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Sexuality is a component of our personality, which forms a whole with ourselves. It accompanies us permanently. However, it has become in traditional society, a veiled aspect, left to the understanding of the “elders”, and located in that place that corresponds to our hidden secrets. As a result, a black curtain has fallen on her. Characteristics of Sexuality

This has contributed to the delay in their scientific knowledge and therefore, in their better rational management, both from an operational and educational point of view. It is not unusual, therefore, that there is confusion of concepts between sexuality, genitality and pornography.

On the other hand, the understanding of the phenomenon of sexuality and its interpretation has depended on the historical moment in which the problem is analyzed. It is worth remembering that at the beginning of talkies, the first kiss in a 40-year-old couple was eliminated from the film for violating good customs and was classified as pornography.

Obviously, in the field of sexuality, that of: “What we see depends on the color of the glass with which it is looked is applied with greater emphasis and property”; Without a doubt, the color of this crystal is influenced by our own experiences, positive or negative, and that we unconsciously project to the world around us. “This fact is of fundamental importance in educators, who are human beings. human with his own experiences, and therefore, interprets the facts with certain patterns.

This Component of our personality called Sexuality has 5 characteristics: Characteristics of Sexuality

Historicity Characteristics of Sexuality

This can be individual and collective, that is, each of us has a history with positive and negative aspects, which, being from the field of sexuality, are part of intimacy. It is collective because we respond to the historical moment that we live and the environment in which we develop in the anthropological-cultural. The approach to sexuality in Victorian times is not the same as today. Nor is sexuality the same in a western population as in an eastern one or in a modern urban and a rural one.

Voluptuousness Characteristics of Sexuality

It is the response to the internal or external stimulus of sexuality and that is intimately related to affectivity. Biological expressions of this voluptuousness are governed by social and cultural norms. It is what others call eroticism. It is easier to understand if we appeal to our own experiences. Characteristics of Sexuality

What is the reaction of our skin to sudden contact with the cold? It is a reaction of muscular contractions that we call shivering and that is explained by being the way to produce heat. But along with this there is an erection of the skin hairs and this becomes encrusted, giving rise to what we call goose bumps. This is explained by the contraction of the muscles of the base of implantation of the hair or hair bulb that erect the hair. The phenomenon contributes to closing the pores through which water and heat are lost and is an automatic mechanism for maintaining body temperature. Characteristics of Sexuality

But what happens when we observe or are observed by the beloved woman or man who attracts us, or when we give or receive affection from that person? Surely many of us react with a series of bodily responses such as having goose bumps (it is not the same in the cold, although the physiological reaction is the same). Wetting of the genitals, erection of the breast nipples and erection of the penis can also occur. These reactions are what make up voluptuousness and are typical of that component of our personality called sexuality. Characteristics of Sexuality


In the meaning of transcending. It has 5 meanings: (a) Smell that spreads at a distance (b) Knowledge of something hidden (c) Effects of some things on others with consequences. (d) To apply to everything a notion that is not gender, as happens with those of unity and being, and also in the Kantian system, to go beyond the limits of possible experience. (e) Penetrate, understand, find out something that is hidden. (1)

The meaning that we will use here is to go beyond the limits of possible experience. Thus, for example, exceptional actions of some people are described, such as walking on water (Christ in the Lake) or levitation that eliminates the force of gravity. This is described for exceptional individuals but does not occur in ordinary human beings. However, for the everyday, an example is he or the lover who does not care about his / her I, only the Other or Other matters. In this state, human beings can assume acts and actions that sometimes do not have a rational explanation, that is, they “detach” from their own I. This occurs in the field of affectivity as a component of sexuality. In the biological component of sexuality, it is transcended during the orgasmic phase of the human sexual coital response.

Language Characteristics of Sexuality

It is the set of signs and expressions of communication. In the field of sexuality, animals have a great variety of languages ​​related to the desire to mate and that are specific to each species and do not vary much with geographic variations. For example, the movements of the king penguin be it from the Arctic or Antarctic, or the peacock be it from Africa or the Santiago Zoo. In the field of human sexuality, language is very rich and varies with cultures. It is not difficult to distinguish a secret in the ear from a whisper of lovers or from a look or a pout from games of conquest. This is typical of sexuality.

Paradox reaction Characteristics of Sexuality

The expression of beauty in the arts is love in its various forms and certainly sexuality. However, it also works for someone else’s worst expressions. The most serious and least accepted crimes by society are related to sexuality, such as sexual harassment, rape and sexual abuse. By having expressions at these extremes, it is described as being of a paradoxical or contradictory nature, in the same object of personal expression.

