Nocturnal Emission Causes and Treatments in Audults

Nocturnal Emission: Semen is a physiological phenomenon, not by means of sexual intercourse and semen itself escapes, with their remaining rational pathology different properties. Traditional Chinese medicine refers to semen self-remaining phenomenon as spermatorrhea or infertility.

There is a dream and the person named ” Dream of the Dream “, without dreams, even when awake, the semen slides out of itself as ” slippery “.

Most of the kidneys are not solid, or the heart and kidney are not paid or caused by hot and humid bets. Western medicine can be found in phimosis, prepuce, urethritis, prostate disease, and so on. Dreams are often the beginning stage of waking and smoothing.

Dreams and slippery essences are two kinds of syndromes of different spermatorrhea. It should be pointed out that spermatorrhea is not a menstrual period, so there is no law at all. It used to be a spermatorrhea, and it is now normal. Especially when men enter middle age, they almost never happen.

Detailed study

Non-dream spermatorrhea

In the case of non-sexual intercourse, semen is self-venting, called nocturnal emission, also known as a remnant, loss of sperm.

In the dream of the nocturnal essence, called dreams; no dreams, and self-legacy, the name is slippery. “Zhang Shi Medical” volume seven cited “Lu Lijing: “The original three of the spermatorrhea. There chop funeral too, the kidney does not hide, no dream is survived by, when Yi Jing Zhuang fire, such as velvet pill, Ann kidney pill, Jujingwan, Kowloon Dan, Jinsuo Yu Guan pills and the like,

About nocturnal emission

There is too much effort, heart and kidney do not pay, lying and leaving, when the soil is dike, such as Guipi Tang, Miaoxiang Powder, Yuanzhi Pill, Buzhong Yiqi Decoction, Zhusha Anshen Pills and the like.

There are infinite thoughts, no wish, no dreams, and those who have lost their lives, such as Sishen Pills, Weixi Pills, “Shenzhen”, Pork Pills, Qingxin Lotus Seeds, etc. “Loss of kidney, fine of not solid who should wet kidney astringent, with YouguiWan, velvet nourishing pill peer; kidney essence, the phase fire frivolous who should Yin pathogenic fire, with Dabuyinwan, Zhibai Dihuang Pill, WangshuiTang, Sancai Fengshen Dan, etc.;

due to liver stagnation, use Xiaoyao San, Xiaochaihu Decoction; add heat to use Longdan Xiegan Pill; overwork, think more, dreams Frequently, it is necessary to clear the heart and take the kidney, use Jingxin Soup, Tianwang Buxin Dan, Qingxin Lotus Seed Drink, Dingzhi PillSuch as; after the illness, physical weakness, heart palpitations, dreams, should use oysters scattered.

Nocturnal emission is more common in neurasthenia, chronic prostatitis, and chronic wasting diseases.

Wet Dream

Dreams refer to the disease syndrome during the sleep process, when there is a dream, nocturnal emission, and wake up. Dreams can be the result of a sexual dream, or it can be caused by being overheated, the underwear is too tight, and the clothes are stimulated by the penis or the penis is compressed.

The classification of TCM literature that “has a dream and remains a dream, no dreams and remains a nocturnal emission” is the earliest statement of the difference between dreams and nocturnal emission. The dream before the dream may be very vague, and some dreams cannot recall the main plot of the dream.

It may also be clear that some people clearly recall the events that occurred in their dreams when they woke up in the morning.

 In reality, sexual dreams are subconscious reactions that often have a connection with fantasy and experience.

Dreams are illusory, real, and false. It is more common to have a deficiency syndrome for a long time, or a mixture of false and real. The illusion is divided into yang and yin deficiency. The disease is mainly in the kidney, and the yang deficiency is not solid.

It is mostly congenitally deficient, masturbation is frequent, early marriage, and sexual intercourse is not smooth; kidney yin deficiency, yin deficiency is fire, and the sperm chamber is disturbed and nocturnal emission.

However, these contents are not recognized by Western medicine, and there are no scientific experiments to prove that these will lead to dreams.

The ancients thought: “The spermatorrhea does not leave the kidney disease, but it is also the heart of the heart.” Dai Yuanli, a doctor of the Ming Dynasty, said in the “Testimony of the Procuratorate. The Essence of the Essence” said: “There is excessive use of the heart, and the heart does not take the kidney, so that the sperm is lost; Because of the desire for color, the color is lost, the semen is out…” When the Qing Dynasty, the spermatorrhea pointed out that “there is a dream for heart disease, no dream for kidney disease.”

“The dream of the remnant, that is, the dream; not dream The legacy is called slippery.” The spermatorrhea is divided into dreams and slippery essences. It is difficult to separate the clinical syndromes, so they are called nocturnal emissions.

What are the factors related to spermatorrhea and their performance?

  1. Psychological factors: Due to the lack of sexual knowledge, the idea of ​​sexual problems is over-concentrated, and sexual stimulation is easy to accept, so that the cerebral cortex continues to be sexually excited, thus inducing spermatorrhea.
  2. Sexual stimulation Environmental impact: Sexual stimulation shots in yellow books or movies stimulate the brain and induce spermatorrhea.
  3. Indulge in masturbation: sexual intercourse, masturbation, frequent ejaculation center is pathologically excited and induces nocturnal emission.
  4. Excessive fatigue: Excessive physical or mental work, the body is exhausted, sleep is deep, and the central activity of the cerebral cortex is strengthened and the spermatorrhea is caused.
  5. Inflammation stimulation: external genital and accessory gland inflammation, such as foreskin balanitis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, and other stimuli. Nocturnal emission
  6. Physical factors: lying on the back to sleep, being warm and heavy, stimulating, oppressing the external genitals, or wearing tights, binding the erect penis, and inducing spermatorrhea.  

The main performance of nocturnal emission

Semen leakage occurs during non-sexual intercourse, 2~3 times a night or more than 2 times a week, or self-sliding out during waking, accompanied by mental wilting, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, dreams, fatigue, weak waist and knees, memory loss Wait.

Due to the influence of traditional ideas, many people think that semen will lose the essence of the body, hurt ” strength .” Some young people are thinking about the problem of spermatorrhea almost every day. They think that nocturnal emission is a big injury, “a drop of fine blood and ten drops of blood” and so on.

In fact, this is a misconception that is lacking on a scientific basis. Medical experts have done a lot of laboratory analysis on semen, which proves that the main component of semen is water, only the protein, sugar, and inorganic salts of less than one den, each of which is 2-3 ml, which is equivalent to a few percent of the daily nutrient.

Even a few thousand points. Therefore, nocturnal emission is not harmful to health.

Check for spermatorrhea

1. rectal palpation examination

This test is the first choice for finding diseases such as rectal tumors, acne (how to treat acne), and there is not much pain in rectal examination. By knowing the size, hardness, and smoothness of the prostate, experienced doctors can find out whether the prostate is hypertrophy or not, and it can help the etiological diagnosis of spermatorrhea.

2. Prostate B-ultrasound

Prostate B-ultrasound is not only cheap but also practical and effective. It can intuitively understand the exact size and shape of the prostate (whether it protrudes into the bladder), and can also know whether there is no nodule in the prostate (prompting for prostate cancer ), and the patient can also measure the bladder after the urine is exhausted. There is no residual urine. In addition, it can be confirmed whether the bladder wall is thickened, whether there is a diverticulum, whether the ureter is thickened, whether the renal pelvis accumulates water (exposing bladder and kidney damage), and provides more scientific data for the diagnosis of nocturnal emission.

3. Semen routine examination

Semen routine examination can be divided into specimen collection, physical examination, and microscopic examination. It is a routine test item in the clinical laboratory. It is one of the main means to check the causes and effects of male infertility. It can also be used for the observation of male sterilization and assisted diagnosis of some male reproductive system diseases, including auxiliary diagnosis of nocturnal emission.

4. Prostatic fluid examination

The prostatic fluid test is to observe the color of the liquid, measure the pH, and the like. Prostatic fluid is an important part of semen, accounting for about 30% of semen. This also provides more accurate semen data for the diagnosis of spermatorrhea.

How should spermatorrhea be prevented?

