The Psychological Effects of Too Much Testing | Excessive Psychology Tests

The 3 main types of psychological tests are:
  • Individual and Group Tests.
  • Instrumental or Paper and Pencil Tests.
  • Achievement or Intelligence Tests.

The Psychological Effects of Too Much Testing

How do I recall my years in elementary school? I surely remember assignments and standardized tests, but I can also conjure up images of snacks and story time, and recreation with my peers in order to forge social relationships (which, in my opinion, is integral for development).

However, the light appears rather dim for today’s schoolchildren. The current academic curriculum is intensive. Lots of work, little play, and tests galore.

Excessive psychology tests what your emotional type is.

Test lead

To what extent does the activity in our daily life accept the control of wisdom and to what extent it is dominated by emotions? In this respect, there is a great difference between people, and their temperament is mainly based on genetic acquisition. ), personality, emotion (called “awakening level” by psychologists), experience, literacy, etc. all play a certain role.

Only by recognizing the power of our emotions and exerting rational control can we achieve a balanced and balanced emotional response and performance, and ensure that emotions are compatible with the environment. This test will help you determine your position in this regard.

There are 30 emotional self-test questions below. Each question has three options: A, B, and C. Please read it carefully, figure out the meaning of each question, and then answer it honestly at a fast speed. Only one item is selected for each question.

Test start

1. Do you cry when you are watching a movie or do you want to cry?

A, often B, sometimes C, never

2. You have a cup of coffee in the coffee shop. Then you find a girl crying next door. What would you do?

A, I want to say something comforting, but I am ashamed to start B and ask if she needs help.

C, change seats away from her

3. A newly-acquainted person has said some compliments to you. What is your reaction?

A, feel embarrassed B, watch each other cautiously

C, I really like to listen, and I like each other.

4. How do you often do when you meet a friend?

A, nod hello B, smile, handshake, and greetings

C, hug them

5. What do you do with letters or souvenirs?

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