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The Anon-IB, pornographic images of women were regularly shared and sold to consumers, such as baseball cards. The victims, including teenagers, found nude photos shared with their ex-boyfriends. But some people have hacked into the Internet to steal personal photos, Dutch police say.

The investigation began in March 2017 when a woman discovered that her personal photos had been stolen and posted on the Internet.


She lodged a complaint with the authorities, and subsequent investigations revealed that the 31-year-old, who was in Columbus, had several other photographs of women.

He introduced them to additional suspects, including 35-year-old Groningen and 28-year-old Guerrelin, who did not want to be named.

There they asked for a photo of some of the women and used it to share the stolen images. Authorities also identified two more suspects, 19-year-old Ternuzen and 26-year-old Galen.

  • Anon-IB In 2014, Celebgate was one of the most widely used sites to promote nude clothing.
  • Anon-IB server taken and five suspects arrested.

Anon-IB messages may come from hackers, and their practice is being targeted by public providers, but this does not seem to be the case. The Daily Post reports that there is no clear information on the agreement between the Senate and the President’s Office.

Anon-IB is not just a platform for us to share stolen photos from victims’ cloud storage, email inboxes or social media accounts. It was also a site where users were asked to help each other to target specific women and girls.

Before anyone blames the tired elderly victim – “Don’t take a picture first, you won’t get in trouble” – this screenshot was taken before Dutch police explained IB-Gone’d Anon-IB on Thursday. The forum featured many photos. We are talking about raising, lowering, robbing or exposing webcams.

Dutch police – politics – In March 2017, a young woman was found stolen and posted on a cloud, and began searching for Anon-IB. An Amsterdam cybercriminal has been reported to have been tracked down by a 31-year-old man in Columbus.

Anon-IB only mentions men who post content to protect their identities, not women who exploit. The personal information of women and girls on the site is often affected by their recent photos.


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