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Rare Types Of Petrified Wood | Meaning, Properties and Uses

There are different types of Petrified wood and it is one of the most beautiful and rare minerals in the world. If you are a collector of precious and semi -premious stones, it is good that you have purchased one of these pieces to expand your showcase. Now, if you don’t know all its details, continue to pay attention.

Petrified or Fossilized Wood Properties and Examples

What is Petrified Wood?

Petrified wood can be considered a geological formation, which can be thought of as a rock or mineral formed following the physical and chemical replacement of inorganic minerals with wood.petrified wood

Thus, the petrified wood will be enriched with silica, opal, diasphe and chalcedony, which have replaced the wood in the burials of great volcanic eruptions on the continent.

How is petrified wood formed?

petrified wood process starts with large volcanic eruptions on land, spewing large quantities of volcanic materials such as ash and pyroclastic flows, even burying the surrounding forests under them.

Petrified Tree Gemstone, also known as fossil wood, is essentially a mineral formed from trees buried under huge layers of volcanic ash. There is a fairly thick layer of volcanic ash here, which contains a number of other minerals. They dissolve in groundwater to form fossil wood, replacing the minerals in the wood.

Because wood doesn’t come in contact with oxygen, it takes longer to rot. Water saturates the wood, causing the minerals to leach out. This is a slow process where rotten wood is replaced with minerals until it reaches its attractive characteristics.

Is it possible to make petrified wood?

Surprisingly yes. The natural process, as we have already said, takes too much time for a person. However, the laboratory managed to speed up the process and nowadays petrified wood can be obtained in a matter of days.

Mineralogical Characteristics of petrified wood

Approximately the age of fossil wood is about 200 million years, parts of branches and trunks are petrified.

As a result, the organic components are replaced by silica in the form of jasper or chalcedony, as well as opal, although the latter is very rare.

Meaning of the petrified wood mineral

No organic parts remain, but all life is replaced by stone. There is cell division, annual rings and individual holes. Likewise, it has the same characteristics as silica.

How to Identify Rare Types of Petrified Wood (important deposits)

Since there are trees in the world, it is a fairly abundant and frequent mineral on the planet. However, the most famous Holbrook forest in the United States, Arizona. This is due to its tourist attraction, where logs with a diameter of 3 meters and a height of 65 meters can be seen.

Of course, being a national reserve, commercial mining is prohibited. In this case, the specimens offered for sale are brought from Madagascar or Indonesia.

Meaning of the Petrified Wood Mineral

Raw Petrified Wood

This type of stone is associated with the Akashic readings which is why it is often used to heal ancestors. It is believed that through their stone rings one can establish a connection with the past. Likewise, it is connected to the Mother Earth Gaia chakra.

On the other hand, many people say it has third eye chakra energy to help connect with cells and DNA. Of course, these are just beliefs that have spread across different cultures. The truth is, none of this has any scientific backing as such.

What are the Properties of Petrified Wood?

  1. It is a stone associated with transformation and perseverance, mimicking the process that a tree has undergone.
  2. In the case of man, the transformation takes place in the spiritual sphere, favoring the inner ascension.
  3. It is associated with progress and positive changes, with the creation of a new being over time.
  4. It helps to adapt to these changes, encourages patience and promotes a simple life.

Uses of petrified wood

  • This mineral is usually considered an amulet or meditation item because it is associated with the chakras.
  • However, its commercial use is the most common and the only one approved by experts. Jewelry with a wooden petrified stone is in great demand.
  • You can buy earrings, rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, as well as decorative items. You can also use large portions to make tablecloths as a decorative stone.
  • In short, one of the most outstanding precious and semi-precious stones to date.

If you want to expand your collection, feel free to include petrified wood.

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