Inspirational, Romantic And Strong Love Quotes And Phrases

49 phrases about love and romanticism (unforgettable)

Falling in love, love and affection have been recurring topics of great famous phrases and inspirational, romantic and strong Love quotes. Interesting data have been provided, for example, on the chemistry of love, its curious side effects and what happens with the heartbreak and evil love.

01. What is love? It is the star of dawn and dusk (Sinclair Lewis)

The last star that leaves us, the one that always enlightens us despite everything …

02. Romance is stormy; love is calm (Mason Cooley)

Another reflection that refers to the differences between the stage of passion and the stage of stability in love relationships.

03. Romantic love is an addiction (Helen Fisher)

The chemistry of love can create processes similar to addiction to prohibited substances.

04. I am a better person when I allow myself to have time for romance (Diane Kruger)

Not only work human beings live. When we allow ourselves to have romantic adventures, we are much happier.

05. Love arrives without being seen; We can only see him when he leaves (Henry Austin Dobston)

We only realize what we had when that person decides to leave. Sad but true.

06. If your heart is a volcano, how do you expect flowers to grow on it? (Khalil Gibran)

Only a heart open to the outside can be reciprocated.

07. The first duty of love is to listen (Paul Tillich)

Knowing how to listen and be patient are virtues that your partner will surely value.

08. There is only one kind of love, but there are a thousand imitations (François de la Rochefoucauld)

Bad imitations are not true loves.

09. A life without love is like a tree without flowers or fruits (Khalil Gibran)

Love is what brightens our existence.

10. There are no limits to the power of love (John Morton)

Love crosses unsuspected borders and boundaries.

11. Self-love is the source of all types of love (Pierre Corneille)

A phrase about self-esteem and how it allows us to love other human beings.

12. Love is a flower that you must let grow (John Lennon)

The Beatles guitarist, in a beautiful metaphor.

13. There is more pleasure in loving than in being loved (John Fuller)

Give or receive? Both attitudes can be pleasant.

14. Love is what you’ve been through with someone (James Thuber)

Small stories and anecdotes in common are the basis of love.

15. The best proof of love is trust (Joyce Brothers)

The greatest sign of love, that someone blindly trusts you.

16. People project what they love (Jacques Cousteau)

The French marine biologist makes this beautiful reflection.

17. The crime of love is forgetfulness (Maurice Chevalier)

A phrase to reflect.

18. Love dies only when its growth stops (Pearl S. Buck)

Once the feeling stabilizes, everything plummets.

19. First love is very naive and a little curious (George Bernard Shaw)

We all remember with love our first sentimental couple.

20. We love because that is the only great adventure (Nikki Giovanni)

All the big companies in life are little compared to having a romantic adventure with someone special.

21. The more one judges, the less he loves (Honoré de Balzac)

Don’t judge, just feel it.

22. Love is a great beautifier (Louisa May Alcott)

When we love someone, everything in that person seems praiseworthy .

23. Who loves, raves (Lord Byron)

In fact, love is able to transport us to a plane where reality is very different.

24. Love is the poetry of the senses (Honoré de Balzac)

A reflection full of creativity.

25. Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look that becomes a habit (Peter Ustinov)

When we are in love we forgive all the mistakes of the loved one.

26. In the smallest cabin there is a corner for the loving and happy couple (Friedrich Schiller)

Despite the difficulties, couples who love each other will be able to find happiness.

27. Who, being loved, is poor? (Oscar Wilde)

The greatest wealth, feeling loved by others.

28. It is not a lover who does not love forever (Euripides)

Great feelings are immune to the passage of time.

29. Should we have a reason to love? (Brigitte Bardot)

As is well known, love does not need rational justification.

30. When love is not madness, it is not love (Pedro Calderón de la Barca)

There is always a point of madness in every great relationship.

31. The main magic of love is our ignorance that one day may end (Benjamin Disraeli)

When we are in a relationship we think it will be forever. But…

32. If you have reason to love a person, then you don’t love her (Slavoj Zizek)

On the irrationality of love. A phrase from the Slovenian philosopher Zizek .

33. The poison is momentary, love is lasting (John Wooden)

A great phrase from the American coach.

34. Love is the only type of gold (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

Forget material wealth and dare to be happy.

35. Fortune and love favor the brave (Ovid)

Who does not risk gets nothing, neither in life nor in personal relationships.

36. Love conquers everything (Virgil)

Nothing can against this great feeling.

37. We can only learn to love by loving (Iris Murdoch)

No one is born taught.

38. Love prefers twilight in daylight (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

In the intimacy of the penumbra it is, precisely, when the great passions usually manifest themselves.

39. The intimate reality of love can only be recognized by love itself (Hans Urs von Balthasar)

A tautology that makes us reflect.

40. Love is supreme and unconditional, the attraction is pleasant but limited (Duke Ellington)

A comparison between physical attraction and true love.

41. There are never enough “I love you” (Lenny Bruce)

A short but endearing reflection of the great humorist Lenny Bruce.

42. Love is a hole in the heart (Ben Hecht)

Love hurts, so much that sometimes we wish we hadn’t lived it.

43. Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words (François Rabelais)

Tenderness and everyday gestures are a way of saying I love you.

44. Love is a game in which two can play winning both (Eva Gabor)

Everyone wins, everyone loves. In love nobody loses.

45. Choose your love, love your choice (Thomas S. Monson)

Committing ourselves to the loved one is also part of the success.

46. Love is the difficult discovery that something more than oneself is real (Iris Murdoch)

Find tenderness in another human being, one of the pleasures of life.

47. Bitterness encloses life, love releases it (Harry Emerson Fosdick)

If you want life to smile at you, it’s a good idea to be open to the possibility of falling in love.

48. The ear is the avenue towards the heart (Voltaire)

The view attracts us to someone, but his words make us fall in love (… or not) .

49. Love is space and time measured by the heart (Marcel Proust)

The laws of physics collapse when we feel a great feeling of love.

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