1 pay attention to mental conditioning to eliminate distracting thoughts

2 Enriching cultural and sports activities, appropriate participation in physical labor or sports

3 pay attention to living and control sexual desire to quit masturbation

4 dinner should not be too full, should not be too thick underwear should not be too tight

5 eat less spicy food such as tobacco, alcohol, coffee, etc.

Masturbation and spermatorrhea

The psychological horror of masturbation and nocturnal emission in the literature is everywhere. An important reason for the horror of spermatorrhea is ” sperm worship”, which believes that sperm is the essence of human beings.

Medical scientists are convinced that the vast majority of masturbation and nocturnal emission are normal sexual behaviors, sexual physiology, and the fear of masturbation and nocturnal emission can not be regarded as a normal psychological phenomenon.

Some ancient and contemporary ignorant people often say that masturbation will “drain the bone marrow “, “a big injury”, “binocular blindness”, ” mental disorder ” and so on. In order to put an end to masturbation, we vigorously promoted “nothing but not venting” and “reinforcing the brain.”

The biblical and medical classics also emphasize the causal link between masturbation and mental illness. The famous French medical scientist Xiao Su wrote the book “On the obstacles caused by masturbation” in 1767 and believed that masturbation would cause schizophrenia.

China wrote in the psychiatric books published in the 1950s that masturbation can be an early symptom of neuroticism and psychosis. The misunderstanding of masturbation by doctors in many countries has not been quit.

At the 5th World Science Congress in Jerusalem in 1981, two Indian doctors said that 90% of doctors in India still believe that “masturbation is harmful.” “98% of college students think so too”; 80% of doctors believe that “then they need to store semen for vitality”, 96% of college students also believe that it is good to store semen. Due to the incorrect understanding of masturbation, some young people are uneasy and finally suffer from neurosis and depression until they want to commit suicide. Similar posts can often be seen online now.

Today’s sex scientists categorically reject the paradox of “masturbation harmful”, and believe that the so-called sin of masturbation, even if it exists, is also the result of the ridiculously horrible propaganda of “masturbation harmful”.

The more representative view is seen in the United States published a few years ago. The Psychiatric Handbook, which writes: “Masturbation is a type of standard sexual behavior.

The reason why it becomes a problem is simply because of the feeling of a crime and the anxiety of the heart when masturbating, more and more sex scientists believe that Masturbation terror is artificial, masturbation and mental illness connection existed, will be linked to that, it can only be the spirit of the people listed terrorist masturbation phobia kind.

Before the liberation, China’s medical books and periodicals were filled with pseudo-propaganda that had nocturnal effects on health, and all the streets and alleys were affixed with a panacea for preventing and treating spermatorrhea.

The medical book describes “dreams” as “the most terrible disease”, which can lead to ” Yangshuo “, ” epilepsy ” and “mental illness”.

Polish sexologists conducted a survey of college students in the 1980s and found that 43% of male college students were suspicious and distressed about nocturnal emission. Only 20% thought it was a normal phenomenon, and the rest still had some vague understanding.


Hua Jing, also known as ” Hua Xie ” means no dreams at night and left semen automatic slide-out syndromes even when sober.

Slippery is a kind of nocturnal emission, and the spermatorrhea has developed to a heavier stage. Before the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the doctors believed that nocturnal emission was caused by vain.

There are different names such as “dream of loss”, “dream ejaculation”, and “fine loss”. 隋. Chao Yuanfang, ” Theories of various diseases, the failure of the law,” pointed out: “Kidney qi deficiency, can not hide, so the loss of fine.”

It is believed that semen slip is caused by the deficiency of kidney deficiency. To the Yuan Dynasty Zhu Danxi, in addition to inheriting the predecessors of the main virtual, said that slippery and hot and humid bets, disturbing the fine room. In the ” Danxi Xinfa.

Nocturnal emission” article said: “Smooth special hot and humid, Cork, Zhimu fire, oyster powder, glutinous powder dampness .” Pointed out that there is an empirical side of slipperiness.

The clinical slippery syndrome is more common in patients with kidney deficiency. The treatment of slippery essence is to cure the kidney with warming yang and solidifying the essence.

The difference between nocturnal emission and “excellence”

Both spermatorrhea and ejaculation are the phenomena of semen excretion in the state of loss of self-control. Let us first explain what is “excellent”.

As the name implies, the overflowing “overflow” also overflows, and it is a physiological phenomenon that the semen accumulation causes excessive spermatorrhea. As the article ” Jing Yue Quan Shu . The Essence of the Essence” said: “There are people who are prosperous and strong, and those who have long-term desires and sorrows, and those who are full and overflowed” also said: “If the full is overflowing, then the goers go by themselves, Self-sufficiency, the potential is natural, and it is not enough. “Visitation refers to the physiology, which is not enough.” Sexual behavior is not satisfied and nocturnal emission can sometimes be regarded as a fine. Nocturnal emission is generally referred to as pathological nocturnal emission, which is related to the disturbance of the kidney due to factors such as lack of solidity or dampness, bonfires, and other factors. One is a physiological phenomenon and the other is a pathological manifestation. The method of treatment and treatment is also different.

Physiological nocturnal emission and pathological spermatorrhea

Physiological nocturnal emission refers to unmarried young people or separated after marriage, without sexual intercourse. Usually, 2 weeks or more spermatorrhea, does not cause any discomfort. The penile erection function is normal, you can have no dreams, but you can also have a dream.

Pathological spermatorrhea is more complicated, and many causes can be caused. Sexual allergies can cause spermatorrhea. Chinese medicine believes that the common pathogenesis is that the kidney is not solid and the kidney essence is insufficient, resulting in kidney deficiency. The cause can be caused by excessive labor and ambiguity. Eating is not good , alcohol and wine are thick, wet and hot, and hot and humid bets are also important causes.

Physiological nocturnal emission and pathological nocturnal emission are different in 1 age: physiological nocturnal emission is more common in young adults, unmarried or married after separation; pathological nocturnal emission is more common in middle-aged or physically congenital deficiency; 2 physical condition: physiological spermatorrhea, body Healthy, energetic, or irritating, or tired and healthy people; pathological spermatorrhea, more common in complexion, tired, heavy smoking, excessive drinking, overeating, fat or weak body, room Excessive room, lustfulness, etc.; 3 state of nocturnal emission: physiological nocturnal emission, usually 2 weeks or more, the amount of spermatorrhea is more and the semen is thick, the erectile function of the penis is normal; the pathological spermatorrhea frequently works. Some go to the night, or when awake, the semen comes out, the amount of spermatorrhea is small and thin, the penis is not strong when the spermatorrhea is not strong, or can not erect at all, after the spermatorrhea, mental fatigue, weak waist, dizziness, dizziness, physical weakness and other symptoms. This can be identified. The above contents are not recognized by Western medicine, and there is no scientific experiment to prove it.

Excessive number of spermatorrhea will inevitably lead to the pathological reflection of the body such as dizziness, weakness , premature ejaculation and impotence. The spermatorrhea is directly related to premature ejaculation. The treatment method is based on the method of premature ejaculation.

Nocturnal emission can basically be said to be a physiological phenomenon. Because about 90% of normal adult males have had spermatorrhea. The nocturnal emission is divided into dreams and slippery. From 1 to 2 years after puberty development to old age, it may appear. For the nighttime dreams of nocturnal emission, also known as dreams or dreams, some people call it “horse race”. Spontaneous ejaculation is called “slippery” in the state of no waking or no sexual intercourse. The two are fundamentally not very different. Women in the process of sleep or sexual stimulation, a large increase in vaginal secretions will also have mucus discharge, generally will not be noticed, while men are different, many men will regard the physiological phenomenon of spermatorrhea as a disease and worry. So, how do you view the spermatorrhea? Only by understanding the cause and mechanism of the spermatorrhea can it be treated correctly.

Nocturnal emission rarely occurs in boys under the age of 12, and the incidence of spermatorrhea in a 14-year-old boy is about 25%. The incidence of males with superior urban and family economic conditions is high. About 165% at 16 years old, 70% at 18 years old, and 75%-80% at 20 years old. At least 90% of men at the age of 45 have had spermatorrhea in a certain situation. The frequency of spermatorrhea occurs mostly once a week or once a week. Some people have conducted investigations, and the occurrence of nocturnal emission is directly proportional to the degree of education. Some people have investigated that 18% of single men with a junior high school education level, and 30% to 46% of single men with a university education level have an average of one spermatorrhea every month.

