What is music lover?

We explain what a music lover is and what are the symptoms of this condition. In addition, what are its long-term effects.

  1. What is music lover?

The melomania consists in the condition of a person who enjoys, according to perspectives, the music , committing time and money above the average. It is classified within the types of maniacs, but it is not madness or disorder (which differentiates it from the other typologies) as indicated in some sources or what the population may imply.

Unlike a ” music lover “, who can enjoy it and devote himself to it, but does not fall into manic attitudes , such as spending large amounts of money or possessing immense knowledge about the subject.

Why is melomania not a disorder or pathology? To be a disorder, it must meet certain conditions and among them, is to generate discomfort and compromise the welfare of one or several areas of your life, such as work, family, social, among others.

  1. What are the symptoms of melomania?

Melómano - Melomanía
A music lover usually invests more in music than in other hobbies.

The signs can be in different intensities and characteristics, but some of the general ones will be indicated:

  • The most basic manifestation is the desire to want to hear music all day, this frenzy has no order or time, it is “everything at all times.”
  • Their knowledge is amazing, they can archive in their memory names of authors, singers, songs, composers and curious and important data that others may overlook. So much so, that your brain works as a large file to find important data , yes, only related to this area.
  • Usually those who have melomania are enjoying from the box or the seats of the functions and it is common to see them repeat performances, occupy the best places and be quite visible, in this way they get a social reinforcement.
  • You can invest more in this subject than in other hobbies, in fact, they do not take it as a hobby , this is more serious.
  • His interest is exclusive for music , although he practices other disciplines , they will never overcome the fury with which he lives.
  1. Long-term effects of melomania

Although it is not considered a mental illness, there are some interesting points to consider, because this can be further intensified and yes, it can become a problem .

  • The habitual, continuous and prolonged use of headphones, is not only that, but the gradual increase of the volume, since the sound begins to fatigue this organ, which it would ask more and more, affecting the auditory system.
  • Due to the great time they invest, they may realize in the medium or long term that they have not taken advantage of time with their friends or family , although they may never realize it but their family clearly perceives it. And not precisely because they have their ears covered, but to enjoy greater pleasure, they need to move away to an area of ​​comfort or comfort, which is usually a remote place .
  • When it turns out to be an important problem, it is when it already falls into wrong decisions that end up having repercussions on other aspects of life, for example the economic one. Buying CDs or acquiring legally good quality music through the internet , requires an investment  that at first may be small, but if you continue adding and increasing, the family as a wife and children will be affected.
  • They tend to be separated from groups dedicated to the practice of music or others who enjoy the same, because due to their extensive knowledge, they think through phrases made or with less assertive comments, without having a technical foundation, but only a data collection, which prevents you from maintaining good relationships with peers.

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