Best Short Friendship Quotes With Inspirational Thought

Friendship is a relationship between two very beautiful people where they both decide to support each other without asking for anything in return. Friendship is without a doubt one of the most beautiful relationships that we can have throughout our lives . Thanks to our friendships we can enjoy our life much more and even achieve goals that we did not previously think possible, sharing moments and hobbies. Now lets read the best short friendship quotes.

Best Short Friendship Quotes

Valuing our friends and what they do for us is something that undoubtedly we should all do, that is why we have made a selection of the 75 proverbs about friendship that can make us reflect the most , so that we can all have a broader vision of this fantastic relationship between people.

1. He who joins with wise men becomes wise; who joins fools ends badly.

Knowing how to surround ourselves with the right people is something we must learn in our lives.

2. The wicked provokes strife, and the gossiper divides good friends.

There are many types of toxic people that cloud friendships between people.

3. Forgiveness restores friendship, rancor ends it.

When we feel resentment towards a friend, we can never recover the friendship that we once had.

4. A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of trouble.

Our friends and loved ones will be the ones to support us in the most difficult moments.

5. With wealth, friends increase, but even the poor leave their friend.

When we have a good economic moment, friends out of interest go out everywhere. But upon encountering difficulties, they flee in terror.

6. Don’t visit your friend’s house; lest you screw him up and hate him.

We must know how to give space to our friends, we must not be too dependent.

7. Faithful are the friend’s wounds, But deceitful to the kisses of the enemy.

Knowing how to tell a friend from an enemy can sometimes be a bit confusing, but only then will we really know who to trust.

8. Do not abandon your friend or your father’s friend. Don’t go to your brother’s house when you have a problem. A neighbor is better than a distant brother.

The closest friendships are those that can help us the most in a moment of trouble.

9. To sharpen the iron, the file; to be a better person, the friend.

Our friendships make us a better person than we were.

10. Anyone who blesses his friend loudly at dawn will be counted as a curse.

We should always speak positively about our friendships, because we owe them the person we are today.

11. To gladden the heart, good perfumes; to sweeten the soul, a tip from friends.

The advice that our friends can really give us, is only due to the concern that they have about our life better.

12. Trusting someone unstable in times of trouble is like chewing on a broken tooth or walking on a lame foot.

Those people who have shown us to be unreliable when conditions were not optimal should not be held in high esteem.

13. Do not make friends with irritable people, or get together with those who lose their temper easily, because you will learn to be like them and you will endanger your soul.

We must know how to surround ourselves with people who help us improve as individuals, not relate to people who worsen our personal attributes.

14. There are friends who lead to ruin, and there are friends more faithful than a brother.

Friendships can be very different from each other, it is only up to us how we value them.

15. Forgiveness restores friendship, rancor ends it.

When we feel resentment towards someone we cannot have any feeling of friendship towards him or her.

16. Even the poor hate their friends, but many love the rich.

Friendships that are forged out of interest are bound to fail in difficult times.

17. On the path of friendship, don’t let the grass grow.

We must take care of our friends and show them that we are there for them.

18. In good fortune you should never go see a friend without being invited and in bad fortune you should go without being claimed.

We should not take advantage of our friends and instead we should help them when they need it.

19. Between soldiers and friends, compliments are unnecessary.

With our closest friends we can show ourselves how we really are.

20. Friendship increases by visiting your friends. But rarely visiting them.

We must give the space that our friends need and only demand their attention at specific moments.

21. Don’t hide from your friend what the enemy knows.

Knowing how to trust our friends can be essential, as they can help us overcome many setbacks.

22. That your friendship is not like a stone, because if it breaks you cannot join the pieces; but it is like a silk thread, because if it is too forced, you can always add more to reinforce it.

We must take care of our friends and dedicate the time they need to strengthen themselves over time.

23. Everyone who smiles at you is not your friend.

Those people who want to be more pleasant with us may not have good intentions.

24. If your friend is honey, don’t eat it whole.

Although our friends are very nice to us, we should not abuse their generosity.

25. If you want to meet your friend, lie down on the edge of the road and simulate drunkenness.

Real friends show their appreciation in the most embarrassing moments.

26. Let your friendship relationships be like the relationship between the mouth and the hand: when the hand is in pain, the mouth blows; and when the mouth suffers, it is the hand that rubs it.

We must support our friends, be the shoulder that helps them rise in the battle of life.

27. The eye and the friend, the smallest thing is enough to hurt them.

Caring for our friends takes time, effort and dedication. But it is definitely worth it.

28. The friendship cup should not be rinsed with vinegar.

We should not do anything that spoils a true friendship, because they are difficult to find these days.

29. Friends and books, have few but good.

We must know how to choose our friends and only stay with those that are really worthwhile.

30. Good accounts, keep friends.

Being honest with our friends will help us maintain a true friendship.

31. Friendships that are true keep the doors open.

When a friendship is authentic, time or distance cannot end it.

32. To the friend who is in trouble, not tomorrow, but now.

We must be there to help our friends when they need it, because they depend on us.