In short, spermatorrhea is one of the common diseases of male sexual dysfunction , including physiological nocturnal emission and pathological nocturnal emission. The identification points of the two are mainly identified from the age, physical state, penile erection during spermatorrhea, spermatozoa and symptoms after spermatorrhea. Some people claiming to be “wet dream”, not the actual emission, but the excitement that occurs when the urethral secretions, or when there is no excitement prostate secretions.

Nowadays, for those with preliminary knowledge, treating the nocturnal emission as a physiological phenomenon is an integral part of human sexual behavior. In the past, both the feudal traditional cultural consciousness in China and the foreign feudal ethics have described the nocturnal emission as a “weird image”. . In the Babylonian era, people thought it was the result of a visit to the “night girl” or “night angel”. The “night girl” would visit when the man was asleep. In the Middle Ages, people thought that the spermatorrhea was the devil. In China, the emphasis on semen is too much, and the nocturnal emission is always regarded as a pathological condition. The loss of semen can lead to kidney deficiency. Taking kidney gas as the foundation of the human body’s righteousness , over-emphasizing the adverse effects of spermatorrhea on the human body, causing people to misunderstand the treatment of spermatorrhea.

For adolescents, parents or school teachers have the responsibility to tell them that the phenomenon of accidental spermatorrhea is a physiological normal phenomenon, not too panic, not even unethical bad things. Rough words or avoidance will hurt their psychology and cause unnecessary psychological burden.

Precocious sexual spermatorrhea

The growth of a person’s adolescent body includes the growth of the body and the maturity of sexuality. The age and developmental rate at which puberty begins to be initiated is individual and is influenced by genetic and environmental factors. In general, the age at which girls begin to mature and complete their growth is about two years earlier than boys. However, with the current improvement in nutritional status, health and living standards, the age of puberty tends to be more advanced. Including adolescent physical development reached adult height and weight, muscle bone growth. In addition to the small volume of lymphoid organs and stagnant brain growth, the volume of all other organs has increased. The fastest period for boys to grow is 13 to 16 years old. The growth of children to 18 years old is completed, but once sexual development is initiated, boys and girls They all follow a certain order of development. The boy began to develop scrotum and testicular enlargement, followed by the development of pubic hair , seminal vesicles and prostate. Usually, body growth accelerates about 1 year after the testicle begins to increase. Mane and beard appeared 2 years after the appearance of pubic hair. Mature sperm appeared in 14 to 16 years old and had spermatorrhea. But it is not until the age of 20 that the maximum fertility is reached.

Precocious puberty refers to the boy appeared before the age of 10 in sexually mature performance. There is enlargement and maturation of the gonads, development of the second sexual characteristics , the concentration of steroids in the serum reaches the human level, and there is sperm production, and the phenomenon of spermatorrhea appears. This precocity phenomenon is called precocious spermatorrhea. It often causes mental stress to patients and parents , and is even overwhelmed. This precocious spermatorrhea is seen in true male precocious puberty, 60% of the causes have primaryorganic lesions, such as damage to the thalamus , intracranial tumors and other rare causes.

For the treatment of premature nocturnal emission, we must first identify the cause, let the child relax, and the parents cooperate to relieve the unnecessary mental burden. There are two aspects of drug treatment, i.e., gonadotropin releasing hormone is an agonist – luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone analogs, such drugs can be used until the advent of puberty. Further, non- gonadotropin premature dependence using androgen antagonists can improve excess androgen effect, for example, with spironolactone 1.5mg / kg. Day, orally 3 times. However, this precocious child’s physique is too early to develop, the epiphysis is closed prematurely, and the height is often short when mature, and should be treated with appropriate growth hormone in the early stage .

Is spermatorrhea caused by masturbation?

Masturbation, used to be called masturbation, each place has different proverbs, such as: flying a plane, shooting, etc. Because there are many ways to masturbate, and not necessarily by hand, kinky in Chinese is a derogatory term, so correct, The scientific method should be masturbation. It is a normal behavior.

Generally refers to the hand to touch and stimulate your external genitalia until orgasm. However, any type of stroking that stimulates the genitals and other sensitive areas for sexual pleasure and sexual gratification can be considered masturbation. If two people touch each other’s genitals by hand, they should be called hand-to-hands, not masturbation.

Masturbation is available for men and women of all ages. Some animals also have masturbation behavior. Masturbation is an act that occurs from childhood. It is mostly caused by unconsciously occasionally playing with genitals, wearing tights, climbing poles and other activities to stimulate the genitals and cause pleasure. Generally, there is no orgasm. . Both men and women, after puberty, due to physiological changes in the body, hormones increase, resulting in sexual impulses and demands, full of embarrassment, curiosity and fantasy. As an instinct, they will begin to consciously masturbate under the drive of sexual physiology and sexual psychology. So masturbation is very common.

People are thirsty, they want to drink water; people are hungry and want to eat. Normal sexual desire is the most basic requirement of human reproduction and is a normal phenomenon. From sexual maturity to being able to legally meet sexual requirements – marriage, generally have to wait 7 to 8 years or more, and this period of sexual energy is the highest, always looking for opportunities to relieve the backlog of sexual desire. Therefore, masturbation is a relatively convenient and safe way in this case. First of all, masturbation does not lead to any sexually transmitted diseases, does not involve the opposite sex or is involved in emotional entanglements, and does not lead to sexual assault or even sexual crimes. A reasonable way of releasing sexual desire can also avoid some social problems caused by sexual problems.

In a word, masturbation is a normal sexual act. People who have frequent masturbation may also have dreams; those who rarely masturbate may never have the experience of dreams. Nocturnal emission is not a menstruation, nocturnal emission is not personal control, there is no rule at all. And not every male will have it.

The urethra “flowing white” is not a spermatorrhea

Men are stimulated by sexuality, whether it is consciousness, audio-visual or local contact, etc., can find a little clear secretions from the urethra, which is the phenomenon of “flowing white”, not spermatorrhea. It is a liquid secreted by the urethral gland and the paraurethral gland, which is mainly the secretion of the paraurethral gland located in the penis. As the corpus cavernosum is congested , the penile erection is in pursuit of the paraurethral glands, prompting it to secrete secretions without sperm. This is a normal physiological response that is used to lubricate the glans and aid in sexual activity. Therefore, you must not mistake it for being sick.

There is also a phenomenon of whitening is also more common, that is, in the process of stool, especially in the stool dry, more effective when defecation , you can see a few drops of milky white clear mucus from the urethra, often mistaken for leakage of stool. In fact, this is also the secretion of the urethral gland and prostate. Because these two glands are located in the perineum at the bottom of the pelvis , close to the rectum and anus . When the force is defecation, the muscles contract strongly and oppress the glands to excrete the secretions. Under normal circumstances, normal defecation does not force too much, this situation does not occur, so this confession is not an abnormal phenomenon.

Of course, there is also an abnormal whitening phenomenon, that is, in the case of prostatitis, the prostate secretion is abnormal due to inflammation. When there is local stimulation, there will be a phenomenon of whitening after urinating and urination . This effluent may be more abundant, more turbid, and more frequent, unlike normal whitening. If there is such a vaginal phenomenon, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

Nocturnal emission will not affect fertility

The quantity and quality of male sperm is determined by the testes and innate genes . Therefore, masturbation, nocturnal emission will not affect fertility.

Nocturnal emission is ejaculation when there is no sexual intercourse, and about 80% of unmarried young people have this phenomenon. It occurs in sleep and nocturnal emission wet dream called upon, occurs in the waking state, commonly called Hua Jing.

In healthy young adults, when there is no normal sex life, spermatorrhea should be considered normal for about 2 weeks. It should be noted man sometimes claiming nocturnal emission, urethra actually only occur when the secretion of sexual excitement, asexual excited prostate fluid overflow out, this is a normal physiological phenomenon, rather than emission.

The true morbid nocturnal emission refers to the state of spermatorrhea several times a week or several times a week, the spermatorrhea in the conscious state, or the spermatorrhea in the case of normal sexual life.

