What is nature?

We explain what nature is and what this word refers to. In addition, the problem of the intervention of man in nature.

  1. What is nature?

Nature, in its most general meaning, is the set of all living organisms that make up the physical universe that have occurred naturally, without the intervention of man . The modern concept of  natures  that refers to a whole as a physical universe is recent. It began to be used from the evolution of science and modern research.

If we look at the origin of the word nature, we will see that it comes from the word naturist , of Germanic origin , which means natural character . As for the word natura , of Latin origin, it originally meant the natural way in which plants and animals grow , spontaneously.

Nature is the way certain things and living things coexist , such as animals and plants. Natures is also related to atmospheric weather or climate , as well as the geology of our Earth.

  1. Impact of man in nature

We cannot live without nature because it gives us everything we need to live.

The intervention of the human being in nature has generated great problems in natures, seriously affect the lives of beings and as a result, ours as well. The quality of life decreases and causes serious complications. That is why we must be aware of the care of the environment and natures.

It is known that if we continue to use the planet’s resources improperly and without conscience, there will come a time when there will be no more available . We cannot live without nature because she gives us everything we need to live, so we must take care of her.

  1. Human nature

When we talk about natures we can also relate it to the human condition , with our essence of living beings. Natures dictates the way we are, what makes us act and be in a certain way. Part of our human natures, for example, is our ability to speak and reason.

This term is also related to our temperament or character , or the physical characteristics of a person. For example, we usually say that a person has an impulsive natures.

This application can be given to animals, such as when we talk about the fact that the natures of certain animals is to hunt , for example.

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