What is ethics?

We explain what ethics is as a science of moral behavior and what are the different types of ethics. Relationship between ethics and morals.

  1. What is ethics?

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that is dedicated to analyzing human behavior and in parallel, studying morality and finding a way to judge it. The ethical term has its origin in the Greek, comes from the word  ethikos  that means  character.

Ethicse can be defined as a science of moral behavior  because, through an exhaustive analysis of society, it is determined how all the members belonging to it should act (hypothetically speaking).

It should be noted that ethics is not coercive since, as legal sanctions are not imposed on the individual (of course, there are no ethical laws), self-regulation is promoted through collectively established norms for all.

Ethicse has several branches in which it is divided:

  • Normative ethics

The normative ethicse that emphasizes its objective in exposing what should be considered good or bad for a person . It is dedicated to the elaboration and later the formation of social norms excluding the monitoring and / or compliance of the same.

It is possible to classify human acts as correct and incorrect without taking into account prejudices , a human behavior or action is adequate or inadequate, no matter why. We talk about theories that are studied, for example, by moral axiology or deontology.

  • Applied ethics

Applied ethicse is one of the most current fields of contemporary philosophy where a reflection is made on the foundation of norms . Those specialized in studying and exercising applied ethicse work in different fields such as bioethics, environmental ethicse, ethical engineering, among others.

In these areas, applied ethicse deals with ethical problems that have their origin in everyday life since it deals with studying moral issues in particular and their controversies .


  1. Relationship of ethics and morals

If we talk about morals, we are referring to the set of behavioral norms that are usually accepted by a society , which is why we find a close relationship between morality and the law , because we mention what is right or not to do.

If we talk about ethics, instead, we talk about a reflection on disparate moralities in societies, points of view. This is why ethics consists of having a critical attitude about morality and also about laws.

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