Occasionally, nocturnal emission has no effect on fertility. If frequent spermatorrhea is accompanied by impotence or premature ejaculation, it often causes infertility due to decreased semen quality or sexual dysfunction .

The cause of nocturnal emission is mainly due to the weakening of the inhibition process of the cerebral cortex and the excitability of the sexual center. When there is related sexual stimulation, nocturnal emission can often occur. Excessivetightness of the underpants, stimulating smegma, etc. can lead to reflexive nocturnal emission, inflammation of the foreskin balanitis, urethra, prostate, seminal vesicles, etc., but most of them are caused by lack of sexual knowledge, watching yellow books, videos, etc. Erect and ejaculate.

The folks have a wrong concept. They think that “a drop of essence, a drop of blood”, depending on semen as the “truthfulness” and “fruit” in the body, that nocturnal emission can seriously damage health, thus forming a great mental burden and ideological pressure. Therefore, there are often a series of mental symptoms such as mental dysfunction , neurasthenia, extreme fatigue, weakness, weakness, backache, dreams, forgetfulness, etc., and even sexual dysfunction such as loss of libido , premature ejaculation, and impotence. In fact, this kind of worry is unfounded, and the concept is wrong and very harmful. The semen itself consists of the secretions of sperm and accessory gonads. Its material basis is similar to other components of the body. The main component is water, and contains a small amount of protein, fat and sugar. The amount of semen that is released each time is only 3 to 4 ml. Damaged nutrition is negligible and does not harm health.

Correct view of dreams

The phenomenon of semen overflow in sleep is called a dream, which is a common physiological phenomenon in adolescent men, but many people have rendered their dreams terrible. In the clinic, we often encounter such patients, and they look at the disease with a sorrowful face. They said that they had dreams last night. They regard human semen as the “power” and “essence” of the person. After the dream, they will hurt the body. Some doctors who are not skilled in medicine sometimes hold this view, saying that semen is the “benefits” of human beings. The spirit of human beings is maintained by it, and even the classics are cited, and they are widely publicized on various occasions. Many people believe in such ridiculous “theories” and regard the phenomenon of “dreams” as very serious and terrible. In fact, dreams are a normal phenomenon for young people who are growing up . The two testicles of human beings are the “factories” for making sperm. After puberty, due to the increase of sex hormones , the two testicles keep producing sperm all day and night, and then send them to the warehouse for storage. This warehouse is the “storage sac”. Full, in the case of sleep, in the fast phase of sleep, the penis can erect, at this time there are some sex-related dreams, so that the semen filled with semen discharges the semen, which is completely normal. Many people have become nervous and scared because of the lack of sexual knowledge. They are nervous and scared. They sneak up and look for books or buy some “tonic medicines”. They are very nervous and have many physical discomforts due to nervousness; Then I thought that I was “kidney loss” and “body is empty”. These are the results of the lack of scientific knowledge. The reason why they have many uncomfortable symptoms is not the “dream” itself, but the mental tension caused by the incomprehension of the phenomenon of dreams. In fact, human semen, 80% is water, only a small amount of protein, fat and few trace elements , accidental dreams are no harm to the body, do not panic, not to eat what tonic. Usually, as long as you develop a regular life, participate in cultural and sports activities, do not drink too much water at night to avoid inflation of the bladder, keep the underwear soft, be thick and thin, etc., and the dream phenomenon will not happen frequently.

How to distinguish between physiological and pathological spermatorrhea?

Males usually have spermatorrhea after the age of fifteen or six. This is a sign of male sexual maturity. Most of them are physiological phenomena, that is, the so-called “fullness and self-overflow”. Nocturnal emission occurs in sleep and is an asexual activity of ejaculation. According to some data, more than 80% of unmarried men have had nocturnal emission, usually every month to 3 times. They will not have adverse effects on physical health and work and study, and they are not worried. If the number of spermatorrhea is too frequent, it will be left alone or night after night, or nocturnal emission during nighttime sleep, and there is semen overflow during medical waking (medically known as “slippery”). This is not normal, it should be timely. Go to the hospital to check the treatment.

What are the causes of spermatorrhea?

Nocturnal emission refers to the phenomenon of ejaculation in the absence of sexual intercourse. According to statistics, 80% of men have this phenomenon. This phenomenon occurs mostly during nighttime sleep. The frequency of general spermatorrhea can be from 1 to 2 weeks to 4 to 5 times. Once a week, it is normal. If there are several times or a few nights of spermatorrhea in a week, it is a pathological phenomenon. The cause of nocturnal emission is mainly the cortical center, the dysfunction of the spinal cord center, and the diseases caused by certain diseases of the reproductive system .

A. spirit of factors: the requirements of restraint can not be too strong, especially before sleep thinking kinky sexual arousal, sexual activity for a long time the central nerve irritation caused by the emission (such as regular reading pornographic books, paintings, leading to the occurrence of impulse emission ).

B. The constitution is weak, the function of each organ is not perfect, such as the cerebral cortex insufficiency, loss of control of the lower-level center, and the excitability of the erectile center and the ejaculation center is enhanced, and nocturnal emission will occur.

C. Local lesions: local lesions of the sexual organs or urinary tract, such as phimosis, prepuce, urethritis, prostatitis, etc. These lesions can stimulate the sexual organs and spermatorrhea.

How to treat spermatorrhea?

For the treatment of nocturnal emission, the main reason is to learn about sexual knowledge, establish normal sexual life rules, avoid excessive excitement of sexual organs, strengthen physical exercise, enhance the physical fitness of the body, and apply the main energy to study and work. In addition, in the sleep is to take the lateral position, avoid lying on the back, because the hand is pressed on the lower abdomen, the cover is also pressed on the abdomen ; do not wear too tight and too narrow pants, because these will make the reproductive organs stimulate, causing sex Excited and the nocturnal emission, the spermatorrhea caused by sexual organs and lower urinary tract diseases, must be treated according to the cause, such as phimosis or foreskin is too long, need surgery, urethritis or prostatitis can be treated with antibiotics , nocturnal emission caused by neurasthenia Severe cases may be appropriate oral sedatives , such as 3 to 10 mg of tribromide , 3 times a day, or 5 mg of chlordiazepoxide three times a day or 2.5 to 5 mg of diazepam 3 times a day.

The nocturnal emission begins in 1 to 2 years after the initiation of puberty, and can occur until the person reaches the old age. Spontaneous ejaculation under the stimulation of men without masturbation or sexual intercourse is called “slippery”. Slippery and dreams are not much different in nature. Women can also experience the wet dream of a large amount of vaginal discharge during sleep, but it generally does not give them more confusion. Men are different. Many men regard the normal physiological phenomenon of spermatorrhea as a disease , so they are worried about the number of spermatorrhea, whether they have sex dreams, the effects on male sexual function and fertility. In addition, people are also concerned about its historical background. Its relationship with adolescence can only be treated correctly if it is clear about these problems, and eliminate the psychological burden of young people.

Nocturnal emission rarely occurs in boys under the age of 12, 14-year-old boy has a spermatorrhea rate of 25%, 16 years old is 55%, 18 years old is 70%, 20 years old is 75-80%, and at least 90% of men by 45 years old Nocturnal emission has occurred in a certain situation. 40% of women will have a sexual dream of reaching orgasm. Therefore, most of the adolescent boys will have nocturnal emission sooner or later, the incidence of which is on average once a week, can be as low as 0.5 times a week, or as many as several times a week, it is normal.

Boys from families with higher socioeconomic status and boys with more education are more likely to have nocturnal emission, which may be due to the men’s ability to have stronger sexual fantasies and sexual dreams, and because they have less other sexuality. Venting route. Not surprisingly, single adult men and divorced men will have a higher incidence of spermatorrhea than married men. There is no doubt that the rate of spermatorrhea in imprisoned men is clearly higher than that of men living freely.

Nocturnal emission can account for 8% of all sexual outlets of single men with secondary school literacy; spermatorrhea can account for 10-16% of all sexual outlets of single men with university culture. Married men have a 2 to 6% climax from nocturnal emission. Among men, spermatorrhea is most common during the period from adolescence to before the age of 30.

