What is etiquette?

We explain what is label and what are its various uses. In addition, what is the social label and what is the label to prejudge.

  1. What is etiquette?

The concept of etiquette can have several uses. The most common meaning refers to a sign that is placed attached, hooked, fixed or hung on some part of different products to indicate a brand, classification, price, or other information.

The label has a descriptive purpose, but they also help the public identify and differentiate one brand or variety from another . These can be of different materials, even combined with each other, such as plastic and rope, cardboard and thread, self-adhesive papers, only plastic, paper, cloth, virtually any material.

The labels normally go through a design process , since they are supposed to be attractive to generate desire, with colors , striking keywords, drawings , the brand logo and other options.

  1. What are labels for?

Edible product labels contain details of nutritional values.

The labels on the garments contain information such as size , price, barcode, composition, washing instructions, and so on. Clothing usually has more than one label.

For example, a shirt: we will have a label sewn from the inside almost to the hip that has details that will help the care of the garment, and is usually plastic. Then, he usually has a fabric tag or similar material on his neck that announces the size of the garment and its brand. In addition to these, the garment usually has a tag hung with other details.

The labels of the edible products contain details of the nutritional values of the same, expiration and elaboration date, ingredients, etc.

  1. Social Tag

The social etiquette makes it clear how to behave.

The concept of etiquette is also used to refer to those norms that we must respect in certain places , the ceremonial of uses, customs and styles. The social etiquette makes it clear how to behave, dress, present and others in a situation.

For example, in a formal meal, express how to use cutlery , cups, to eat with your mouth closed, taking small bites of food , and so on. It also determines what is right to wear on certain occasions, for example for formal events men should wear suits and women long dresses.

  1. The label to prejudge

When we talk about labeling someone it is about making a value judgment on that same person without knowing them in depth , assuming that it is in this or that way according to how they may have acted. This act should not always be negative, although it could be. It is even possible that people , because of their insecurity or low self-esteem , label themselves to feel that they belong to a group.

In many countries labels are common and respond to something cultural. We all know preset labels. For example, that blondes or models are not very intelligent , that people who are overweight only eat junk food, that Latinos end up in jail for selling drugs or things like that.

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