What is Plastic Artist?

Since our ancestors inhabited caves, their abilities to create images were already recurring and, like visuality, it has now taken over various areas of human activity. plastic artist

Certainly, today, the visual arts find a much more advantageous and profitable field.

It is present in the graffiti on the streets, on the computer, in the graphic part of newspapers and magazines, on the cover of the album and notebook, in the scenography and costumes of plays, etc. Therefore, we call an artist or visual artist who creates works of art in various ways. plastic artist

For this professional it is essential to have knowledge of the techniques and handling of materials that each area of ​​knowledge requires. In addition, it is necessary to be creative, sensitive, observant, authentic, disciplined and, above all, be willing to accept suggestions and criticism.

Although there are highly talented plastic artists who are self-taught, that is, who learned their trades on their own, there are higher and specialized courses for those who want to be artists or art teachers. Undergraduate courses, whether undergraduate or full-degree, typically last four years. plastic artist

In some universities, in addition to the entrance examination, aptitude tests are required to enter the course. Studying art history, aesthetics, semiotics, and philosophy, for example, helps professionals in this area to better develop their skills.

Regarding the labor market, the artist can work in art galleries and museums, art courses, organization and mediation of exhibitions, restaurants, advertising and marketing agencies, in addition to the production and sale of his works. plastic artist

The professional with a full degree, in addition to these options, can work in schools of basic and higher education.

Even today certain beliefs are spread that the artist needs to have a gift or a natural talent to develop professionally. This is a false belief. Techniques that involve artistic work require a lot of work and dedication on the part of the professional. plastic artist

You need to be constantly aware of the new directions and transformations that art is rapidly taking.

Pablo Picasso, for example, maintained a disciplined work routine in his studio until old age. The artist used to claim that inspiration exists, but he needs to find you working. plastic artist

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