The peak age of female sexual dreams is later than that of men, and more common in the 30-50 age group. For example, a 38-year-old woman who has been married for 15 years complains of frequent sexual dreams. It turns out that her sexual life with her husband has only been 1 or 2 times a month in recent years. Because of her frequent sexual dreams, she wondered if eroticism or unchastity, for this purpose anxiety and depression . At her age, it is the peak age of female sexual dreams, and her sexual life is so poor, so the occurrence of sexual dreams is completely understandable.

The nocturnal emission can be the result of a sexual dream, or it can be the result of a simple tactile stimulation of the genitals of the underpants and quilts . There are dreams and dreams, no dreams and nostalgia. For example, spermatorrhea can sometimes occur in patients with complete paraplegia , and their nerve impulses from the brain (the dreams happen here) do not reach the center of the spinal cord.

The content of sexual dreams related to spermatorrhea can be very vague, or it can be a very specific event with the participation of the spermatozoon. Sexual dreams can reflect actual experiences of the past or the past, or more often reflect only a fantasy or desire to experience. In the dream, it is not necessarily the actual climax. When a man ejaculates, he is likely to be half-awake or fully awake. Some people can recall the events that happened in their dreams in the morning.

Physiological processes and ejaculation of semen sober, nothing different, the same is in effect in the chest lumbar sympathectomy mental stimulation or tactile effect on sympathetic and sacral parasympathetic reflex stimulation, an erection occurs, then parasympathetic stimulation of the relevant gland Secretion of the body. The climax involves both the involuntary nerve impulses of norepinephrine release by the sympathetic nerves and the actual semen ejection by the efferent nerve fibers of the somatic nerve pudendal nerves . This entire process is affected by both male hormone levels. It is also affected by nerve centers from the cerebral cortex, hypothalamus , and limbic systems .

It is not clear what purpose does the spermatorrhea have in men’s sexual behavior? Because in addition to humans, many animals have spermatorrhea or self-emission, such as cats, dogs, cattle, horses, rats , hamsters , deer. The most logical explanation is that spermatorrhea plays a role in releasing tension without other sexual outlets . However, if a sexually active man becomes a bachelor, he will experience far fewer spermatorrhea than he did before. The number of sexual intercourse indicates that the spermatorrhea only plays an incomplete compensatory role .

The nocturnal emission can be regarded as the peak of a sexual dream, but the sexual dream itself may be the result of a repressive sexual impulse. The nocturnal emission that occurs during adolescence helps men’s gender self-identification, because gender self-identification is not always clear. It has also been pointed out that spermatorrhea is conducive to ethnic reproduction, because periodic semen excretion can improve the quality of sperm, that is, improve their fertility. In fact, as the boy progresses with sexual development, the testicle produces sperm, the prostate and the seminal vesicles secrete the seminal plasma, and the two together form a semen. After reaching a certain amount, the body has nowhere to be allowed. At this time, it is naturally discharged by the spermatorrhea. In vitro, the so-called “full overflow”. The medical profession generally believes that spermatorrhea can relieve sexual tension in the body to a certain extent, resulting in a physiological and psychological balance.

At present, people regard spermatorrhea as a normal physiological phenomenon and a normal part of human sexual behavior. However, in the past, people have regarded spermatorrhea as an abnormal phenomenon. In the Babylonian era, people thought that the nocturnal emission was the result of a visit to the “night girl” or “night angel”. Will visit when the man is asleep. In the Middle Ages, people thought that the spermatorrhea was the devil (nightmare or son-in-law). Freud believes that spermatorrhea and masturbation may be the cause of neurasthenia, so it may be a disease. As for the traditional Chinese concept, the over-emphasis on semen is precious. Therefore, the nocturnal emission is always regarded as a disease. It is not a solid, a kidney deficiency or a kidney deficiency, which will lead to a serious injury. Therefore, the Chinese medicine literature retains a large number of The prescription for the treatment of nocturnal emission. Up to now, there are still many medical or popular science books, which are listed as a kind of disease. For example, some people say that once a month, spermatorrhea is normal. Once a week, spermatorrhea is a disease. If the spermatorrhea is more frequent, it is a serious kidney deficiency. . In fact, the number of spermatorrhea is related to a person’s life experience, physical condition, and frequent exposure to pornography. Therefore, it is difficult to say how many times the spermatorrhea is normal, and how many times is abnormal. These standards are completely irresponsible for some people. . If this is just a purely academic debate, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has seen it! But how can some authors know that this kind of misconception has brought tremendous mental stress to many young people, making them stunned and unable to live. They were very nervous before going to sleep, afraid of night nocturnal emission, and after falling asleep, they could only stimulate more frequent nocturnal emission. Both their own fear and self-blame, and believe that their own immoral, not serious, very remorse, and the adults did not dare speak or seek medical advice, leading to serious psychological disorders, and some even asked the doctor for them to do orchiectomy or The vasectomy is performed to prevent the spermatorrhea from damaging the body. Very few young people thought that they had an incurable disease and committed suicide. In fact, young people with good health, without normal sexual life, have one or four spermatorrhea every month, or even more. It is not an abnormal phenomenon, so don’t mind. When necessary, proper use of indomethacin inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins in the body and reduces testosterone levels in the body , which helps to reduce the number of spermatorrhea, thereby alleviating the mental stress and anxiety of the spermatorrhea.

The misconceptions about spermatorrhea are particularly acute for adolescent boys, because this is the age at which male sexual impulses are the strongest, the most frequent age for male spermatorrhea, and the age at which they are most lacking in sexual knowledge. The spermatorrhea itself can make them confused, fearful, guilty and self-blame. If you listen to the terror-stricken propaganda that is rumored to be rumored, will it not further aggravate their psychological burden? Teenagers don’t know what happened in their bodies. Some thought it was bleeding. Some thought they had pneumonia. They didn’t know if this was normal. Other boys would have the same thing, so parents or schools. Teachers must explain to them the normal physiological phenomenon in time, and recognize the role of spermatorrhea in the normal growth and development of a man. They also don’t have to worry about smearing their underwear and sheets. However, some parents do not look at this problem. Instead, they say, “I didn’t expect this child to be so bad when I was so old.” “When I wash, who cares for you” and so on, it hurts their self-esteem. It also aggravates their psychological burden, which will have a very negative impact not only on the present but also on their future life. As Premier Zhou Enlai said: “Before the boys come to menstruation, the boys will tell them about scientific sexual health knowledge before the first spermatorrhea occurs.”

Nocturnal medicinal diet:

The incidence of spermatorrhea is very small, and there is no need for ordinary men to worry. Men with nocturnal emission can choose to use medicated diet for adjuvant treatment. Chinese people like to solve all problems by eating, but life lies in sports. With a healthy body, many diseases will not go to the body.

Hazelnut porridge

The effectiveness of kidney yang , just left vent. Apply to the nocturnal emission caused by kidney yang deficiency .

Furnish chive seed 15 grams, 50 grams of rice, salt amount.

Make the leeks and stir-fry with simmer, add rice and a little salt to the casserole, add 500 grams of water, cook slowly until the rice porridge is thick.

Usage 2 times a day, warm food.

Keel porridge

Effect convergence Guse, Anticonvulsant yang .

Ingredients calcined keel 30 grams of rice , 100 grams, brown sugar right amount.

Make the keel, smash it into the casserole, add 200 grams of water, fry for 1 hour, remove the juice from the slag, add the glutinous rice, add the appropriate amount of water, brown sugar, and cook into a thick porridge.

Use early and late fasting hot food, 5 days for a course of treatment.

It is advisable to take hot and humid diseases.

Egg three flavor soup

Efficacy to replenish the spleen, kidney , solid and soothe the nerves . Apply to kidney deficiency and nocturnal emission.

1 egg, 芡 、, cored lotus seeds , yam yam each 9 grams, the amount of sugar.

Make the medlar, lotus seed, and yam yam recipe into a medicinal soup, then cook the eggs and add sugar to the soup.

Usage Eat egg soup, take 1 time a day.

Lotus seed lily

Efficacy and kidney transport , astringent refined gas.

30 grams of lotus seeds, 30 grams of lily , 200 to 250 grams of pork .

Make lotus seeds, lily, and lean pork into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, and cook on the fire.

Use after seasoning.

