What is love?

We explain what love is and what are the different types of love. Also, why is it so important and what does this feeling imply?

  1. What is love?

Love is the supreme feeling. Loving is not just about affinity, or about chemistry between two people , loves is feeling respect, connection, freedom to be together with another person .

Loves is a union not material, but spiritual. It is not about physical demonstrations, but emotional, emotional ones . One can say that he loves when he feels so many things for a person who cannot even describe what he feels, he only knows that in that way he feels good, happy and that state never wants to leave.
  1. Types of love

We can mention different types of loves. Family love , the love you have for a pet, our friends, a sports team, the love of a couple and others.

If we think of all of them, who are surely present in our life or were at some time, we will see that they are all different but that does not mean that it is not love . You don’t have to loves 100 percent one to really be love, although when you know that you are willing to do everything for a person or a relationship we can say that person is in loves.

There are those who also affirm that loves and affection are needed to live , since we are social beings and it is proven that without affection we cannot live or develop, but on the other hand, what kind of loves or affection is necessary? Or is it only social contact that is necessary?

Loving also has other meanings, for example we can say that loving someone implies doing things for that person , things always good or convenient for him or her, we can name some as:

  • Help her or progress.
  • Encourage him / her in sad moments.
  • Give it a little push to make that decision that is costing you so much.
  • Pray for him or her.
  • Be present in the bad and good moments of your life.

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