Symptoms Of Hypoglycemia

What are the symptoms of hypoglycemia?

  What are the symptoms of hypoglycemia


  People with lower blood sugar levels may cause dizziness in many cases, especially when they have no meals and when they are empty. If you feel dizzy, you should immediately tell the people around you, then sit down and eat something sugary. Otherwise, suddenly fainting, if it is on the stairs is also very dangerous.


  When our body lacks some nutrients, the brain receives a signal of eating, supplementing some foods to keep our body functioning properly. However, patients with hypoglycemia have a low blood sugar level, so the brain will continue to send a signal of eating. Even if they have just eaten, the patient often feels hungry.

  Emotional anxiety

  When our body’s glucose content is very low, it will also cause anxiety, so many people may not understand it, but when you eat sweets, you will feel very happy, which most people have experience. . Severe hypoglycemia patients, especially those with long periods of time, often have emotional anxiety.


  When the glucose level is out of regulation, the central nervous system of the human body begins to have problems. Let the body produce an unconscious trembling tremor.

  unstable emotion

  Hypoglycemia can lead to very unstable emotions, mild changes, and radical excitement.

  Attention cannot concentrate

  Because the brain is particularly sensitive to the decline in glucose, you may be confused and unable to concentrate on one thing.

  Visual problem

  If your vision suddenly becomes blurred or you see a ghost, blood sugar drops can be the culprit.

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