10 Life Quotes in English

 Life Quotes : choose a direction, set a time, the rest only work hard and insist

1. No matter how you think about others, in the eyes of those who are bothering you, you are deliberately speculative; no matter how you argue for it, if you don’t understand your heart, you are awkward. In the end, you will find that some things are not that you have done something wrong, but that you have encountered the wrong person; some people do not understand you, but do not want to understand you at all.

2. In any case, life must continue to move forward. Sometimes injury and failure are not necessarily a bad thing, it will make you better, so is loneliness and loss. Everything will definitely become a good thing at the end, as long as you can get to the end.

3. The salary is issued to the daily work. The high salary is issued to the person responsible for the responsibility. The bonus is issued to the person who made the achievement. The equity is distributed to the capable and loyal person. The honor is given to the person with ideal ambition and dismissed. The letter will be given to those who have no results and personality, there must be a person here. If you want to be a person, you will try to be such a person and do the kind of person you want to do.

4, instead of expecting to meet someone, it is better to expect that you can attract such people; instead of expecting that each time you lose, there will be positive energy to warm yourself, it is better to expect yourself to become a full-energy person; rather than worry about the future, Not as good as now.

5, the rainbow is gorgeous, it is after the battle with the storm; the maple leaves are burning like fire, after fighting the frost of autumn leaves; the eagle’s wings are flying high, after the dangerous battle with the cliff. They maintained a struggle attitude, just cast their success .

6. A person with the ability to influence others, a person who is incapable of being influenced by others; not someone who troubles himself, but who is troubled by the words and deeds of oneself; to build a goal, step by step, do it yourself it is good.

7, the eagle, do not need to applaud, are also flying; grass, no one is distressed, is also growing; wildflowers, no one appreciates, is also fragrant; do things do not need everyone to understand, just do their best; do not need to do Everyone likes it, just be frank.

8, efforts to helpless, hard work to touch yourself; suffering, suffering, will illuminate the road of the future; no young and frivolous, only the winner is king.

9. A truly successful life is not the size of achievement, but whether you work hard to achieve yourself, shout out your own voice, and walk out of your own path.

10, choose a direction, set a time; the rest of the effort and persistence, time will give us the final answer.

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