How To Lose Belly Fat faster?

how to lose belly fat faster
how to lose belly fat faster

Every fat person wants to know how to lose belly fat faster. A fat belly is the most disturbing to women because it stands in the way of achieving their dreams of the body harmonious and beautiful, in addition, these fats caused many disadvantages in health. If you want to get rid of these fats and get the strength you want,

you have to drink one of these drinks Learn to prepare
Chinese green tea drink, fresh mint, ginger, and pomegrana peel
Method of preparation
Boil two tablespoons of green tea, mint, ginger and pomegranate seeds in an appropriate amount of water, then mix and let cool, then drink daily after each meal.
Drink green tea, sage, chamomile and cinnamon
Method of preparation
Remove an equal amount of green tea, sage, chamomile and cinnamon in boiled water, then leave it to cool and then drink it daily in the morning and evening
Fennel seed drink
Method of preparation
Boil a medium tablespoon of fennel seeds, then drain the liquid and let it cool and drink twice a day
Green tea drink, cumin, and chamomile
Method of preparation
Mix a teaspoon of green tea, cumin, and chamomile with water, then mix to boil, then saute and drink Cuba daily

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