What is enthusiasm?

We explain what enthusiasm is and why it is considered a state of mind. In addition, what is the origin of this term.

  1. What is enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm is a state of mind that is considered as “exaltation” or fervor in the face of a fact or situation in life . When we talk about enthusiasm, we are implying about an emotion that takes over our general state for one or more minutes.

An enthusiastic person demonstrates a certain joy, out of the ordinary, that is, we can be happy and positive every day, but when you are excited you can see an excessive interest in something in particular .

Enthusiasm is considered as a force that comes from inside the body that makes a person feel the desire to perform activities, feel happy about it and encouraged at the same time.

This emotional state can occur externally, that is, when a specific situation generates that emotion, or internally, when a person sets new goals and objectives to meet and feels motivated, it is the stimulus that is being received.

  1. Enthusiasm, a mood

Enthusiasm - Moods
Enthusiasm is an emotional state that can arise at any time.

Enthusiasm is considered one of the most positive moods that a person can feel, since they are those moments in which everything seems to have a certain sense and desire for something to happen.

People ask themselves what they can do to realize those actions that are making them feel that emotion. In this way you can also find other types of sensations such as pleasure and exaltation.

Some doctors say that the lack of enthusiasm in a person is caused by discomforts and conditions such as depression and stress , this would be generated by the lack of own desires and interest.

However, it is necessary to clarify that there is a difference between being excited and being happy . These two types of emotions are manifested in various ways, each person has his way of demonstrating what he feels, so, someone who does not show enthusiasm for something does not mean that he is suffering from depression or some type of problem .

Many times they talk about enthusiasm as a quality that a person can acquire, however, it is only an emotional state that can arise at any time and in any person in a given situation, not everyone feels the same interest and motivation for same things.

For example, there may be two students in the same university studying the same career, one of them is excited to achieve all their goals and own goals to become that professional that he longs for, while the other feels insecure for having taken The decision to study there, that takes away all the possibilities of feeling excited about passing an exam or moving forward as time goes by .

It is said that enthusiasm is not produced by doing things well, but rather the opposite, enthusiasm  is what makes us do things well . It is necessary that a person believes in himself and in the strength he possesses to be able to realize everything that is proposed, is the ability to transform everything around us and turn it into something positive for oneself.

  1. Origin of the word enthusiasm

The word ‘ enthusiasm ‘ comes from the Greek and if meaning is “God is within you . 

In ancient history it was said that an enthusiastic person was taken by a god and guided by the wisdom he possessed and his strength, for those reasons, the person could change all the surrounding nature and make good things happen to him. They favored in his life.

Only people considered enthusiastic were able to face and overcome every challenge that arose in their lives and thus be able to solve them in the best possible way.

These people were talked about as the only ones who could move forward in their lives, because the ability to feel that enthusiasm allowed them to solve one situation and continue with another , meant being able to move forward in life in the best way, overcoming every obstacle that He presented himself with the inner strength they possessed thanks to those gods who seized them.

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