Psychological test self-test to see how your reaction ability

Psychological test self-test to see how your reaction ability

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 Topic: It’s a rare holiday early in the morning, you just got up at five o’clock! It turned out to be a morning run with your lover! When you meet a woman wearing sunglasses and a trendy dress in the shade of the river, just in time You passed her and saw her open the handbag, looking east, what do you guess she was looking for?

A: face paper

  B: Cosmetics

  C: Wallet

  D: small mirror

 Test result analysis

  A: Your reaction ability is unsatisfactory, but since you are a very ceremonial person, your observation ability is good, and you can introduce other people’s attempts and motivations by the other side’s little movements.

  B: Because your observation is very sharp, guessing things are usually inconsistent. However, your shortcoming is that you are too fond of detecting other people’s sinfulness. The real thing you care about is not to pay attention. This will make you do things when you are doing things. Misplaced key points!

  C: When a group of people go out to play together, they can use your keen observation ability, because you are afraid that everyone will not pay the bill, so you will always pay attention to the actions of others who don’t pay for it. If you don’t pay the bill, go to the toilet. And to call first, you are the standard to escape excuses.

  D: Because you pay attention to the surface, you don’t care about the appearance, so your ability to observe others is very poor, and the reaction to things is even worse. People like you are easy to suffer.

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