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Child sex education (on)

To help children understand the secret of healthy growth and acceptance process It is one of the best reasons for giving children “sex” education; explaining the correct “sex” problem to children can not only satisfy their curiosity , but also clarify their doubts and correct some wrong ideas and concepts. In this way, unhealthy venting can be avoided, and inappropriate guilt can be avoided as the child develops and matures into life. Instilling sexual knowledge into children often makes them parents; there is a feeling of difficulty or embarrassment. In fact, “sex” is also holy and beautiful in the creation of God. 

Sex education is not only a lesson of physical hygiene, but also an important personality education. Virtuous parents and teachers help children understand the meaning of “sex” in interpersonal relationships and establish a sound attitude towards “sex”, which will surely lay a solid foundation for children’s future love and marriage. 

First, why should we conduct sex education? 

1. Sex education can help children have a correct understanding of their various organs and changes in their various stages of growth and are willing to accept these situations. 
2. Sex education can enable children to correctly understand the different genders and different responsibilities, and there is a harmonious and healthy relationship between couples when their future matures into marriage. 
3. Sex education will be implemented in childhood, which will help prevent sexual crimes that may occur when adolescents reach the stage of adolescence. Adolescents’ ignorance or misunderstanding of sexuality is harmful to their health and health. 
4. Sex education can eliminate the shame, fear, metamorphosis or guilt that arises from the original instinct and need of one’s own “sex”. 
5, sex education can determine the birth of children is a natural and original meaning. 

Second, who will talk about sex? 

1. It is most appropriate for the father and mother to talk about their children’s sexual issues. Because parents and their children live together day and night, they are the two sexes that bring their children’s lives. They also have the responsibility to guide their children and have a normal and harmonious marriage life in the future participation in God’s creation of a new small life plan. Some people argue that the sex education of boys should be guided by the father, while the girls are guided by the mother. In fact, there is no need for such a strict division. Please consider the degree of intimacy and relationship between the child and the parents. It is not impossible for the daughter to learn about the menstrual cramps from the father. The son asks the mother about the sexual problems. Nature is also normal and reasonable. 

2. When school teachers use the “physiological hygiene” lesson, it is also appropriate to talk about sexual issues. It is necessary to pay attention to avoiding unnatural and unnatural scenes. All talks should be justified. Remember to emphasize the holiness and beauty of “sex” in the words, and explain that God hates unfair “sexual behavior” and “mourning” outside of marriage. 

3. When will the sex education be started for children? 

When a child is born, he has begun to receive sexual education. Parents’ kisses and caress for their children, as well as opportunities for bathing, changing clothes, and toilets in daily life, can’t avoid “sex” education; they are driven by children’s curiosity. Tell him succinctly when asking questions, this will make your answer natural and practical. Every child of every age may raise different questions. It is only natural that parents do not explain the sacredness and glory that God created in the aspect of “sex”. 

4. What are the principles of teaching knowledge? 

1. Use the correct name of each organ in the body to teach, such as the penis, vagina, breast, scrotum, testicles, etc. 
2. Each time you answer a question raised by your child, you should make a cross-cutting or a slightly simplified answer, and avoid embarrassing or swearing. 
3. Grasp the opportunities of natural teaching, and use the plant community to explain the process of life growth and maturity, and to praise God’s wonderful creation. For example, cocks and hens are often encountered; mating of female moths and male moths are examples of opportunities for children to learn “ sexual intercourse ”. These observations are very natural. 
4. Listen carefully to the problems the child has made, and correct his wrong ideas at any time. Never laugh at his problems and his doubts. 
5, do not prohibit children to ask questions, but they must answer the questions issued in a reasonable way; emphasize God’s design of men and women have other wonderful. 
6. Teach your child to know how to respect the privacy of others on the “sexual side”, such as bathing, changing clothes, and closing the door when going to the toilet. 
7. Tell the children that “love” and “sex” are the most closely related. Love is indispensable in sexual life . The birth of babies in every family is due to the love of each other. To emphasize the “sex” in marriage, or to reproduce the offspring, is the result of the love of husband and wife, and the relationship between husband and wife cannot be separated casually. 
8. Encourage your child to discuss sexual issues with their parents in a candid manner, rather than letting the children talk around and get answers or knowledge that are not necessarily correct. 
9. Correctly guide the child to deal with the problems that must be faced during the development process, such as: menstrual cramps, masturbation , dreams, the process leading to conception , and so on. 
10. Parents should not use the word “sex” or behavior as a sneer in daily conversations. Obscene proverbs are absolutely to be avoided. 
11. Non-educational “yellow” books or pictures, etc., should not appear at home, so as to avoid confusion between children in thoughts and emotions. Yellow TV, movies, etc., are not suitable for children to watch.

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