Genitality is the expression of the different characteristics of the female or male genitalia and their responses to physical or psychological stimuli, real or imagined or figurative. It is a very important component in the expression of sexuality.

Pornography is the selective or exaggerated or distorted expression of genitality in order to increase the stimulus to voluptuousness, in most cases for commercial purposes or after seeking exceptional experiences.

Sexual health characteristics

Sexual health can be recognized both personally and in society. On a personal level, there are specific behaviors that have been identified as behaviors that characterize the sexually healthy person. These are featured in the Sexuality Information Council of America’s Sexuality Information Council’s Sexually Healthy Living Behaviors Education list: SIECUS. Characteristics of Sexuality

SIECUS List of Sexually Healthy Adult Life Behaviors.

A sexually healthy adult: Characteristics of Sexuality

  • Values ​​your own body.
  • Finds information about the reproduction as needed.
  • It states that human development includes sexual development, which may not include reproduction or genital sexual experience.
  • It states that human development includes sexual development, which may not include reproduction or genital sexual experience.
  • Interact with both genders in a respectful and appropriate way.
  • Affirm their sexual orientation and respect the sexual orientation of others.
  • Express your love and intimacy appropriately.
  • Establish and maintain meaningful relationships.
  • Avoid all relationships based on exploitation and manipulation.
  • Make informed decisions about family and lifestyle choices.
  • Shows skills that improve personal relationships.
  • It identifies and lives according to its own values.
  • He is responsible for his own actions.
  • Practice effective decision making.
  • Communicates effectively with family, peers, and partner.
  • Enjoy and express your sexuality throughout your life.
  • Express your sexuality in a way that is consistent with your own values.
  • He is able to recognize sexual behaviors that are life-enhancing and those that are harmful to himself or others.
  • Express your sexuality while respecting the rights of others.
  • You are looking for new information that will allow you to improve your sexuality.
  • Use effective contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
  • Avoid sexual abuse.
  • Seek timely prenatal care.
  • Avoid contracting or transmitting sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.
  • Practice health-promoting behaviors, such as regular checkups, testicular or breast self-exams, and early identification of potential problems.
  • Shows tolerance towards people with different sexual values ​​and lifestyles.
  • It exercises its democratic responsibilities in order to influence legislation relating to sexual matters.
  • Assesses the impact of family, cultural, religious, media, and societal messages on personal thoughts, feelings, values, and behaviors related to sexuality.
  • It promotes the rights of all people to have access to reliable information about sexuality.
  • Avoid behaviors that carry prejudice and bigotry.
  • It rejects stereotypes regarding the sexuality of diverse populations.

Characteristics of a Sexually Healthy Society Characteristics of Sexuality

According to the experts who prepared the document “Promotion of sexual health. Recommendations for action ”, societies that protect and prioritize the sexual health of their members show the following characteristics:

  1. Political compromise. The State recognizes that sexual health is a fundamental human right and is responsible for promoting sexual health.
  2. Explicit Policies. Social institutions, including government entities, formulate, develop and implement public policies that include clear and precise instructions aimed at the protection and promotion of sexual health as a fundamental human right.
  3. Legislation. For the promotion of sexual health, it is essential that there are laws in force aimed at protecting sexual rights. Laws that protect vulnerable people from exploitation (eg prohibition of child prostitution) are essential; recognize the rights of all people to the integrity of the body (eg, protection against genital mutilation); protect sexual minorities so that their fundamental human rights such as education, health and employment are respected (eg anti-discrimination legislation); and promoting equality in all sexual dimensions (eg equal opportunity legislation).
  4. Good education. A necessary element of a sexually healthy society is universal access to age-appropriate comprehensive sex education throughout life.
  5. Sufficient infrastructure. In order to guarantee people’s access to services, it is necessary to have an infrastructure of professionals and professionals specialized in solving problems and concerns of a sexual nature. This includes offering professionals specialization programs in sexual health.
  6. Investigation. A society committed to the sexual health of its members supports appropriate and concrete research aimed at addressing clinical, educational, and public health concerns. This encompasses research on emerging concerns (eg, new infections) and surveillance to estimate the extent and trends of preventable health-affecting conditions (eg, rates of unsafe sex in populations of high risk, rate of sexual violence, prevalence of sexual dysfunctions, etc.).
  7. Adequate surveillance. Surveillance is necessary to monitor behavioral and biomedical indicators that measure sexual health concerns and problems.
  8. Culture. It is necessary to achieve a culture of openness towards sexual health that at the same time assigns it the priority that it deserves. Some indicators, such as the quality of information provided by the media on sexual health concerns, and the degree to which public health messages regarding serious threats to sexual health can be openly promoted, can be used to measure culture. .

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