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10 Examples of Anaphora In Speech And Writing (Sentences)

Anaphora Definition And Meaning With Examples

Definition: Anaphora is the repetition of a word two or more times at the beginning of a sentence, or the repetition of an element of a sentence using indicative pronouns such as he, that, this, she, who, that, this, etc. to something or someone previously mentioned.


“Anaphora is a literary device whose purpose is to repeat a word at the beginning of each line of a work”.

A term is chosen that can summarize the ideas that the writer wants to share, depending on the writing style, be it poetic, student, romantic, etc.

Educational function

Anaphora is used when creating content for children, because repeating a word helps children remember it.

You can often see this literary device in children’s stories or tongue twisters. An example of this is the following: My mother cuddles me.

For the composition of a verse with an anaphora, one or more words can be set, provided that its location is at the beginning of it and is repeated throughout the beginning of other verses or strophes.

Grammatical assistants’

The use of anaphora must be very careful in both oral and written communication, since if the implementation of the initial word or words is exaggerated, it can cause auditory or visual noises, confusing the constant use of the word with a lack of grammar…, knowledge of the author.

Also, mixing terms that will fulfill the main function with the rest of the words usually shows hissing:

  • If you go out the red door.
  • If you go out through the garage.
  • If you go out through the back garden.

Examples of Anaphora:

Examples of Anaphora

Examples of simple Anaphora

  •  Run , run , who can reach you
  • Look , look , how the bird flies
  • Drink , drink , and enjoy the party
  • Get on , get on , we’re all in a hurry.
  • Eat , eat,   you shouldn’t leave anything.
  • Come in, come in, I’m not in a hurry.
  • Sing , sing , you have to rejoice.
  • Sleep, sleep , do it without worry.
  • Read and read , that there is your future.
  • Hey, hey, you don’t listen to me!

Examples of Anaphora in Poetry

  • Here was Troy, here is my misfortune”
  • Wearing a striped suit, showing off his splendor”
  • “The sound of the soul, the sound of the sea, and the sound of life are our existence.
  • Friendship is the path to well-being, Friendship is also the path to happiness”
  • Loaded with boxes, loaded with jewels”
  • Making his appearance, displaying elegance and sophistication”
  • Creating works, creating art, creating lighting”
  • Raising the level, raising the tone, always, raising the limits”.
  • Love for the present, Love for the past, Love for life is an endless reality”
  • Live adversity, live happiness, live life.

Examples of Anaphora with one word:

  • You are the best of my life.
  • You are the sun of my days.
  • I will laugh the day I see you.
  • I will laugh with your heavenly sound.
  • Blue: It ‘s my favorite color.
  • Blue: it is the color that reminds me of the sea.

Examples of Anaphora with several words:

  • What a cost that the sciences are exact. What cost that will help you succeed.
  • Nature pleases me.
  • Nature is my life and my well-being.
  • The exhibition covers themes about the continents.
  • Strawberries are red.
  • Strawberries are tasty.
  • On my chest I have a weight;
  • On my chest I have a gift;
  • My mother’s cats are four.
  • Cats are grey.
  • The university exhibition is about history.

10 examples of Anaphora in the sentence:

  • Kate and Winslet are dating, she is romantic and he is a playboy.
  • Miguel and Linda are musicians, he is a guitarist and she is a vocalist.
  • The house with the big windows, the one I lived in, is still beautiful.
  • The Engine of my boat, that great mechanism is worth its weight in gold.
  • Your watch always accurate, the one with the Swiss mechanism.
  • Karate is an oriental sport, that great sport conquered the world.
  • Roberto Cáceres, who won an Olympic medal, is now a coach.
  • El chavo del ocho, that great Mexican character, continues to be seen on television
  • Luisa Robles,  who  was my friend, is seriously ill.
  • The desktop computer, that great tool solved my work.


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