Health And HIV Treatment

Monitor your health

Working with your doctor to stay healthy and avoid infection is very important for people who are HIV positive. This means 4-6 regular health checks and blood tests every year. Regular check-ups are very important and your doctor can understand your health changes and suggest what you will do.

It is also recommended meeting with a dentist regularly to prevent dental caries and gums and oral diseases.

Blood test

Every time you go to see a doctor, the doctor will give you two blood tests to understand the impact of HIV on the body’s immune system.

Virus check

The amount of virus refers to the amount of HIV in your blood. HIV has been constantly being replicated. By examining the amount of HIV in a given amount of blood, your doctor can estimate how quickly HIV is replicated in your body.

The higher the amount of virus, the faster the virus will multiply and the more likely your immune system will be destroyed.

CD4 cell number measurement

HIV can destroy CD4 cells in your immune system. By measuring the amount of CD4 cells in your blood, your doctor can understand how much HIV is damaging your immune system.

These two tests will let you and your doctor know about the development of HIV in your body and help you decide when to start treatment.

These tests can also monitor your treatment if you are receiving treatment.


Although there is currently no cure for HIV infection or AIDS, existing treatments can control the virus, and people living with HIV can still enjoy a healthy and vibrant life. These drugs are also known as antiretroviral drugs. Anti-HIV drugs do not eliminate HIV, but slow down the rate of replication and damage to the immune system.

You may have heard that some people taking anti-HIV drugs did not find HIV during the blood test, which indicates that the amount of virus has dropped to an unmeasurable level. This does not mean that HIV does not exist in their bodies, so the use of condoms is still the safest way to prevent the spread of HIV. It is the purpose of anti-HIV drugs to reduce HIV to such a low level.

It is best to discuss your treatment issues with an AIDS specialist. If your doctor has no experience with HIV/AIDS, you can meet a doctor at the Sexual Health Center. Many large hospitals also have AIDS specialists. The staff responsible for treatment in the AIDS committee in your state or territory can also provide you with relevant reference recommendations.

What you should know about treatment:

  • HIV’s treatment is very effective but treatment is a lifetime.
  • You need to be strict with your doctor’s advice and you are guaranteed not to miss any medication.
  • Some people have side effects on these drugs. If you feel uncomfortable after taking the medicine, be sure to tell your doctor.
  • Some stimulants can affect the efficacy of anti-HIV drugs. If you are taking medication and are preparing to use stimulants at the same time, be sure to tell your doctor or the AIDS committee’s therapist.
  • The use of anti-HIV drugs is a major decision. You need to talk to your doctor. Take the time to ask questions and make sure you understand all the information you need.

“I started taking anti-HIV drugs a few years ago. I was very ill at the time and I was hospitalized several times. Now the treatment has improved and it is easy to be accepted. My health has also improved greatly. I feel good. Very good. It is very worthwhile to treat.”

Adjuvant therapy

Some people who are infected with HIV or have AIDS choose adjuvant therapy, either alone or in combination with anti-HIV drugs. As with any other form of medication, adjuvant therapy does not cure HIV infection or AIDS.

Adjunct therapies include traditional therapy, hypnotherapy, sit-in therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathic and massage.

It is important that if you use any of these, you must tell your AIDS specialist because some adjuvant therapies will affect your treatment.

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