How To Do Low Blood Sugar?

How to do with low blood sugar

  How to do low blood sugar

  eat on time

  It is not so easy for some people to eat such simple things on time. Because there are always a variety of unexpected situations in life, some people are particularly busy with work, or are too lazy to cook, and eating on time becomes an impossible goal. Patients with hypoglycemia who are not eating on time may cause aggravation.

 Reasonable meal

  After suffering from hypoglycemia, you should pay attention to the combination of diet, nutrition should be balanced, whether it is soy products, coarse grains or vegetables, meat, should be eaten, can not picky eaters. In this way, we can absorb enough nutrients to make the body work better and help the disease to ease. Otherwise, the constitution will get worse and worse, and the condition will worsen.

  Carrying candy with you

  Patients with hypoglycemia can develop symptoms when they are tired or have no air circulation or even any special circumstances. At this time, the patient will feel dizziness, chest tightness, and vertigo. If you can carry candy with you, it is very important to eat candy in time when you feel uncomfortable and can quickly relieve symptoms.

  Eat less and eat more

  Patients with hypoglycemia have a small amount of meals, eat 80% of each meal, add afternoon tea in the afternoon, and stay up late at night. In addition, you should eat a variety of foods, do not eat a single food.

  Bitter gourd

  According to ancient literature, bitter gourd can treat “thirst” (equivalent to current diabetes). Modern clinical reports, bitter gourd extract has a significant effect on lowering blood sugar, the effective rate of bitter melon tablets in the treatment of diabetes is up to 79.3%, bitter gourd can be fried soup or cold dish, can also be twisted juice or dried after tea.

  Salty radish

  Dried carrots are rich in vitamin B, and the iron content is also high, which has the effect of relieving hypoglycemia.


  Carrots are carrots, which the Japanese call ginseng, contain vitamins B and C, and contain a special nutrient carotene. Carotene is very beneficial for blood supplementation, so using carrot to cook soup is a good blood soup.

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