What is triptych?

Tea we explain what is a triptych and a little history of this artistic technique. In addition, how is the structure of an informative leaflet.

  1. What is triptych?

A triptych is a space to write, draw or paint that bends, showing three tables . It is known that leaflets can be made entirely of different materials such as wood, metal , paper or fabrics.

The word triptych  comes from the Greek “tri”, which means three, and “ptyche”, which means to fold . We know today that although its roots are Greek, the word triptych arose in the Middle Ages from the observation of ancient Roman tables that consisted of a central panel, with a secondary panel on each side.

A work of art can be done in the form of a triptych in which the side panels can be the same size as the main panel or can be smaller. The works that are made in two panels are called diptychs and those that appear in more panels are called polyptychs. In ancient Rome it was customary to offer triptychs as presents to friends. Everyone considered that owning polyptychs was a sign of wealth, luxury and prosperity. Many times they were presented as a bonus payment.

As for current advertising and graphic arts , we can say that the leaflets are used as informational brochures , where the visual possibilities offered by the fact that the brochure can be folded are used.

  1. Structure of an information leaflet

There are structures to organize the information included in an information leaflet:

  • First, the symbol that identifies the organization or its name with the slogan or phrase chosen for the campaign is located on the cover or top face .
  • Inside the triptych the information they want to disseminate with the corresponding explanatory graphics is developed. This is the broadest section of the booklet, which allows you to use different visual tools that increase the reader’s interest.
  • Finally, the information and data that will be useful for the contact, such as e-mail address, telephone numbers, physical location of the company and names of representatives , are placed on the back cover .

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