What is Justice definition and concept

Definition of Justice

The concept of justice has its origin in the Latin term iustit? A and refers to one of the four cardinal virtues. what is justice definition

What is Justice?

[the_ad id = ”3894 ″] Justice is the particularity of what is fair and correct, such as respect for the equality of all citizens, for example.

It is the basic principle that maintains the social order through the preservation of rights in their legal form. what is justice definition

Justice can be recognized through automatic or intuitive mechanisms in social relationships, or through mediation through the courts . what is justice definition

In Rome, justice is represented by a statue, blindfolded, which means that ” everyone is equal before the law ” and ” everyone has the same legal guarantees ” or ” everyone has the same rights “.

Justice must seek equality among all.

According to Aristotle, the term justice denotes, at the same time, legality and equality . Therefore, it is only the one who keeps the law (justice in the strict sense) and the one who carries out equality (justice in the universal sense). what is justice definition

Justice Court

In the judicial system, the Court of Justice is made up of second instance judges, known as judges.

Courts of law are and classified according to their jurisdiction .

  • For example, the Electoral Tribunal (responsible for the application of justice in the electoral sphere),
  • Labor Court of Justice (responsible for the application of justice at work) and the what is justice definition
  • Supreme Court of Justice (responsible for the application of justice throughout the national territory))

On the other hand, justice refers to the judiciary and public punishment or punishment . Therefore, when society ” asks for justice ” in the face of a crime, what it does is ask the State to ensure that the crime is tried and punished with the punishment it deserves, in accordance with current law.

In matters of religion, justice is the attribute of God by which he orders all things in number, weight or measure. Thus, justice is the divine disposition with which it punishes or compensates, as each one deserves. what is justice definition

Justice is also one of the four cardinal virtues and, according to the doctrine of the Catholic Church, it consists of “ the constant and firm will to give to others what is owed to them ”.

Justice can be said to have a cultural basis (based on a social consensus about right and wrong) and a formal basis (one that is codified in written provisions, enforced by judges and specially appointed persons).

It should be noted that the concept of social justice is used to refer to the set of decisions, rules and principles considered reasonable according to a particular social group.

The term makes it possible to refer to the conditions necessary for a society to develop relatively the same in economic terms. 

It includes the set of decisions, rules and principles considered reasonable to guarantee decent working and living conditions for the entire population. what is justice definition

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