What is a norm?

We explain what the rules are and in what areas we can find them. Social, criminal, legal, editorial norms, and more.

  1. What is a norm?

The rules are rules that are established for the purpose of regulating behaviors and thus try to maintain an order . This rule or set of rules are articulated to establish the bases of an accepted behavior, in this way the order is conserved.

The rules can be applied in different areas of life and we begin to understand them since we are very young . For example, at birth the parents adapt to the needs of the baby, but little by little they are establishing order to regulate their meal, sleep, play schedules and so on.

  1. Types of standards

There are various uses of the word rule, basically, because what exists in the world is likely to be regulated. Here are some examples and other applications.

Social norm : This is the largest system of rules , since it encompasses other subsets of norms that we will point out later. When we refer to social, we are making direct reference to a society and its context, where there are diversity of people who require order to ensure a good or acceptable coexistence .

Although there is a variety of personalities and tastes within a population , among others, they must be coupled to some extent, being regulated in the same way, by something called moral .

In this way, when we are born within a certain society, we know that there are good and bad customs , inappropriate or improper behaviors that will be classified as unpleasant and will tend to reproach, that there are types of conversations that adapt to forms and contexts. There are also fashions, priorities, desirable behaviors, among others.

And although this is not sanctioned by law , they are patterns that remain in the collective conscious and unconscious, each one is free to decide to follow them or not, but paying attention to the consequences of being categorized within the good and not so good.

Within these social norms, there are two others that must be complied with because they are punishable. These are:

  • Criminal rule : They are behaviors that are established crimes and are punishable by law  and have no right to objection.
  • Legal norm : Regulation that controls all types of crimes and improper conduct or legal deviation.

In addition, we can mention other kinds of standards:

  • Linguistic norm: Rules that control the correct use of the language, within it there are others such as grammar and spelling.
  • Editorial Standard : Guideline to be followed for the realization and literary content.
  • Statistical norm: Trend of the behavior of a group of data.

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