Encourages Your Own Words

Encourages Your Own Words

  1, I wait for life, can’t change the gaze of your moment.

  2, the most beautiful is not rainy days, is the eaves that have sheltered from you.

  3. The quickest and surest way to conquer fear and build confidence is to do what you fear until you have a successful experience.

  4. True love should transcend the length of life , the width of the soul, and the depth of the soul.

  5, life is really like this cup of strong wine, without three times and five times of refining, it will not be so delicious!

  6. The perfection of personality is the foundation, and the establishment of wealth is the end.

  7, ability can slowly exercise, experience can be slowly accumulated, enthusiasm can not be.

  8, no matter what, always feel that others are better than their own!

  9. Only after experiencing the torture of hell can you conquer the power of heaven. Only the fingers that flow through the blood can pop the swan song of the world.

  10. People who have no deep understanding of the value of time will never be tough and diligent.

  11. The first youth is given by God; the second youth is to work on its own.

  12. Don’t fall in love because of loneliness. Loneliness is waiting for happiness.

  13. When the tears run out, the ones left should be strong .

  14. People always cherish what they have not got, and forget what they have.

  15. Whoever hurts you and who has defeated you is not important. The important thing is who will make you smile.

  16. Lucky is not without fear and trouble; bad luck is not without comfort and hope.

  17. Don’t always be dissatisfied with others. You should always review yourself. Dissatisfied people are suffering yourself.

  18, the deepest loneliness is not a long-term person, but there is no expectation in the heart.

  19, to remember in mind; every day is the most perfect day of the year.

  20. Just because happiness is only a past, people who are indulging in happiness; they never know happiness but are short-lived.

  21. The value of a person should depend on what he contributes, not what he gets.

  22. Be a bright woman. Do not pour the country, do not fall into the city, only pour out all the life.

  23, life is born, live.

  24, the most beautiful thing in life is the process, the most difficult thing is to know each other, the most bitter is to wait, the happiest is true love, the last regret is to miss.

  25, two people can have a good time together! Can not be separated from the point of profit.

  26. When a person truly realizes the moment, he lays down the wealth of pursuing the outer world and begins to pursue the true wealth of his inner world.

  27. If a person is weak, he is his greatest enemy.

  28, sunrise in the East China Sea, Xishan, Yi also one day, hi also one day. When the incident does not turn to the horns, people are also comfortable, and the heart is also comfortable.

  29. The dark clouds will always be dispelled, even if it envelopes the entire planet. The state of mind is the light in the dark that can illuminate the whole world.

  30, life is not a one-way line, one road can’t get through, you can turn.

  31. Give me a car accident. Or amnesia. Either die.

  32. Some people say: I love you, not that I only love you.

  33. Life is too short, and today it is not always possible to give up tomorrow.

  34. Delete everything about you, but you can’t delete your memories.

  35. Anything is possible. So don’t give up, believe in yourself, you can do it.

  36. Believe in yourself, firmly believe in your own goals, bear the hardships and setbacks that ordinary people can’t bear , keep working hard and struggle, and success will be yours!

  37. Since love, why not say it, some things are lost, and you can’t come back!

  38. For people, conscience is the most comfortable pillow. To blame others, to show the success of others, to be embarrassed, to show that they are successful.

  39. On the top of people, you must be a person; under people, you must be yourself.

  40. People are not afraid of humble, they are afraid of losing hope, looking forward to tomorrow, looking forward to the sun, people will stand up from humble, with a dream of hiding to embrace the blue sky.

  41. Success requires cost, time is also a cost, and cherishing time is cost savings.

  42. As long as people do not lose their direction, they will not lose themselves.

  43. Past habits, decide you today, so the laziness of the past will determine your defeat today.

  44. Let me remember easily, but let me forget that I am afraid I can’t do it.

  45. Don’t talk to a person and him in the same circle, no matter how reliable you think he is.

  46. ​​The reaction to imagining difficulties is not to evade or circumvent them, but to face them, deal with them, and fight with them in an aggressive and sensible way.

  47. He doesn’t love you. It’s useless to block a hundred bullets for him.

  48, sitting in front of the computer, do not know what to do, but do not want to turn it off.

  49. When you can’t make a decision, let time help you decide. If you still can’t decide, do it again. I would rather make a mistake and leave no regrets.

  50, you no longer have to deceive me with deliberate thoughts, you no longer have to use the false and false to say love me, because this time, I really left.

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