• Photo of What is matter (physics)?

    What is matter (physics)?

    We explain what matter is in physics and what are its main characteristics. In addition, the states in which it is…

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  • Varicocele

    Varicocele refers to the spermatic cord in the veins due to flow obstruction, and the emergence of coiled expansion. Young adults is a common disease , is the…

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  • Nocturnal Emission

    Semen A physiological phenomenon, not by means of sexual intercourse and semen itself escape, with their remaining rational pathology different properties. Traditional Chinese medicine refers to semen self-remaining phenomenon as spermatorrhea or…

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  • Foreskin Balanitis

    Balanitis refers prepuce and the glans of inflammation . Normal foreskin cavity endocrine one lipid substance, the prepuce or phimosis , the accumulation of such substances can be stimulated to smegma foreskin and…

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  • Prostatitis

    Prostatitis refers to systemic or local symptoms caused by acute and chronic inflammation caused by prostate specific and non-specific infections . Prostatitis can be divided into non-specific bacterial prostatitis , idiopathic bacterial prostatitis…

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