What is biography?

We explain what a biography is and some features of this document. Also, how do you write a biography.

  1. What is biography?

A biography is the story of the life story of a particular person . It ranges from the birth of the character in question until his death . If the protagonist of the biography is still alive at the time it is written, it is likely that the subject must authorize its publication.

The word biography is a term from the Greek, specifically  bio means life and graphein , write. This tries to preserve the entire life of the biography, telling his achievements and failures, highlighting the most prominent and significant parts of that life, telling anecdotes, memories and experiences.

It is a way of establishing a bridge between generations so that those who live in the present can know the life of an ancestor, involving a sense of pride and belonging.

  1. How to write a biography?

When starting to write a biography, first of all the author must know who will write. It can be about a historical person, someone famous, a member of our family or it can be a biography of oneself, that is an autobiography .

Once the person who will star in the biography has been chosen, all relevant information must be collected , such as the date of birth and death, in case the person biographed is deceased; the most important and outstanding facts that marked a change in the life of it. Everything that may be of general interest to those who will read the biography being written should be included.

If you choose to write about a person from another era, you must add details of the context in which he lived so that the reader can understand the reasons for the actions he took.

Collect all the information, organize it and think about how you want to write it. A biography can be written narratively and in the third person depending on the type of biography that is. If it is an autobiography, it will be written in the first person, unlike the authorized biography that despite being written in the first person, it is done by a ghost writer, as it is called, which is usually a journalist. They can also be written in the third person, especially when it comes to unauthorized biography.

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