What is frequency?

We explain what a frequency is and what is the way to measure this magnitude. In addition, the different meanings of this term.

  1. What is frequency?

The frequency is a magnitude that measures the amount of repetitions that an event can have per unit of time.

The SI ( International System of Units ), which is the system of units used by most countries in the world, says that the frequency must be measured by hertz (Hz). You will wonder, then what is a hertz? A hertz is an event whose repetition occurs once per second , this unit also understood as cycle per second (cps). The derivation of hertz is given in honor of the physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.

But not only does hertz exist as a unit of frequency measurement. Thus, revolutions per minute (rpm) also appear as other units; beats per minute (bpm), used rather to measure heartbeats and musical tempo; and radians per second (rad / s)

The frequencys, within the field of telecommunications, is used to establish the bands through which each station will broadcast .

In Statistics. instead, the number of components included in a range, with a specific distribution , is called frequencys.

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