Fried snail

Efficacy heat diuretic just left. Suitable for urinary white turbidity, slippery.

Ingredients snail 500 grams, amount of liquor.

Make the snails to wash the soil, put the heat in the wok, add the appropriate amount of white wine and water, cook until the soup will be full.

Usage Use a toothpick to pick up the snails and eat the seasonings.

Nocturnal diet

Square 1 peach kernel fried kidney flower

Composition: 20 grams of walnuts , 1 pig kidney .

Usage: Washed walnuts, chopped; pig kidney washed, cut open, soaked in boiling water for 2 hours, to float. From the oil pan, walnut kernels, pork loin with fried, add rice wine, ginger, onions, salt and seasoning.

Efficacy: Bushen Yiqi , Qujing.

Indications: nocturnal emission, is a kidney qi deficiency, fine closed is not solid, partial yang deficiency type, frequent spermatorrhea, tinnitus and backache, cold limbs chills .

Fang 2 Mutton Soup

Composition: 250 grams of lamb leg meat, 50 grams of tamping.

Usage: Wash the leg of lamb, cut into small pieces, soak in boiling water for 1 hour, go to the floating foam; set the pot, add 500 ml of water, add citrus, add rice wine, onion, ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate , boil for 3 minutes. Change the simmer for 30 minutes and eat it in divided portions.

Efficacy: Bushen Yiqi, solid essence.

Indications: nocturnal emission, is a deficiency of kidney qi, fine off is not solid yang deficiency type, and see slippery, dizzy limbs cold.

Square 3 sparrow stewed river prawn

Composition: 2 sparrows, 50 grams of shrimp.

Usage: Sparrows kill, go to the head, claws, fur and internal organs , wash; river shrimp washed, shelled. Sparrows and river prawn are placed in the same bowl. Add rice wine, onion, ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, etc., and simmer for 30 minutes in water.

Efficacy: Bushen Yiqi, solid photo.

Indications: nocturnal emission, is a deficiency of kidney qi, fine off is not solid yang deficiency type, frequent spermatorrhea, dizziness, cold limbs chills, cold nose and mouth.

Square 4 scorpion ebony chicken soup

Composition: 20 grams of medlar, 10 grams of ebony, 30 grams of chicken intestines.

Usage: Wash the chicken intestines, marinate for 10 minutes, wash and cut into small pieces; set the pot, add 500 ml of water, add wolfberry, ebony, simmer, boil, add rice wine, onion, ginger,

Salt, change the heat for 30 minutes, you can eat.

Efficacy: Kidney and solid.

Indications: Nocturnal emission, is a kidney qi deficiency, fine-cut is not solid partial yin deficiency type, spermatorrhea frequently, five upset hot , dry mouth and thirst .

Square 5 turtle meat puzzle soup

Composition: 200 grams of turtle meat, 50 grams of puzzle.

Usage: turtle kill, go to the shell, internal organs, wash and chop, set the pot, add 500 ml of water, add puzzle, add onions, ginger, rice wine, salt, boil, simmer, change the fire煲 30 minutes, eat in divided portions.

Efficacy: ton kidney gas, solid essence.

Indications: Nocturnal emission, is a deficiency of kidney qi, Jingguan is not solid and yin deficiency type, and see slippery essence, hot flashes in the afternoon , dry mouth and bitterness , body dryness .

Square 6 lotus seed lily stewed lean meat

Composition: 20 grams of lotus seeds, 20 grams of lily, 50 grams of lean pork.

Usage: lotus seeds, lily washed, lean pork washed, cut into filaments, placed in the same pot, add onions, ginger, yellow wine, stewed for 30 minutes, eat it in divided portions.

Efficacy: nourishing yin and reducing fire, replenishing heart and kidney.

Indications: nocturnal emission, it is wang , kidneys do not pay type, nocturnal emission dream, Yang strong easy to move, five upset hot, heart palpitations , shortness of breath are.

Square 7 scorpion fried pork

Composition: 20 grams of wolfberry, 50 grams of pork.

Usage: Wash the wolfberry and pork, stir fry with the oil pan, add rice wine, onion, ginger and salt to taste.

Efficacy: nourishing yin and water.

Indications: nocturnal emission, yin deficiency, anger, heart and kidney, no dreams , with more dreams , five upset hot, short yellow urine, tinnitus and dizziness

Square 8 Tremella Lily Rice Porridge

Composition: 30 grams of white fungus, 30 grams of lily, 50 grams of rice .

Usage: Tremella, lily wash, in the same pot, add 500 ml of water, add glutinous rice, boil for 3 minutes, simmer for 30 minutes, porridge, eat hot.

Efficacy: nourishing Yin and kidney.

Indications: Nocturnal emission, is a yin deficiency, anger, heart and kidney do not pay, with heart palpitations, restless nights.

Chinese medicine treatment of nocturnal emission

For patients with severe spermatorrhea and weak body, first use the Angelica Sini Decoction to pass the blood circulation. After taking a period of time, you can change the Sini Decoction . The prescription: 30 grams of aconite , 20 grams of licorice, 15 grams of dried ginger , cold evil Go to the end, the spermatorrhea naturally stops, after which you can take a diet and slowly recover your body. For mild patients, you only need to take a large dose of Sini Decoction to cure quickly.

Chinese medicine treatment of nocturnal emission

Chinese medicine prescription (1)

[ Syndrome ] Heart Qi .

[治治] Yiqi Yangxin , spleen and phlegm.

[Name] Broken soup.

[Composition] 30 grams of ginseng , 15 grams of yam, 15 grams of medlar , 15 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus , 3 grams of Schisandra .

[Usage] Shuijianbi, daily dose, 2 times a day.

[Source] “Medical Integration” volume three.

Chinese medicine prescription (2)

[Differentiation] Both spleen and kidney deficiency , insufficient yin.

[Governance] kidney and spleen.

[Name] Pei Tu Yang Yin Tang.

[Composition] 9 grams of Shouwu , 3 grams of Salvia, 3 grams of white lentils, 3 grams of buds, 3 grams of angelica , 2.4 grams of white peony, 2.4 grams of psyllium , 4.5 grams of lotus seeds , 1 set of pork loin, tamping 3 Gram, lotus must 3 grams.

[Usage] Shuijianbi, daily dose, 2 times a day.

[Source] “Not in the collection. The last episode” volume ten.

Chinese medicine prescription (3)

[Differentiation] The fire is on fire , and the heart is burning.

[Governance Law] Yiqi Yangyin , Qingxinzhi.

[name] anti-inflammatory soup.

[Composition] 30 grams of yam, Gorgon 30 grams, 30 grams Radix, Scrophulariaceae 15 grams, habitat 15 grams of Salvia 9 grams, lotus 6 grams of aspartame 3 g, 1.5 g g Schisandra.

[Usage] Shuijianbi, daily dose, 2 times a day.

[Source] “Medical Integration” volume three.

Chinese medicine prescription (4)

[Differentiation] Heart and kidney do not pay, heart yin deficiency, virtual fire on the inflammation.

[Governance Law] Yangyin venting fire, traffic heart and kidney.

[name] heart and kidney two soup.

[Composition] 30 grams of rehmannia, 30 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus, 15 grams of Chinese yam, 15 grams of medlar, 1.5 grams of berberine , 0.9 grams of cinnamon .

[Usage] Shuijianbi, daily dose, 2 times a day.

[Source] “Medical Broken Gold Record”.

Chinese medicine prescription (5)

[Differentiation] Liver qi stagnation .

[治治] Shugan Runmu , clear heat and stop.

[name] Runmu soup.

[Composition] Angelica 30 g, 30 g white peony root, Atractylodes coke 30 grams, Poria 15 grams, Rosa laevigata 15 grams, chrysanthemum 9 grams, fried Gardenia 6 g, 3 g Schisandra, licorice 1.5 g.

[Usage] Shuijianbi, daily dose, 2 times a day.

[Source] “Medical Integration” volume three.

Chinese medicine prescription (six)

[Differentiation] Kidney yin deficiency .

【治治】Ziyin tonifying kidney , phlegm and spermatorrhea.

[name] pulls the soup.

