What is distribution?

We explain what distribution is and what its different meanings are in areas such as marketing, mechanics and economics.

  1. What is distribution?

Distribution is defined as the action and effect of distributing , that is, of distributing, of dividing, and acquires specific connotations according to the context in which it is used. Basically it opposes the idea of ​​concentrating, of monopolizing.

For example, in the field of marketing, distribution includes all the infrastructure and organization that enables the arrival of products and services to wholesalers, retailers and / or final consumers , so that it involves numerous aspects, which they often function as links in a chain, among them is transport, usually represented by a fleet of trucks, or railroads, ships, pipelines, electricity substations , pipes, etc., and the human team: promoters, sellers, delivery people. We often talk, for this reason, of channels, chains and distribution networks.

For statistics , the distribution of a study variable is a fact of interest, since it describes in mathematical terms how a certain phenomenon is presented . Some examples of probability distributions are the normal one (also known as the Gaussian bell distribution), the binomial, Poisson’s, Student’s, Chi-square.

To illustrate with a specific example, it may be important in epidemiological studies to know the distribution throughout the year of a certain disease (for example, that of influenza virus ), to design vaccination plans and prevention strategies.

In its most everyday use, distributing is simply distributing or dividing something and placing the parts in different places or assigning them to different people , according to different criteria, which can be arbitrary (based on will, or even convenience), or obey issues settled in the law. A clear example of the latter is the distribution of the assets of a deceased person in accordance with Argentine law , which indicates that 50% corresponds to the widow and the other 50% is distributed among the children.

In mechanics , it is known as distribution to the set of parts that regulate the entry and exit of gases in the cylinder . This entire system must work synchronously with the crankshaft, so that the openings and closures of the valves occur at the appropriate times. The distribution system of a car covers the valves with their springs, seats, guides and fasteners. It also includes the camshaft, control elements and pushers and rockers. The type of distribution that a car model has depends on the location of the camshaft in the engine:

In the field of macroeconomics , it is usual to talk about the distribution of income or income, to refer to how the wealth produced is distributed among the members of the different social classes , or of the distribution of the tax burden, which It realizes which socioeconomic sector contributes most to the collection.

It has been affirmed that, many times the administration problems at national, provincial or district level do not occur due to lack of resources but due to their inadequate distribution.

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