Self-Examination Quotes

Self-Examination Quotes, give yourself a confused self

  1. Your pretending efforts, deceiving only yourself, never use tactical diligence to cover up strategic laziness.

  2, growth is a game with yourself, don’t worry that others will do better than you, you only need to do better every day than the day before.

  3. You don’t have so many viewers, don’t be so tired. Be a simple person, practical and pragmatic. Do not indulge in fantasy, not to be unconscious.

  4, on the road to struggle , time is always very fast, the current difficulties and troubles are many, but as long as you do not forget the initial heart, step by step to the goal step by step, the final outcome is given to the time to decide.

  5, who is the most admired in your heart, do not have to become that person, but use that person’s spirit and methods to become yourself.

  6. Luck is an accessory to the effort. Without the original accumulation of strength, you can’t catch your luck. God gives everyone the same, but everyone’s preparation is different. Don’t envy those who can always hit the big game. You must work hard to get good luck.

  7, time is just a passer-by, you are the master, the road of life does not need to be demanding, as long as you step, the road will extend under your feet, as long as you sail, there will be eight sides to the wind, set off, human life really begins .

  8. Everyone has inertia and negative emotions. Successful people know how to manage their emotions and overcome their inertia. They illuminate the people around them like the sun and motivate people around them.

  9. In the end, you believe what you can become. Because of the two most terrible words in the world, one is persistent, one is serious, serious people change themselves, and persistent people change their destiny. As long as you are on the road, there is no place to go.

  10. Life, you must live beautifully and walk. I don’t struggle, and it’s all the furnishings. No matter who you are, you are better to be a loser of hard work, and not to be an ordinary person who is comfortable with the status quo.

  11, no matter what you do not rush to return, because sowing and harvesting are not in the same season, in the middle of the interval, we call it persistence.

  12, living your favorite life, become what you like, in fact, very simple, is to count the number of “today” too good, which means not to live up to the time, to meet every thing with full enthusiasm, let life Every day has a taste.

  13. Don’t feel that it is a waste to do things that seem trivial and wholeheartedly. Small things are done with ease, and big things are naturally natural.

  14, don’t worry about the results, first ask yourself enough, pay enough to be worthy of the results, work is in place, the results will naturally come out.

  15. God will not be ill-treated, nor will he sympathize with the diligent and diligent people. You know how hard you have worked.

  16. You must do things that others are not willing to do today, so that you can have something that others cannot have tomorrow.

  17. If you think about ordinary life, you will encounter ordinary setbacks . If you think about the best life, you will definitely get the strongest damage. The world is fair, and if you want the best, it will definitely hurt you.

  18, if you insist , you will shine, time is the weapon of invincibility, it can be combined into a shackle, but also can gather sand into a tower, making the impossible of life possible.

  19, others are good to you, you have to fight for strength, the figure has the ability to repay in the future, others are not good for you, you have to be eager to look forward to one day, can be proud.

  20, the road to growth is to know how to shut up, know low-key and humble, learn to be strong, in every day worth cherishing, desperately to become the person you want to be

  21. Opportunities have a special affinity for prepared minds.

  22, do not seek to compare with people, but seek to surpass yourself, crying and crying excited tears, laughing to laugh out of the growing character!

  23, in your heart, there is infinite potential, one day when you look back, you will know that this is absolutely true.

  24. No matter how great you feel, you will always be stronger than you; no matter how unfortunate you feel, someone will be more unfortunate than you.

  25. Don’t waste your life in a place where you will regret it.

  26, to give up the waiver is helpless, give up should not give up is incompetent; do not give up the ignorance of the ignorance, do not give up should not give up is the attachment.

  27. Don’t use the past to measure the happiness and misfortune of life! Everyone’s life can be beautiful, as long as you cherish it.

  28, do not be obsessed with online games, to play, you can play this big game of life.

  29, fault is a temporary regret, and miss is a regret forever!

  30. Life is a circle. Some people have not walked out of the circle drawn by fate for a lifetime. In fact, every point on the circle has a tangent line.

  31. Life without stress will be empty; youth without stress will wither; life without stress will be bleak.

  32. I thought that setbacks and hardships are good opportunities to exercise will and enhance ability. ——Zou Yufen

  33, you can’t control the weather, but you can change your mood. You can’t change your looks, but you can master yourself. You can’t foresee tomorrow, but you can cherish today.

  34. We are always too polite to strangers and too harsh to intimate people.

  35. The reason why people are suffering is to pursue the wrong things.

  36. Know what you want to do, stay quiet in the night, ask yourself, plan for the future, and move toward that direction. Instead of doing nothing and doing something unnecessary.

  37. Adversity is the process of growth, and people who are brave enough to accept adversity will grow stronger.

  38. Where is the genius, I use the work of drinking coffee for others. – Lu Xun

  39. The so-called genius, that is the lie, the hard work is real. – Edison

  40. It is not difficult to make a decision. It is difficult to put it into action and stick to it.

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