What is Accommodation?

The concept of accommodation, in psychology, indicates the internal mechanism of change of the subject. Perceive life in society through its framework of knowledge. What is accommodation mean

As these structures are not inherent to being, but are constituted in their interaction with the environment, the development of cognition is equivalent to the production of structures.

It can be said that the elements that trigger this process are inheritance, material experience, social diffusion and balance.

The hereditary aspect has a positive side in progress, but it is not enough to elucidate it. Maturation itself is directly related to the action of the individual. As it is not an autonomous factor, it ends up being relegated to the background. What is accommodation mean

Experience in the physical sphere is the result of activities practiced in the material dimension.

Here is inserted the conjugation between the different movements that the child exercises in relation to the artifacts that surround him. What is accommodation mean

Social diffusion is part of the educational field. The way a child absorbs his environment is activated by the principles that govern progress. Balance, for its part, is a fundamental and vital element in improving being in this mechanism of accommodation to the context in which it is inserted.

We must seek stability among the other three components of the growth process and also balance the revelation of a new idea with those that were already in force in the child’s or adult’s chances of understanding. What is accommodation mean

Assimilation, in turn, is the way an individual inserts newly acquired information into the already existing cognitive framework. It is when a child experiences a new reality and adapts to it.

He strives all the time to adapt newly acquired external agents to the standards he already had. Just to understand better: as soon as a child sees a jaguar for the first time, they try to create a resemblance between that animal and a similar one, such as the cat, a creature that was already part of their world.

Accommodation occurs in cases where the child is unable to incorporate the stimulus he has just received. In other words, there is no field of knowledge that can account for the new data just because of the uniqueness of the impulse received.

There are two ways to do this: produce a different method or change a pre-existing plan. What is accommodation mean

Assimilation and accommodation exist because of the other, there is a reciprocal relationship between them. The context not only triggers the memorization of sensations or the production of replicas; requires active adaptations. What is accommodation mean

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