What is vocation?

We explain to you what a vocation is and the aspects by which this term is composed. In addition, some of its features.

  1. What is vocation?

The vocation is the desire and inclination on the part of people to a certain profession , career or action. The concept vocation has its origins in the Latin ” vocatio ” and religious understand it as the call of God to perform some task or simply to preach his word. That is why this term is also used as “call” or “convocation.”

The vocation, in broad strokes, is related to the desires and conditions that people have with those aspects that are inspiring to each of them. Presumably, the vocation of each subject depends on their personal interests, aptitudes and tastes , conditioning their future.

The vocation of a person is composed of certain aspects that will depend on the aptitudes of each one.

  • Personal tastes are those that provide pleasure and a comfortable feeling. Another aspect to be discussed when we talk about vocation are the peculiar interests of each person , the topics for which we feel more curiosity or those that call us the most attention, promoting the motivation for their research or development.
  • The vocation of each subject will also be related to  the personality and abilities of the person in question. Within the skills we find the easy understanding of the subject, ideas and imagination, trust and autonomy . The personality of the subject has to do with its behavior in its environment and the way of interpreting and feeling the different situations.

The vocation is that attraction for what we want to do, our inspiration, our dreams and desires. Vocation is the way in which our values ​​and training as people come to light and are expressed through the chosen profession. These dreams and desires (different in all people) are related to life , understanding as such a fact that exists, that is real, and above all, very relevant.

Fulfilling the desire that our soul poses to undertake and face this vocation to which we are destined, implies carrying out the realization of the chosen profession, satisfying the curiosity and pleasure that this entails , in addition to the pleasure of doing what one loves .

To have a vocation, three fundamental points are needed: taste, aptitude and dedication. When a certain person presents a strong vocation, he investigates the subject, raises different points of view to the existing ones, raises hypotheses , and tries to impose his own ideas. He feels that beyond the unfortunate events that may cross his path, he will go ahead and do it in his own way and with fullness. In addition, he believes and ensures that his vocation is necessary for the lives of other people.

The vocation is an internal call that is directly related to the way of being of a person. It is the way to relate to each other’s identity and personal desires. When one responds to that call to fulfill the desires, we feel a sense of accomplishment, of being fulfilling the task assigned to us in this life and that our effort and dedication is not in vain. Fulfilling the call of vocation makes us feel that life has a meaning.

Having a vocation for a certain task is a constant motivation to perform it day by day , becoming a passion and a single purpose in life, receiving a rewarding reward for the exercise of said activity.

The internal or called demand that every person receives at some point in their life to develop to the maximum and functionally increase their own abilities is known as human vocation. Not only does it refer to the professional . Each of us, human beings , has a vocation that is unique and that makes us be ourselves, compromising our life with that of other people, the environment and relevance.

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