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What Is The Difference Between Sativa And Indica Plants In Detail…

We explain that what is the difference between Sativa and Indica Plants? Technically (scientifically and formally) there are no differences between indica to sativa. Both belong to the genus Cannabis , with the species Cannabis Sativa . However, each of these varieties has a series of its own characteristics that make one stand out from the other.

Cannabis Sativa Or Indica?

Cannabis plants can be divided into two types of marijuana and below you will be able to know the differences in origin, climate, effects and physical characteristics between Sativa and Indica cannabis in order to make the best selection of seeds according to your needs.

Cannabis is a plant considered to be of the monotypic genus, which comes from the Cannabaceae family. This means that there is only one species in the genus “cannabis”, although there are commonly three: sativa, indica and ruderalis. These are actually subspecies, but each one has particular characteristics that differentiate them, and that make them chosen by growers throughout the world according to what they are trying to achieve. However, being actually the same species, they can be crossed without problems, which has given rise to innumerable hybrids with a greater or lesser proportion in their genetics of one or the other. The two most popular varieties are sativa and indica, since ruderalis is low in THC, although thanks to its shorter cycle, it includes a percentage of autoflowering varieties. Let’s see then

Many of the differences between indica and sativas can be explained by their places of origin and the climates to which they are used. Indica varieties come from the Central Asian region and the Indian subcontinent (Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Tibet, Nepal, etc.). Coming from mountainous areas, they are more resistant to low temperatures and extreme climates. Sativas, meanwhile, are typical of tropical climates such as Thailand and southern India, and also in parts of America such as Jamaica and Mexico.
Since sativas are from tropical areas, they reach higher height and tend to continue growing throughout the flowering phase, between 200 and 300% more than their vegetative size. The indica, on the other hand, increase their height by 50 to 100% during flowering. They are also more robust and compact, with denser and heavier buds, although those of sativas are usually larger. In addition, in indica they tend to grow in clusters around the nodes of the stem and branches, and in sativas, they are spread over the branches.
The Indic are accustomed to having good light and heat for less time , so they have a faster flowering, about 45 to 60 days. Sativas, accustomed to a stable warm temperature and about 12 hours of light per day all year round, take longer to complete flowering: between 60 and 90 days. This does not represent a noticeable difference in the total time to reach harvest, since indica takes longer in the vegetative phase.

But … And How Do They Hit?

The effect of indica and sativa varieties is different. Indicas contain more CBD and less THC than sativas, and they produce what many call a “high.” They are ideal to jump to play the playstation or do a marathon of a series (yes, one that does not require so much concentration). They produce relaxation and alter the senses, particularly touch, hearing and taste. In high doses, they are directly soporific. Ideal for a night without plans and at the end of the month, when you weren’t planning to go out anyway.
The sativas varieties produce a feeling of “high” with a more energetic and euphoric, creative effect, those who make you laugh because you saw a neighbor’s face and I thought it was like a bulldog. It is ideal for any social gathering, with the assurance that it will not send everyone to bed or keep them watching memes on their mobile.

What is the difference between Sativa and Indica Plants?Origin Of Sativa And Indica

Both subspecies of marijuana would be varied adaptations for each climate, Sativa cannabis comes from the jungles of equatorial areas of countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Jamaica, Colombia and Mexico among others, where they receive more hours of sun and where the light does not vary throughout year. The Indica variety is native to the Hindu Kush area, a gigantic mountain range of more than 800 kilometers where Afghanistan, Pakistan, North India and even China are found, where the climate is quite cold.

Sativa And Indica Climate

Cannabis Sativa is a variety that adapts better to the heat of tropical climates, since it does not resist low temperatures, a good quality is that it is able to prevent fungi that are frequently produced by humidity. Indicas come from mountainous climates so they produce marijuana plants that are able to withstand wind, rain, and frost.

Characteristics Of The Sativa And Indica Plant

Sativa marijuana plants reach a height of approximately 3 to 5 meters and due to their size they are usually grown outdoors. The leaves are long, thin and the flowering time is longer, lasting around 14 weeks. The production is extensive and the buds are usually larger and more resinous than those of the Indica plants, but once dry their weight tends to be less, since they are less dense.

The Indica marijuana plants, as opposed to the Sativas, reach a lower height of 1 to 2 meters, they produce less amount of buds, but they are denser and heavier. The leaves of the plant are short and thick and the smell they produce tends to be stronger than that of cannabis sativa.

Sativa and Indica Plants

sativa apperanceSativa effects after useWhat is the difference between Sativa and Indica Plants?What is the difference between Sativa and Indica Plants?Indica Plants Effects After UseWhat is the difference between Sativa and Indica Plants?Sativa Indica Effects

Cannabis Sativa produces an effect of euphoria and of greater interaction than Indica, perception is accentuated by enjoying more colors and sounds, stimulating creativity and thought. It is used for stress, anxiety, depression, nausea, migraine and for increased appetite, among other benefits.

The Indica produces a very relaxing effect on a p

hysical and mental level, unlike the stimulating effect of Sativa. It is very effective for insomnia and widely used to treat tremors, spasms, permanent pain, anxiety, stress and lack of appetite.

When to grow marijuana in Chile?

The average ideal temperature for grow

ing marijuana seeds is about 25 ° C and should be kept between 18 ° C and 30 ° C, cannabis plants are capable of supporting less and more degrees but they would not be the ideal conditions. In Chile the best months to grow outdoors are from September to December where we have longer hours of light and the most optimal climatic conditions for growing.

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Difference Between Sativa And Indica Plants By Comparison Table

Comparative chartwhat is the difference between sativa and indica plan
Indicates Sativa
Physical appearance In general it is a robust and compact plant. Its buds are dense, thick and are usually very aromatic. Sativa is higher than indica. Also, its buds are larger but less dense. It is not as aromatic as indicated.
Origin On the one hand, the plants of this variety are native to Asia; Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc. As for sativa, this is native to equatorial areas around the world: Thailand, Mexico, Jamaica, India (in the south), etc.
Flowering Its flowering is relatively fast: between 45 and 60 days. On the other hand, the flowering of sativa takes between 60 and 90 days.
Effects (consumption) The consumption of this variety is commonly preferred if what is sought is to relax and enhance the senses. It can cause lethargy, drowsiness and heaviness. Instead, sativa has a strong psychoactive or psychedelic high. It increases energy levels, facilitates creative processes and often puts those who consume it in a good mood.


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