What is consumption?

We explain what is consumption and what is consumption in the economic field. Also, what is drug use.

  1. What is consumption?

The term consumption comes from the Latin language ” cosumere ” which means to spend . Consumption is the action by which certain products, goods and services are used / used. You can also consume abstract issues , such as energy.

We understand by “consuming” the fact of using these products or services to meet some need of man . We can say that mass consumption later produced some social pathologies such as the compulsive tendency to consume goods of various types in society.

  1. Economy Consumption

Public consumption
Public consumption is the value of all expenses incurred by the national government.

In the economy , consumption is the final phase of the economic process , mainly of the productive process , which is the moment when a good causes some utility to the consumer. There are goods and services that are directly destroyed through the action of consumption, while in other cases what happens with these is that their consumption only consists of a partial transformation.

In short, what is understood as consumption is the acquisition of goods and services by an economic subject , this can be a particular person, organization , company , any agent that has the ability to interrelate in the market.

The satisfaction of needs can refer to present or future needs, this is the ultimate goal of the consumption of a good or service. Consumers generate demand regarding the desired production or merchandise.

On the other hand, the role of the consumer in the market, in mercantile and capitalist interactions, is to adjust its benefits according to the availability of goods and satisfactions that can be saved, which are the penalties and fatigue that work entails for the realization of a well determined. By consuming, the person who acquires this well saves the work of doing it by their own means , avoiding all the efforts that were necessary for its manufacture.

According to the macroeconomy , consumption can be divided into two large groups:

  • Private consumption  It is the value of the set of all purchases of goods and services that were performed by different families , private institutions or private companies. This is a calculation that accounts for the remuneration received by employees and the production of self-consumption goods.
  • Public consumption  In contrast to the previous one, it includes the value of all expenses incurred by the national government through its different ministries and public governments in the performance of its functions and objectives . Infrastructure planning projects represent a large part of public spending, in addition the expenditure invested in hospitals, schools, and other public institutions is understood here.
  1. Consumption of drugs

On the other hand, the concept of consumption is applied to talk about drugs. The problem of high levels of the consumption of illegal drugs , and also the level of consumption of legal drugs such as alcohol or tobacco, are some of the concerns of which the National States should be alert.

Awareness and health plans must keep the society informed to combat substances that pose a danger to personal health . The quality of life improves as long as information plans are found mainly that point to young adolescents about the damage caused by drug use, whether they are socially accepted, legally or not.

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