Paranormal Phenomena Definition Meaning With Types

It can be defined as Paranormal phenomena are scientifically inexplicable events.

Paranormal Phenomena is known because stories are passed down from generation to generation, they happen and cannot be explained by scientific theories, even if tested with augmented reality (AR) technology equipment.

Paranormal Phenomena

Paranormal phenomena are the cause of physical, biological or psychological changes. They are considered dangerous because there is no definitive way to avoid them one hundred percent. They can occur both indoors and outdoors, as well as directly on people or animals.

5 Types Of Paranormal Phenomena


What is Mystery

This is defined as something that is difficult to explain or believe. A fact that is not reliable or does not have enough evidence to admit it. A riddle is a situation where it is impossible to logically understand what happened.


What is heresy

It is a belief associated with a religion in which spiritual rituals, witchcraft, black magic or unusual acts are not associated with general rules.


A kind of paranormal, unexplained power resulting from pre-medical research that allows a person to know about an event long before it happens. This power is psychological and can combine mental and physical changes during divination.


Said of a man who can predict the future. It is not simply based on the mental observation of events that have not happened, but announces subliminal messages embedded in it, generally associated with religion.


what is Apparitions

Manifestation that occurs in a person in which the figure of an object, animal or person, can be seen in places where there is no living activity, so he is subject to beliefs in seeing dead creatures, shadows or created objects. from the mind

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