Types of Psychological Tests, Intelligence Tests

Psychological tests: are classified into several types, including intelligence tests, aptitude tests, vocational tests, aptitude tests, and personality tests. Psychological testing is primarily used for psychological diagnosis, job screening, academic placements, identifying specific behavior, research purposes, etc.

Psychological tests and other car postures to measure workplace psychology

Psychological test

Which of the following postures are you waiting for?

1. Put your hand on the back or keep watching your watch.

2. Put your hand in your pocket.

3. Stand with your legs crossed.

4. Find a wall and lean against it.

Test Results

Option 1, not suitable for playing

You are a very strong person, and you don’t know how to hide it. You are very efficient and effective. When you think of something, you must do it right away. This personality is evident in your face, so you are also a person who is not suitable for playing the game. Some “blood-blooded” struggles, in fact, you don’t like it, but because you are afraid of others’ gossip, you are doing it in vain. In the office, you are a person who is not very smooth and sociable. If you don’t get it, you will offend others and be surrounded by enemies.

Option 2, be smart and be clever

You are a city-owned person. When you do something, you will go through detailed and careful planning, but the person who does not follow the common sense of “signing” is also you. Behind your smile, there may be a hidden major conspiracy. It is precisely because you put all the cleverness on the interpersonal cycle, but the relative concern for work is reduced, so be careful and clever.

You have a very good interpersonal basis in the office, but it always gives people the feeling that they are not at ease. That is because the software conditions are in place and the hardware conditions need to be strengthened. So you have to work hard. Don’t think that you are a man who can only play with your mouth. Oh.

Choice 3, lack of self-confidence

Your role in the office is a bit like a little pity. Although everything is done hard, it lacks self-confidence. Others will slap you with two sentences at random, whether you are reasonable or not, you will always be scared to death. You are too guilty to meet others, and there is no principle of tolerance. Let others think that you are just like this, and ignore your Small universe. Although you are determined to be a strong person with your own opinions every day, it is always a bit counterproductive. Please try to turn fantasy into reality.

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