What is a scheme?

We explain what a scheme is and what it is for. In addition, how a scheme is made and what types of schemes exist.

  1. What is a scheme?

A scheme is a way to analyze, mentalize and organize all the contents present in a text.

A scheme is a graphic expression of the underline and the summary of a text after its reading . This one deals with expressing graphically and ranking different ideas about a content so that it is understandable after a simple observation.

  1. How is a scheme made?

A scheme has its origin in the comprehensive reading of a writing , its underlining of main, secondary ideas and examples if necessary. In this way, for its realization you must use extremely short keywords or phrases without any detail because it must be synthetic and brief.

It is intended that personal expressions be used when reviewing the epigraphs, titles and subtitles of a text , deciding what type of scheme you want to make. Usually, it is recommended to express all the main ideas on the left and on the right all the secondary ideas.

Following this concept, it is usually very useful to implement capital letters to emphasize the fundamental and lowercase sections for the elements present in them.

synoptic table

  1. Types of schemes

There are two types of schemes. We can talk, first, keys or summary table , which is very useful when we are faced with many subdivisions, or, secondly, of a branching diagram or DIAGR loves simplifying recognize relationships between concepts in a graphical way It is the case of numerical schemes (Roman or Arabic numerals) or with letters.

In turn, when a scheme is made, a series of graphic resources that complement it, such as boxes, lines, arrows, keys, letters or bars (among others), are taken into consideration .

An example of a commonly used scheme is the tree-shaped scheme that, by means of a main word in the middle, has different levels with words below, the lower you go, there is more precise information in my scheme.

Every scheme is extremely necessary when ordering and organizing concepts highlighting important information . In turn, a good scheme will enable the reader to memorize visually the main ideas of concepts to be studied. In this way, in a scheme we seek to avoid the repetitiveness that is usually common in a writing and that all the ideas present in it are interconnected.

For this reason, a scheme is usually extremely useful since, it gives us an overview of a subject to study, it is a synthesis exercise by increasing the attention and concentration capacity when making a reading, developing the analysis skills and thus being a good ally to review.

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