40 Best Beautiful And True Life Quotes Sayings To Understand Yourself And Others

Below you can read a selection with part of the beautiful and true life quotes sayings and phrases  . Thoughts about life that lend themselves to reflection and that can not only be used as a trigger for interesting debates, but as a tool for personal transformation.

1. A good traveler has neither fixed plans nor the intention to arrive

Lao Tzu uses the classic metaphor in which life becomes a journey to better express the paradox of what he says should be our life path. The mystical background behind his philosophy and the centuries that separate us from the time associated with Lao Tzu do not prevent it from being a reflection that is very applicable to our days.

2. Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often the result of lack of wisdom

Terry Pratchett talks about wisdom and experience as elements that, by their presence or absence, are part of the engine of our existence . In this way, a reflection that seems to be about knowledge becomes another of those phrases in life that seem universal and applicable to any society.

3. Not being dead is not being alive

EE Cummings deals with a question of terminology that hides behind it something more transcendent than it seems at first.

4. The starting point towards all achievement is desire

As one of the pioneers of self-help, Napoleon Hill formulated many reflections and phrases from life that dealt with the subject of  personal development , project management and the psychological aspects that lead us to achieve our goals. This phrase is an example of this.

5. Uninterrupted happiness bores; must have alternatives

Molière , about happiness and the tension that exists between it and the  emotional states that, without being part of it, are desirable.

6. True happiness costs little; if it’s expensive it’s not a good class

Chateaubriand , like many other thinkers, believes that happiness is not an item to which we have to direct all our plans and projects, but that it is spontaneous and is expressed in simple facts and actions .

7. Love the life you have in order to live the life you love

Another paradox with a philosophical background, this time from Hussein Nishah . It raises the dialectical and non-sequential process of loving one’s life , something that does not respond to a plan of actions that we can follow step by step.

8. Life is to be enjoyed, not endured

The legacy of the religious Gordon B. Hinckley is lavish in phrases about life, and this is one of the most significant for the simplicity with which the essence of hedonistic philosophy is described .

9. Pessimism leads to weakness. Optimism, to power

The psychologist William James about the influence of mental states on our possibilities of action. A more or less optimistic approach can more or less expand our range of options.

10. You have to harden without ever losing tenderness

The Argentine revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara makes the quality of toughness fit, useful to face demanding projects and to claim ideals that are difficult to achieve, with the tenderness and humanity necessary to live day to day in community .

11. Life is not a problem to be solved, it is a reality to experience

Soren Kierkegaard here hints at part of the principles on which philosophical existentialism would later be erected :the value of existence over preconceived ideas and categories , and the lack of a predetermined life project.

12. You can’t find peace by avoiding life

Virginia Woolf , about the need to know how to adapt to the context not only to be more functional, but to improve our well-being .

13. Where there is love there is life

Mahatma Gandhi believes that love is one of the inherent qualities of human life . It makes sense since we are predisposed to live in the company of other people.

14. Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated

Confucius , in one of the most famous phrases in life. His conception of vital projects that can claim human attention is rather minimalist, emphasizing the value of simplicity .

15. Unexpected intrusions of beauty. That is life

The Canadian writer Saul Bellow , in one of the most curious and therefore interesting sentences of life .

16. Losing confidence in your own body is losing confidence in yourself

Simone de Beauvoir , one of the references of feminism and wife of the philosopher Jean Oaul Sartre, about the relationship between body and mind and our  self-concept .

17. Defining something is limiting it

Phrase by the Irish writer Oscar Wilde , applicable to all aspects of everyday life and also to the most abstract concepts .

18. To grow is to lose certain illusions, to be able to embrace others

The writer and thinker Virginia Woolf , in one of her life sentences about life projects and the subjective.

19. Action expresses priorities

Another phrase from the pacifist leader  Gandhi , this time about those things to which we attach more importance and towards which we direct our actions . A phrase that can help you be happier.

20. Life is a blank canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it

Danny Kane , about life and the possibilities it offers us: all that can be traced with a brush on a blank surface .

21. Do not live in the past, do not dream about the future, focus your mind on the present moment

One of the phrases about the life of the Buddha , which highlights the importance of living the present with full awareness.

22. Life is not about finding yourself, but about creating yourself

A quote from the Irish writer George Bernard Shaw s BOUT personal development process.

23. We don’t remember the days, we remember the moments

A reflection and inspirational phrase by the Italian writer Cesare Pavese .

24. The purpose of our lives is to be happy

One of the most direct and forceful phrases about life of the Dalai Lama .

25. The good life is one that is inspired by love and guided by knowledge

The philosopher Bertrand Russell establishes the relationship between knowledge and love as the engine of the good life.

26. Where love reigns, laws are superfluous

One of the most remembered phrases of the Greek philosopher Plato, about the good thing about making ties and commitments based on love, an element that can replace the law when it comes to uniting groups and societies.

27. The obstacle is the way

A Zen proverb in which those difficulties that come our way are, in themselves, the means by which we advance to progress in our personal development .

28. Great results require great ambitions

Another of the phrases about life born in Ancient Greece. This, specifically, is from the philosopher Heraclitus.

29. The heart has reasons that reason ignores

A phrase from the philosopher Blaise Pascal. There is an invisible logic behind the acts promoted by love .

30. We become what we think

A reflection by Earl Nightingale. Our actions are shaping our identity.

31. Look back and smile at past dangers

A quote from Walter Scott: One of the good things about going through difficult situations is that, in hindsight, they make us bigger.

32. Life is like jazz …it is much better if it is improvised

A phrase about life devised by musician George Gershwin.

33. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it

Well-known reflection on the active role that it is necessary to have to consider oneself truly free . The phrase is from Charles S. Windoll.

34. If you love your life, your life will correspond to you with love

One of the most joyous phrases about life. This is from Arthur Rubinstein.

35. You cannot have a positive life if you keep a negative mind

This original reflection is by Joyce Meyer, and refers to the importance of mentality when interpreting our experiences .

36. The greatest adventure you can embark on is living the life of your dreams

This phrase by Oprah Winfrey tells us about the courage that is necessary to make our actions match our wishes.

37. Without music, life would be a mistake

One of the best-known phrases about the life of the influential philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

38. Choose a job that you are passionate about and you won’t go back to work for a single day of your life

Another phrase from Confucius; In this case, he talks about the good of making work a pleasure in which we can fully involve ourselves.

39. Life is either a great adventure or it is nothing

A phrase about life devised by Hellen Keller. Like other quotes, this one refers to the need to make what we do have a meaningful purpose , one that is greater than ourselves.

40. The simplicity of life is to be yourself

A phrase from Bobby Brown. Sometimes acting as oneself makes us enter dynamics that make us move away from our real purposes.

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