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Inspirational quote : no education can get adversity

  01. Change yourself is self-help; affecting others is to save people.

  02, the boss is like a tiger, the tiger’s ass, can’t touch, the tiger’s ass, it is not suitable to shoot. Colleagues are like playmates, playing on the stage, unloading the clothes to know that everything is ridiculous. The lower level is like a spring, you can press him, but he will also top you; if you pull him, maybe he will give up.

  03, don’t rely too much on friends, human nature basically has a bad side.

  04. Only those who respect themselves can be more courageous to narrow themselves.

  05. People who often blame themselves often get the understanding of others.

  06, learn a point of concession, to discuss a point of cheap; increase one point to enjoy, minus one point Fuze.

  07, thoughts are correct, Fuxing Lin, thoughts are not correct, disaster star photos.

  08, good people do good, from the music to the music, from the Ming to the Ming; the wicked to do evil, from suffering into suffering, from the meditation.

  09, the heart of the person, the life will be long; the heart of the person, life will promote.

  10, bone should be just, gas should be soft, Zhiyi big, daring should be small, heart should be empty, words should be appropriate, Hui Yizeng, Fu Yiwei, not far from worry, worry is also close.

  11. The reason why people are suffering is to pursue the wrong things.

  12. What you currently have will become others with your death. Then why not give it to those who really need it now?

  13, if it is not appropriate to go back, there should be more steps to do things.

  14. What we are most proud of is not to fall, but to climb after each fall.

  15. See you, not the door to Wanshan. Seeing people is not the root of all evil.

  16. In order to prove yourself to others and to the world, once you have achieved your achievements, you will understand that people do not need to prove anything to others, as long as you can surpass yourself.

  17. There is no education that can withstand adversity.

  18. If you want to succeed , then remember: zero heritage, honesty first, second learning , courtesy third, hard fourth, and smart fifth.

  19. Any restrictions are started from your own heart.

  20, failure is only a temporary stop to succeed, if I can not, I must! If I want, I will be able!

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