What is Urban Art?

From its humble, controversial, and often illegal beginnings, street art has evolved into an art form using a wide variety of mediums, ranging from simple graffiti to publicly commissioned large-scale murals and sculptures.

Graffiti was the first form of urban art.

Urban artists began by spray-painting words, symbols, and images to make public statements, artistic expressions, or, in the case of gangs, claim territory. what is urban art

As graffiti artists permanently disfigured public property in the name of art, public opinion on graffiti was deeply divided and it remains highly controversial.

Many people who considered graffiti to be vandalism and a nuisance responded by creating movements to remove it.

Supporters of graffiti were often drawn to the quality of the artistic expression and the thrill of knowing that the artist risked legal penalties when caught. what is urban art

Different types of brushes are used depending on the size of the wall and the desired effect.

Some street artists have been so prolific and have such a distinctive style that they have achieved worldwide notoriety and often infamy. what is urban art

They often protect their identities and avoid legal detection by assuming street names that are often related to their preference for media types, themes, or a distinctive style.

Many well-known street artists have branched out into more legitimate artistic endeavors to capitalize on their success, such as creating paintings on more traditional canvas supports or creating sculptures that can be sold.

The works of some popular urban artists have been rescued from buildings and sold.

Many street artists have responded to street art’s negative reputation as vandalism by using less permanent or temporary materials to create street art. what is urban art

The use of signs, stickers, and LED art are less destructive ways to create art in public areas.

Its theme is frequently related to various aspects of life on the street. Sometimes the meaning is subjective or non-existent, as some artists employ the liberal use of optical illusion or expand the artistic concepts of perspective and scale, even using existing permanent structures as accessories in the artwork itself.

Organizations are emerging that seek to legitimize and protect urban art in its various forms.

Some cities are commissioning urban artists to create large-scale community murals on the blank sides of buildings or sculptural installations to use as a focal point and to celebrate the history and heritage of the city. what is urban art

Others organize sidewalk chalk art contests during city festivals as a way to allow residents to temporarily decorate hallways.

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