What is government?

We explain what the government is and what are the functions that it must complete. In addition, what are the different forms of government.

  1. What is government?

The government is the authority that directs a political unit and whose function is to administer and control the State and its institutions , exercise authority and regulate society.

A government can be both national and regional or local according to the size of the state it governs. The government is above any direction of a State and is composed of leaders of the executive power of the State, such as the president, ministers and other public officials .

The government must ensure different areas of society such as education , health , housing and the livelihood of the people, work, and so on. All this starting from the point that it is long-term with good quality and free from corruption. In addition, the government collects taxes from the people it serves to then invest in public services and infrastructure construction.

  1. The forms of government

There is talk of democracy when it is the people who govern a State.

A government can be in the form of a republic or monarchy. Within these two great forms of governments there is also a subdivision between a parliamentary, presidential, constitutional or absolutist government . What determines the form of governments is the way in which power is distributed and the relationship between the rulers and the people.

When there is an absence of governments, we speak of anarchism , on the other hand, there is talk of democracy when it is the people who govern a State by being able to elect their rulers through direct or indirect voting mechanisms. If a dictator governs a State and has absolute power over him, it is called dictatorship . If the ruler is a king or monarch we talk about monarchy. The oligarchy is the government of a few and tyranny when a single person (called a tyrant, master or lord) is the one who governs. If there is social exclusion and certain groups, there is talk of an aristocratic government.

A government comes to power in different ways depending on whether it is one or another form of government. If it is a republic, the means of access to power will be through suffrage , that is, all citizens vote for who (s) they want (among a list of candidates) to come to power. If we talk about monarchy, power is obtained through blood ties. When it comes to a de facto government, power is taken by force by a group of people who believe that the current rulers are no longer competent for their position.

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