What is Architect?

This profession is ideal for those who are creative and disciplined, relate well to people, enjoy researching, and are interested in culture and history. It is the architect who makes the environments in which we live “livable”. what is architect

He elaborates plans and models, draws details, directs, supervises and controls the construction and restructuring of physical spaces, “taking into account the needs of people and their relationships with the environment” (Daher, 2007: 16), in addition to taking care of aesthetic issues. what is architect


  • Develops projects related to building and urban planning in general, taking into account the aesthetic aspect and human needs for comfort, hygiene and space.
  • analyzes the terrain and the climatic situation, the function and purpose of the work, its size, style, necessary material and costs. what is architect
  • Study the plan and the final façade, draw the structure, the longitudinal and transverse cuts in detail, raise the perspective of the whole, then order the specifications that will give the volume of the work and the type of resistance of the material.
  • distributes, according to specialists, the network of aqueducts and sewers, electrical installation, ventilation, heating, elevators, paintings and decorations.
  • is dedicated to the planning, design and aesthetic supervision of interiors of homes, offices and functional organizations.
  • Carries out the historical reconstruction of the buildings listed by the Historical Heritage, is dedicated to the organization of the interiors of the museums. what is architect
  • investigates and specifies the materials that will be used in the execution and carries out periodic inspections of the works, in order to ensure faithful compliance with the project.
  • Works as a landscaper, in the planning and projection of non-built areas, such as parks, gardens, squares, patios, clubs and free areas in general that must be equipped with social and recreational material.
  • Carries out other activities related to Art, such as furniture projects, illustration, construction of models and evaluation of works of art. what is architect

To be successful in his career, Daher says that most architects specialize as a modeler, set designer, interior designer, product designer, among others; declares that it is important to have specialization if the graduate works in the area of ​​heritage, restoration and urban planning; He says there is also a great demand for specializations such as “ambient comfort, lighting, structural calculation and architectural theory.”

Today, the architect is not so obliged to know how to draw well due to the AutoCAD program, which designs projects. However, it is interesting that this professional has a certain skill in drawing, which makes a good impression when drawing up a plan for a client. what is architect

“The architect can work six to nine hours a day,” says Daher in his book Megazine Guide to Professions, “but when he has a project to deliver, he works as many hours as necessary to meet his deadline,” he concludes. what is architect

For those who work in the field, such as Ivan Rezende, architect and product designer, in an interview with Daher, what gives more satisfaction at work is the recognition for carrying out a good project and “being able to use knowledge in favor of an institution that supports people in need, ”he says.

What he considers the greatest obstacle in the profession is “time”, which ends up making it impossible for the architect to give “the best” due to the limited time for the preparation of the projects. what is architect

The course lasts about five years. According to Daher, “there are universities that require specific skill tests on the entrance exam.” The grid is composed of chairs such as observation and architectural design, descriptive geometry, aesthetics, environment, among others.

A good affinity with mathematics is necessary, since calculus and economics require this knowledge. what is architect

Work market

The main means of pursuing a career is still working in offices, “where they develop projects, supervise works and deal with clients.” With experience, many architects open their own offices. Daher says that many construction companies often hire architects and sometimes even outsource the work.

The internship is not mandatory in some universities, but it is still essential for the future of the profession, emphasizes Daher. “Public competition for the presentation of projects is a gateway to the market,” he says. what is architect

The market in this area is heating up, mainly in the construction industry in large cities. In the interior cities, the profession also gained prominence because it began to be valued among the middle class and liberal professionals, according to Daher.

A beginning architect makes about 2,000. A more experienced player can win up to double. Who runs his own business, earns from 10,000 to 20,000. what is architect

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