What is management?

We explain what management is and what are the management instruments. In addition, who are the managers and management as a process.

  1. What is management?

The word  management comes from the Latin gestĭo , and refers to the administration of resources , whether within a state or private institution, to achieve the objectives proposed by it.

For this, one or more individuals direct the work projects of other people in order to improve the results , which otherwise could not be obtained.

  1. Management instruments

Managers must change the instruments they use often.

Management uses various instruments to function, first refer to the control and improvement of processes , secondly the found files , they will take care to preserve data and finally the tools to consolidate data and to make decisions you successful .

Anyway, it is important to know that these tools vary over the years , that is, they are not static, especially those that refer to the world of computing . That is why managers must change the instruments they use often.

One of the techniques used in management is the fragmentation of institutions . This means that you try to differentiate sectors or departments. Within each sector, the instruments mentioned above will be applied to be able to manage them separately and coordinate it with the rest.

  1. Who are the Managers?

People who take the commitment to organize and direct the institutions are usually called managers. They are responsible for the profitability and success of the agencies for which they work.

Many of the people who reach these positions do so through the career they have done throughout their lives , occupying in various places in the institution for which they work . It is considered that good managers have certain characteristics is common.

Some of them are the recognition of the good performance of their peers or subordinates and in turn the good criticisms that they are capable of making. They are suitable to support and help the rest of the staff when required, training and guiding them clearly, with precise objectives. They are usually people who generate sincere communication and that stimulate trust among the individuals with whom they work. Good managers usually choose personally what they will work closely with. He also tries to gain the respect of the staff he works with.

  1. Management as a process: The stages

Managers examine whether the planning is respected and the objectives are met.

There are those who consider that management is a process in which certain stages can be recognized:

  • The first of these is planning , it is at this stage where the short and long term objectives will be set and how they will be achieved. It is from this organization where the rest of the stages will be determined.
  • Then the organization can be mentioned , at this time the managers determine in detail the procedure to achieve the previously formulated objectives. For this purpose, the disposition of labor relations and who will lead them are created. In other words, the structure that will organize the institution is created.
  • The third stage is to lead , in this case it is tried that the personnel possesses a direction and motivation, in such a way that it is possible to reach the objectives.
  • Finally, the control must be mentioned , in this case the manager (s) examine whether the planning is respected and the objectives are met. For this they must be able to make certain corrections and directions if the rules are not followed.

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