[composition] 60 grams of rehmannia , 30 grams of Chinese yam, 30 grams of Atractylodes , 9 grams of Alisma , 30 grams of Scrophulariaceae, 6 grams of Schisandra, 15 grams of Hawthorn .

[usage] Shuijianbi.

[Source] “Differentiation of the record” volume eight

How to help children face the problem of nocturnal emission

In recent years, the age of puberty for men and women at home and abroad has been advanced. The data of China’s first male spermatorrhea is 13-14 years old. There are also reports that the minimum age for first spermatorrhea is 10 years old. Because spermatorrhea is a normal physiological phenomenon of male sexual development, it is harmless to the physical and mental health, and will not cause any adverse effects on the body. Therefore, it is not necessary to be alarmed or afraid.

In the past, many people have incorrect views on spermatorrhea, affecting children and adolescents, so that they often have psychological experience such as panic, surprise, and shyness when spermatorrhea occurs, especially in the first spermatorrhea. Parents should care about the growth and development of their children. When male children are close to puberty, the father tells the male children about general knowledge, making them aware that the nocturnal emission is a normal physiological phenomenon and can be treated with the correct attitude.

The main pathogenesis of nocturnal emission

There are two main pathogenesis of nocturnal emission, the first one is that the kidney is not sealed.

Mechanism of spermatorrhea

The other one is disturbed by the fine room. One is a false certificate and the other is an evidence or a false certificate . Although the cause of nocturnal emission is not enough, it is also lack of congenital indulgence, over-indulgence, overwork, delusion, hot and humid bet (over-eating, excessive drinking), but the pathogenesis of the above two (two aspects), resulting in The reasons for the lack of consolidation are congenital deficiency, loss of endowment, or excessive damage, and damage to Yuanyin and Yuanyang.

The fine room is disturbed and nocturnal emission, mostly for the hot and hot bonfire bet and left, but also the yin deficiency internal heat, virtual fire (phase fire) disturbing the fine room. With the improvement of people’s living conditions, some people eat gluten and taste, use wine as pulp, take sputum as usual, life is irregular, body shape is too fat , damp heat bonfire is endogenous by spleen and spleen , damp heat, bonfire along the three- focal road Bet on the bladder, kidney, and disturb the sperm chamber and leave it. In addition, the distracting thoughts are not ambiguous, or overworked, the heart is full of fire , the heart is dark, the heart can not be handed over to the kidney, the kidney water can not help the heart, the water is devastating , the heart and kidney are not paying, disturbing the fine room Remains.

From this point of view, no matter whether it is not solid or the room is disturbed, it is the main pathogenesis of nocturnal emission.

Qigong treatment of nocturnal emission syndrome

Qigong treatment of nocturnal emission (yangshuo, premature ejaculation, azoospermia, backache, kidney deficiency, incontinence and other symptoms have the same effect), can be combined with passive treatment and active treatment, the effect is faster, easy to consolidate.

The so-called passive treatment is that the qigong master uses acupuncture , massage , and qi at the corresponding acupoints or parts to treat the patient.

Active treatment, also called active self-exercise treatment. It is the patient who under the guidance of Qigong physicians, carries out Qigong exercise, actively cooperates with Qigong physicians, adjusts and restores physiological functions, and makes the body recover .

At the beginning of treatment, the two methods are carried out at the same time and cooperate with each other. After the above symptoms are cured (generally 2 to 4 courses, 12 days for each course), the patient still needs to continue to practice to consolidate the curative effect, not only cure, but also Have the strength to live and work hard.

It should be noted: during treatment, not rain, water, exposure to cold; do not eat cold is not easy to digest food; prohibited intercourse; to feel cheerful, not worried, cranky.

According to the author’s clinical experience over the years , the meticulous research on traditional qigong exercises, the qigong medical methods for treating nocturnal emission and the several effective methods that are effective are introduced as follows. I hope to help the patients with nocturnal emission and help them recover as soon as possible. health.

A, passive therapy

First, acupoints: the top of the head , front and rear chest, waist and abdomen, soles and other parts. Baihui , Ojo , Xin Yu , Shenshu , Chi room , the smell of mutton , God Que , air sea , Guan Yuan , in a very, Amnesty , the customs , the door of God , the full three years , Sanyinjiao , too River , springs and other points .

Second, the treatment method: Qigong physicians can choose acupuncture points, parts, and group rotation for acupuncture, massage, and gas.

B, active treatment

First, point metafunction

1, songs: pointing to Guan Yuan, palms over the umbilical week, press a little, keep the sperm leak.

2, posture:

1 Sit down or sit on your back and relax.

2 The left hand points to the Guanyuan point , and the right palm covers the navel.

3, method:

1 adopt abdominal abdominal breathing method.

2 Left hand finger press and inhale.

Under the right palm ③ Press firmly breath .

4 One breath and one breath, each time 36 interest.

Second, the yanggong

1, songs: a pocket of nine turns, Zhenyang does not go, ninety-nine one, benefit for life.

2, posture:

1 Sit down or sit on your back and relax.

② left hand pocket hug scrotum, in pointing at Zhiyin on.

3 The right palm is placed on the lower abdomen.

3. Method:

1 Raise your left hand upwards, slowly inhale, suck and relax.

2 Rotate the right palm clockwise 9 times while slowly exhaling.

3 A total of 9 times, massage 81 times.

4 two hands to change, the method is as above.

Third, lift the work

1. Songs: One mention, one breath, returning to the field, sinking and swallowing, seeing each other.

2, posture:

1 Sit down or sit on your back and relax.

2 palms up, fingers crossed, holding in the lower abdomen.

3. Method:

1 adopt abdominal abdominal breathing method.

② tongue into the oral cavity contraction, mention perineum, inhale slowly, that air is sucked in by the front and rear of the female, while holding the hands, entraining the uplink, when the umbilical mentioned slowly, slightly stop, continue mentioned abdominal portion xiphoid Under, make the medium coke machine full.

3 At this time, the mouth of the fluid in the mouth , a little stop, the mouth of the fluid in the mouth swallowed, through the throat, in the lower jaw, the two hands turned down, the gas is descending, sent to Dantian .

4 one up and down once, for 9 consecutive times.

Fourth, receive work

1. Adjusting interest and raising gas:

1 gently lift the two hands from both sides, inhale, and when both arms are flattened, move both hands forward, raise your head high, and look at both hands, hold your breath for 3-5 minutes.

2 Sink at the elbow, exhale slowly, and slowly lower both hands.

3 breaths 3 to 5 minutes, even do the above, a total of three times.

2, massage:

1 搓 hand 36 times.

2 rub face 9 times.

3 eyewash 9 times.

4 捂 ear number 36 times.

5 Ming Tiangu 24 times.

6 combs 9 times.

7 times around the belly.

8 搓 waist eyes 36 times.

9 press the foot three times 36 times.

10 Press 120 times each of the Yongquan Springs .

The six-character 诀 ancient name is the vomiting method. It has a history of more than 1,000 years. The six-character scorpion has a miraculous effect on the treatment of nocturnal emission. It can usually solve the problem within three months, specifically 嘘, 呵, 呼, 夏, 吹, 嘻. With abdominal breathing exercises.

How to care for men’s nocturnal emission

The prevention and care of nocturnal emission is very important. Now we introduce some health knowledge.

(1) Do not regard physiological phenomena as diseases and increase mental burden. Adults are not married or have a spermatorrhea for 1-2 weeks after marriage. There is no discomfort after spermatorrhea. This is a physiological phenomenon. Don’t worry about it, carry your thoughts and worry.

(2) After the illness, do not be too nervous. Don’t be patient in the spermatorrhea, do not hold the penis by hand and do not let the semen flow out, so as not to lose the essence of the semen, and become ill. Don’t get cold after the spermatorrhea, don’t wash it with cold water to prevent cold and evil.

(3) Eliminate distracting thoughts. Do not watch pornography, video, movies, television. Appropriate participation in sports activities, physical labor and cultural activities, enhance physical fitness and cultivate sentiment.

(4) Be careful with your living. Less smoke, alcohol, tea, coffee, onions, garlic and other irritating items. Do not bathe with hot water, knees should be placed on the side of the knee when sleeping, the bedding should not be too thick, and the underwear should not be too tight.

