What is bibliography?

We explain what a bibliography is and what are the uses of this document. Also, how to make a bibliography.

  1. What is bibliography?

The bibliography is the set of references that was used to create a specific text . They may have been used as a basis for writing the article or were only used as reference material. The word bibliography comes from the Greek bible , which means book and graphic , which means writing.

The bibliography is the part of a book or research paper that is usually found at the end of a chapter or the work , but can also be located at the bottom of the page, which facilitates the reader to find the reference .

Making a bibliography at the end of the report or monograph , makes it easy for the reader to verify that the data and details that appear in the document are true, accessing the original sources from which the information was extracted.

  1. How to make a bibliography?

The bibliography must be organized in alphabetical order , begins with the last name and then the author’s name, the title of the work that was used as a reference, the editorial and finally, the city and the year in which it was published.

If more than one work by the same author should have been used, the titles will be in chronological order of publication . If one of the references has three authors, the order will be the same as it appears in the book, the first will go with his last name and first name, while the following will only go first and last name; If there are more than three, you must write “et al” .

The authors will be separated by a semicolon, while the title, editorial, city and year will be separated by a period. In the event that one of the references does not have an author, that is, they are anonymous, the title must be put first.

You can cite all kinds of documents that give us the information we need.

If we quote a book we must put the author, the name of the book, the edition number, the editorial place and the year of edition. On the other hand, if the quotation is only a chapter , the author of the chapter, the title of the chapter should be included and then cited in the same way as is done with the books.

A magazine article should be cited first by the author , then the title of the article, the name of the magazine, the volume, the year and the page on which the article is located. As for the articles of electronic journals, it should be the same as in a normal magazine, together with the date of consultation and the URL of the same.

Websites must be cited by the author, title, place and date of edition , the date of consultation and the URL of the site. If it is a blog, it must bear the author, the title, clarify that it is a blog in square brackets, the date on which the blog article was published and the date of consultation along with its URL.

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