What does pansexual mean?

Pansexual is the individual who appreciates and is attracted to all types of sex .

Pansexuals are not only limited to the male or female gender , but are interested in all different types of sexualities such as transgender or intersex people.


In short, the definition of pansexuals is that they like all existing sexes, without distinction and without being limited to the binary gender of male – female .

Etymologically, the term ” pansexual ” originated from the Greek prefix ” pan “, which means ” all “. In this case, it would be all kinds of sex .

There is a misconception that pansexuals are sexually attracted to any living thing , including animals and plants.
However, the definition of pansexuality is limited only to the gender diversity of human beings, nothing more than that.

Pansexual and Bisexual

Unlike bisexuals, who are attracted only to men and women.
Pansexuals go much further, because they do not understand gender as two “ rigid blocks ” (masculine and feminine), but rather as a “ flowing stream ”.

In general, transgender or intersex people are the most likely to understand and assume themselves as pansexual because they have a more intimate understanding of the different levels that exist between men and women.

However, of course, pansexuality is not exclusive to trans or intersex women .
The so-called cis genders , that is, all non-transgender people, can also identify as pansexual .

Like homosexuality and heterosexuality, pansexuality is limited to human interests, excluding sexual behaviors or practices from this set.

This means that being pansexual is not synonymous with certain sexual behaviors such as incest, necrophilia, pedophilia, etc.

Pansexualism and Psychoanalysis

Freud is the intellectual father of psychoanalysis , a therapeutic current of psychology and, at the same time, a philosophical approach to human existence.
In Freud’s analysis, sexuality has a unique role and proof of this are the evaluations of the Oedipus complex , the libido or Eros and Thanatos as two impulses or instincts that are part of the human condition.

In a way, for Freud and psychoanalysis in general, everything is related to sexuality , desires, motivation and defense mechanisms.

Consciously or unconsciously we are sexual beings and the sexual impulse is present in everyday life , culture and art.

A Pansexual Person

pansexual is a person, man or woman, who experiences sexuality with intensity and who generally has a sexual appetite for people of any sex or sexual inclination.

In this way, the pansexual is the one who does not discriminate sexually because he is interested in someone. It can be said that the pansexual takes bisexuality to the limit .

In bisexuality, preferences for men or women are important, while in pansexualism the difference between men and women is irrelevant .

When one defines oneself as pansexual, it implies three ideas:

  • Sex is a priority in your life and somehow completely necessary.
  • Who has an open attitude towards sex and is not limited to conventional relationships.
  • Who has sexual addiction.

Critics and Defenders

From a social point of view, pansexual behavior is sometimes considered paraphilia , that is, a disorder of sexual behavior.

There are those who understand that pansexualism is a misuse of behavior , but there are other positions that affirm that pansexuality is a way of understanding sex from individual freedom that goes beyond the traditional one.

Pansexsuality Meaning

To explain, Women’s Health spoke with sex therapist Holly Richmond. Point out 5 things you need to know to understand the meaning of pansexuality :

Being pansexual is not the same as being bisexual

” Bread comes from the Greek word ‘ all, ‘” says Richmond. This means that a pansexual person may be attracted to a man, a woman, a transgender person, or a non-gender person.

Pansexuality is not the same as promiscuity

” Pansexuals can be attracted to all kinds of people, but that doesn’t mean they have sex with everyone, ” Richmond says. ” Pansexuals can be very demanding .”

The term “pansexuality” has emerged recently

Richmond says he began learning about this sexual orientation about six years ago at a conference for the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists .
Although pansexuals have been around for longer than that, the general public is beginning to learn what this means.

Less than 1% of the population is pansexual

According to Richmond, it is difficult to calculate exactly how many identify as pansexual because this is a fairly new concept to many people.
She estimates that 1% of the population belongs to this genus. ” But as more people understand what it’s like to be pansexual, there may be more cases of people identifying in this way, ” she says.

Pansexuality is not just about sex

When pansexuals connect romantically with someone, it’s a lot about connecting with the inside of the person, not the gender. ” Pansexuality is about developing meaningful relationships ,” explains Richmond.

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