(5) After the occurrence of nocturnal emission, the relevant examination should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor to find out the cause of the disease and treat it promptly.

Nocturnal exercise therapy

First, half-station piles. Twisted chest, knees and abdomen, head straight, eyes in front, two arms in front of the flat (consciously like two hands holding heavy objects, try to stretch forward), both knees in the same position, try to The inner clip keeps the legs, lower abdomen and buttocks highly stressed and recovers after half a minute. Do one each morning and evening, the number of times is self-sufficient.

Second, supine abdomen. In the supine position, the arms are straightened behind the head, then the upper body and the legs are lifted at the same time, so that the hands and the two toes touch the sky over the abdomen, inhale when lifting, and exhale when restoring. It can be done once a day in the morning and evening. It can be done 24 to 32 times each time. As the strength of the abdominal muscles increases, the number of repetitions can be gradually increased.

Third, levator ani exercise. Sitting on the bed every night before going to sleep, shrinking the anus, the action seems to endure the stool, repeated 20 to 30 times, deep inhalation when contracting, exhale when relaxed, the action should be gentle and slow and rhythmic.

Fourth, massage therapy . Take palm relative, friction heat generation later, in the waist to the sacral coccyx down push rub 100; pressed with a finger forearm of Shenmen and feet too River, Zusanli , 1 minute each.

Five, cold water bath. Wash the cold water bath once a day, or rinse the scrotum with cold water for 2 to 3 minutes before going to sleep every night, which can reduce the excitability of the nerves.

Nocturnal emission will not affect fertility

The quantity and quality of male sperm is determined by the testes and innate genes, so masturbation and nocturnal emission will not affect fertility.

Nocturnal emission is about 80% of unmarried young people who have no ejaculation during sexual activity. This phenomenon occurs when sleeping. The spermatorrhea is called the dream. When it is awake, it is called slippery.

Healthy young adults in the absence of normal sexual life 2 weeks or so of spermatorrhea should be considered normal, but should be noted that sometimes men who claim to be nocturnal emission are actually only sexual excitement when the sexual tract secretion of asexual excitatory prostatic fluid overflow is normal physiology Phenomenon rather than nocturnal emission

The true morbid nocturnal emission is the state of still nocturnal emission in the case of spermatorrhea or normal sexual life due to sexual conception, several times a week or a few nights.

Occasionally, nocturnal emission has no effect on fertility. Frequent spermatorrhea accompanied by impotence or premature ejaculation often causes infertility due to decreased semen quality or sexual dysfunction.

The cause of nocturnal emission is mainly due to the weakening of the cerebral cortex. The central excitability is enhanced. In the case of related sexual stimulation, there may be cases where the spermatorrhea pancreas is too tight and the smegma stimulation may lead to inflammation of the reductive nocturnal tonic balanitis urethra prostatic sac. Others may have nocturnal emission, but most of them are due to lack of sexual knowledge to watch the yellow book video and other penile erection and ejaculation

The folks have a wrong concept that “a drop of fine blood and one drop of blood” depends on semen as the “truthfulness” and “fruit” in the body. It is believed that spermatorrhea can cause serious damage to health and form a great mental burden and ideological pressure. Extremely easy to fatigue, weakness, weakness, backache, soft insomnia, dreams, forgetfulness, and other series of mental symptoms, even causing loss of libido, premature ejaculation, impotence, and other sexual dysfunction. In fact, this kind of worry is not based on the concept of wrong and very harmful semen itself by sperm and vice The secretion of gonads constitutes the basis of its substance and is similar to other components of the body. The main component is water and contains a small amount of protein fat and sugar. The amount of semen that is left every time is only 3 to 4 ml. Therefore, the damage of nutrition is negligible and will not harm health.

Pathological nocturnal emission and its causes

Nocturnal emission is a kind of ejaculation activity without sexual intercourse. In the sleep dreaming of nocturnal emission, known as dreams; in waking, nocturnal emission, known as slippery. As the saying goes: “Full overflow.” Semen is produced at all times, and when it is full, it is excreted by spermatorrhea. Nocturnal emission is divided into physiological nocturnal emission and pathological nocturnal emission.

If the frequency of spermatorrhea is frequent, it occurs once or more than 4-5 times in a few days, or if the man has regular sexual life after marriage, there is still frequent nocturnal emission; or only the concept of sexual desire is spermatorrhea or slippery sperm, then Mostly morbid, it is worthwhile to go to the hospital for consultation and outpatientexamination, find the cause and timely treatment.

In general, there are three possible causes for this abnormality.

(1) Lack of correct sexual knowledge. If stimulated by pornographic books or videos, long-term thinking about sexual issues, often in the erotic impulse, or have masturbation habits. The cerebral cortex is always in an excited state, which can lead to nocturnal emission. Some adolescents who involuntarily flow from the urethra during sexual impulses are actually secretions of the urethral gland, which is mistaken for nocturnal emission. Fear and anxiety for nocturnal emission, over time, produce a bad psychological reaction, resulting in mental stress before going to bed, not only spermatorrhea, but also often lead to neurasthenia.

(2) Nocturnal emission caused by poor stimulation of local inflammation of the reproductive organs. The risk of including dermatitis , urethritis, prostatitis and other inflammatory stimuli, emission easily occurs.

(3) In addition, the physical dysfunction of the organs caused by excessive physical weakness and overwork, especially the loss of the cerebral cortex to the lower-level center, and the excitability of the erectile center and the ejaculation center are also a cause of nocturnal emission.

Medicinal treatment

Keel porridge

Efficacy: Convergence and solidification, Zhensheng Qianyang.

Ingredients: 30 grams of calcined keel, 100 grams of glutinous rice, the amount of brown sugar.

Production: smash the keel into the casserole, add 200 grams of water, fry for 1 hour, remove the juice from the slag, add the glutinous rice, add the appropriate amount of water, brown sugar, and cook into a thick porridge.

Usage: fast morning and evening hot food, 5 days for a course of treatment.

Taboo: Damp heat should not be taken.

Egg three flavor soup

Efficacy: spleen, kidney, solid and soothe the nerves. Apply to kidney deficiency and nocturnal emission.

Ingredients: 1 egg, simmering, cored lotus seeds, 9 grams of yam and yam, sugar amount.

Production: Frying medlar, lotus seed, and yam yam into a medicinal soup, then boil the eggs and add sugar to the soup. Usage Eat egg soup, take 1 time a day.

Lotus seed lily

Efficacy: traffic heart and kidney, solid camera.

Ingredients: 30 grams of lotus seeds, 30 grams of lily, 200 to 250 grams of pork.

Production: Put lotus seeds, lily, and lean pork into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, and cook on the fire.

To use: Take it after seasoning.

Fried snail

Efficacy: heat and diuretic. Suitable for urinary white turbidity, slippery.

Ingredients: 500 grams of snails, the amount of white wine.

Production: Wash the snails, put the wok in the wok, add the appropriate amount of liquor and water, cook until the soup will be served.

Usage: Pick up the snails with a toothpick and eat the seasoning.

Three habits that are easy to cause spermatorrhea

First, pedicure

Although pedicure can promote blood circulation , dredge meridian qi and blood, and is beneficial to the regulation of the nervous system , but the foot treatment is too long and the frequency is too high, which will cause a continuous excitatory foci in the cerebral cortex, making the related series of nerves too active. This leads to nocturnal emission.

Second, the quilt is too thick and too heavy

Men often have involuntary erections during sleep. If the quilt covered at night is too thick and too heavy, it will increase the stimulation of the penis, leading to nocturnal emission. Similarly, too tight underwear can easily lead to nocturnal emission.

Third, hot bath

Frequent hot baths often leave the testes in a high temperature environment, which is very detrimental to physiological functions and can easily lead to nocturnal emission.

The Chinese believe, abnormal kidney nocturnal emission is not essence, the essence does not close to fixed assets, often nocturnal emission can cause heart, liver, spleen, kidneys and other organs dysfunction. Among them, the kidney is sealed, and the essence of the internal organs is stored . The long-term frequent spermatorrhea consumes the essence of the kidney and is detrimental to the health of men. However, modern medicine believes that the nutrients in semen are relatively small, and the impact on men’s physical health is very limited, but it will impose a heavy burden on the mind.

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