexual characteristics, in children’s puberty There is no problem in the previous answer. As far as the current social and cultural status is concerned, it is best to answer the difference between the first sexual characteristics of men and women before the age of 5. Sex education should be relatively advanced, but it cannot be separated from the child’s ability to understand. 
 2, the appropriate method
  Before the child is 5 years old, you can use the body of the parents to speak, but after the age of 5, the use of books , audio-visual materials and other methods is more appropriate. 
3, the right content
  Children’s sex education, the content of each age group should be focused. Simple questions such as gender knowledge should be resolved before the age of 5. Before puberty, sexual physiology should be educated; when puberty is developed, sexual psychology and sexual ethics should be educated. 
  In short, sexual education for children must adhere to the principles of nature and appropriateness, and must not be deliberate, nor can they look at children’s problems from the perspective of adults. 
Rules for child sex education
  1. Allow children’s sexual curiosity Children
  Aged 1 or 2 like to play with their own sexual organs , especially boys. Parents don’t have to make a fuss, let alone reprimand their children with prejudice. 
 2, let it be natural to educate
  Young children, whether it is touching the ears, rubbing their toes, playing with sex organs, are out of curiosity, help the child to understand the names of various parts of the body, so that the children know each body Organs are an indispensable part of themselves. 
 3. Correctly answer the sexual questions raised by
  Children. Children’s sexual problems can also be curious. We should regard it as a good opportunity for sex education for children. The correct approach should be to not ask questions, do not take the initiative to speak, ask questions, do not lie, and answer the questions simply and truthfully according to the child’s ability to understand. 

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