33. Loyal and frank friend, white blackbird.

Real friends are very rare to find, we must value them when they appear.

34. Life without friends, death without witnesses.

Lacking friendships will make our lives much sadder and bleaker.

35. Bad weather brings goods with it: flies and false friends flee.

Friends who are not really run away in bad times and this is our opportunity to get rid of them.

36. You will always go to the house of a rich friend, and to the house of the needy you will go without being called.

We should not take advantage of our friendships even if they have more resources than us, and we must also help those who need our help.

37. Friend is not the one who wipes your tears, it is the one who prevents you from spilling a single one.

Our friends will do the impossible to make our lives fuller and happier.

38. To the friend and the horse, it is not necessary to tire him.

We must not harass our friends, we must leave them air and space to breathe.

39. Go to friends’ feasts go slowly, but their misfortunes quickly.

Being around when our friends need it will show them the appreciation we have for them.

40. Friendship does what blood does not.

Our friends may be the ones who help us the most in our life, sometimes even more than our family members.

41. Friend is one who comes when everyone is gone.

The true friend will support us even when no one else does.

42. Friend without money, I want that; What money without a friend, is not worth a fig.

We must select our friendships for their personal worth, not for their financial wealth.

43. Friend in adversity, true friend.

The true friend shows his worth in difficult times.

44. Son-in-law’s friendship, winter sun.

Friendships between in-laws and sons-in-law are very rare but also very beautiful. This is one of the most curious proverbs about friendship.

45. Before asking a friend for money, think carefully which of the two things you need the most.

Friendships are much more valuable than just money, as they can be invaluable.

46. ​​True friend: it is not against your honor or against your money.

Friends really want to help their peers, they will not attempt against their goals.

47. From the enemy you will get rid, but from the bad friend never.

From an enemy we can know how to keep ourselves, but false friends are much more difficult to discover.

48. Strong friendship, reaches beyond death.

True friendships can last beyond time.

49. Change your pleasures, but don’t change your friends.

Knowing how to adapt to our lives and the moment we find ourselves does not have to separate us from our friends.

50. A good friend and companion is the one who does not ask us for money.

Friendship and money are two different things that do not have to be mixed.

51. The old friend is the best mirror.

Our friendships largely dictate who we are, tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are.

52. One hundred friends are few; and an enemy is a lot.

Friendships are never enough, instead enemies are unnecessary.

53. The friend is like money, that before you need it you know the value it has.

The true friends will be with us in the most difficult moments without the need for us to ask them.

54. When you are getting married, send friends somewhere else.

Friends and love relationships often collide in many and varied ways, because both want the best for us but in different ways.

55. He who lacks friends is because he does not deserve them.

A person who lacks friends is usually representative who has certain qualities that make them lose them.

56. Giving friendship to those who want to love is like giving bread to the thirsty.

Friendship and thirst are two different relationships which need different care for their proper functioning.

57. The victorious has many friends; the vanquished, good friends.

In defeats only our true friends will remain with us.

58. The good friend must be like blood, who comes to the wound without waiting for him to be called.

True friends will come to our aid without us notifying them.

59. The one that does not find friends, for something will be, I say.

When we are unable to maintain friendships, it may be because of our own attitude towards them.

60. A man’s heart is measured by the seniority of his friends.

He who is capable of maintaining friendships for a long time shows himself worthy of admiration even by the people who know him best.

61. In danger you know your friend.

In complicated situations, true friends come to our support.

62. Misfortune tests friends and discovers enemies.

When things get complicated is when we see the true faces of those around us.

63. In school, prison, or war, friends meet.

We can meet our friends in all moments of life, in sweet and bitter.

64. The dog is man’s best friend.

Our hairiest friends show us their love and unconditional loyalty without even saying a word.

65. In great need, a true friend is known.

It is when we are really in trouble that true friends reveal themselves as such.

66. Whoever has a friend has a treasure.

A friendship can be more valuable than any material treasure.

67. In life we ​​do not lose friends, we only discover who the true ones are.

Throughout our lives only true friends will remain in it.

68. I love my friend for what I expect from him.

A phrase that tells us about friends out of interest, who only look for us when they have needs to meet.

69. It is easier to forgive an enemy, than a friend.

The enemy can be forgiven, but the traitorous friend will be lost forever.

70. Running out of money, friendship ends.

When the hardships begin, false friends go the way they came.

71. True friends are proven in fact.

Facts tell us who our friends are, not just words.

72. Mouthpiece friendship, not worth a match.

He who does not show us his friendship with actions should not be undeservedly valued.

73. The fake friend, take the scaffold.

A phrase that encourages us to get rid of friends who have proven to be unreliable. One of the false friendship proverbs that we should listen to carefully.

74. With friends like that, why do I want enemies?

False friends who act negatively behind us are worse than any declared enemy.

75. To the reconciled friend, with one eye open and the other closed.

When we decide to forgive a friend we must be cautious with him until he proves to be trustworthy.

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