Short Friendship Quotes For True Friendship

If someday you think you have nothing left in life, a true friend will be by your side , he will not leave you lying. It is not easy to define friendship and even less to compare it with love. Years can pass and he will be there, helping you through the most difficult moments of life. This can be expressed in many ways, one of them with small texts, poems, images and phrases that demonstrate the feelings you have towards one of the closest relationships you will never have: your friends.We hope you enjoy the following Short Friendship Quotes For True Friendship and love , surely you identify with more than one. There is no established order, so we recommend that you read them all. Some are short, others a little longer. In them, you will find all kinds of feelings about friendship in general such as love, true friends, false friends, nostalgia marked by distance , etc. Share them on Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp!

Short friendship phrases to dedicate to a friend

Despite all your flaws, your friend loves you.

1. Friendship doubles joys and splits heart break in half.Sir Francis Bacon

2.  Friendship can be more complicated than love. Never let it      escape.

3.  Brothers are not always friends, but friends will always be brothers.

4.  With a friend, the joys will be twice as happy and the anguishes half as sad.

5.  If a friendship end’s it is because it had never started.

6.  True friends get mad over nonsense.

7.  Take your time deciding who your friend will be, and when you do, it takes a thousand years to change her.

8.  If you are looking for a flawless colleague, you will never find anyone.

9.  A friend may say things to your face that you don’t like, but enemies will do it behind your back and you will never notice.

10.  Phosphorescence is the symbol of very special friendship, since it glows in the worst moments of darkness.

11.  Do not stay with a friend to kill time; stay to live the best hours of your lives.

12.  One of the virtues of having a friend is that it allows you to think out loud.

13.  The mother is a treasure, a sister a shoulder to lean on. A friend is both.

14.  Take time to choose a friend, but be even slower to change it. Benjamin Franklin

15.  A false friendship is a shadow that goes behind us during sunny hours.

16.  A friend is like your blood; appears whenever you are hurt.

17.  A friendship is a constant: it does not depend on time or space.

18.  If you have ever tested a friend and he has not failed you, do not let him escape, hook him with steel ropes.

19.  If you feel that you have lost everything, that you have hit rock bottom, you will always have a friend with you.

20.  Friendship is like a soul residing in two people, a heart present in both bodies.

21.  There is nothing more beautiful than a friend who has the opportunity to talk to him as if you were talking to yourself.

22.  A good friend is a good thief of your time.

23.  Having a friend is great news. Having two is too much. And three is impossible.

24.  Friendship is like a good book: it is difficult to find one, there are few and they are very good.

25.  Friends are those strange beings who ask us how we are and wait to hear the answer.

Ed Cunningham

26.  My friend is a great person as well as the worst of my rivals, who keeps my secrets and betrays me, who entrusts me with his support and relies on me: he is simply my equal.

27.  A friend is like money: you know its value before you need it.

28.  Two real friends know that, despite knowing each other with their strengths and weaknesses, they love each other.

29.  Real friendships are not disturbed by the devil.

30.  If you want to judge a person, look at which friends they surround themselves with.

31.  A friend will not discover your regrets, lend him your hand sooner.

32.  What makes a friendship unbreakable is not love, but certainty.

33.  The love of a friendship is not transmitted through the senses.

34.  Even if you privately censure a friend, praise him in front of the rest.

35.  Friendship is guaranteed by mutual respect, honesty, sincerity and trust.

36.  You cannot give your friendship to a person who asks for love, it would be like giving water to someone who is starving.

37.  One of the biggest advantages of a friend is that you can trust her.

38.  It is not easy to distinguish who causes the most damage: an enemy trying to destroy you or a false friend trying to help you.

39.  If you want to get a friend, you must be one first.

40.  There are never a few friends or many, they are always enough.

41.  Friendship is a shadow that will accompany you for the rest of life.

42.  Love hurts, but friendship is joyful.

43.  If you don’t have friends, you are in a desert.

44.  Keep your friend with love, in a locked chest with the key of your life.

45.  The dog has its master, a bird has its nest, a crocodile its pond, a person friendship.

46.  If you do without a friend, you are throwing on board all your life.

47.  A rich person does not keep the first coins he saved, but the first friend who appeared.

48.  True friends are those who come to share our happiness when asked and our misfortune without being called.

49.  You realize you have a friend when trust sucks.

50.  Without friendship, there is no happiness.

51.  A friend is my other self.

52.  The best way to preserve a friend is not to owe him or ask him for anything.

53.  A friend is like a taxi: there are not many during the storm.

54.  A real friend not only shows compassion, but helps you.

55.  An enemy accuses with his screams, while a friend condemns with his silence.

56.  There is no suspicion if a friendship is true.

57.  It is much easier to find a love full of passion than a good friendship.

58.  In life, we are all travelers, and the best you can come across is the perfect friend.

59.  The road to a friend’s house is never too long.

60.  Only a friend will understand that it is bothering you.

61.  If there is only gratitude between two friends, there is a photograph that will be erased over time.

62.  Who did not have friends in happiness, do not look for them during misfortune.

63.  A real friend knows everything about you and does not stop being your friend.

64.  Businesses and jobs make money, but true friendships usually won’t give you a dime.

65.  People are only interested in your material goals; spiritual goals, only to your friend.

66.  Friendship is formed by a family chosen almost at will.

67.  In a friendship, mistrust is much worse than deception.

68.  You can change tastes, personality or partner, but never change friends.

69.  Don’t let the weeds grow on the path of friendship.

70.  Friends and nobody else. The rest is a jungle.

71.  A true friend is a friend in the most difficult moments.

72.  The true self is shown in the company of friends.

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