Examples of Petition Letter And Sample Templates

A Petition Letter (Letter of request) is a document used to request a product, service or supply from an official institution.

As this is a document for official use, the language used is formal and its component parts are clearly defined, as follows:

  • Place and date of its compilation.
  • Company identification: This document has a standardized key, depending on the agency that generates it, to identify it and refer to it in future documents.
  • Recipient: The name of the position, department and office where the person to whom it is addressed is located.
  • Purpose: This section clearly and concisely explains what the scriptures teach.
    Referral: if the Petition Letter has precedents, the previous letters are noted.
  • The main part of the official letter – this is a description of the request made.
  • Goodbye: courtesy text that indicates the end of the letter and if you are waiting for an answer, ask for it in a friendly way.
  • Signature: Position, name and title of the person who filled it out.
  • Distribution: A list of people to send a copy of the Petition Letter to.
How to write a letter of petition letter?
How to write a letter of petition letter?

Examples of petition letter:

Elementary School No. 21
Calle 7 Number 44
Col. Buena Vista.
Mexico DF.

New York, March 3, 2022.

OFFICE No. SEP/03032013/0001

SUBJECT: Request for support in material for the library.
Reference: Official Letter No. GF/01152013/0004
Attention: Lic. Juan Terrazas Abarca.
Dir. Of Primary School Libraries
Dir. VI
Mexico, DF


Dear Mr. Jack Dawson, I hereby ask you to send the corresponding instructions for this to happen so that the books of the basic school library program are delivered according to the official letter No. GF/01152013/0004 issued by the federal government.

Without further details for now, I greet you, I await your attention and I remain at your disposal.

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