What are the policies of a company?

We explain what are the policies of a company, both general and specific. What are they for and some concrete examples.

  1. What are the policies of a company?

When talking about the policies of a company , or also its organizational policy, reference is made to a structured and deliberate system of principles that guide the decision making of the company and that aspire to achieve rational results.

In other words, it is a declaration of principles, which is implemented as a protocol or procedure by the board of directors of the organization , as well as by executive officers. Any decision, objective or subjective, will necessarily go through what is dictated in business policies.

The concept of a company’s policies can be as broad as it needs it. They can include different basic and normative rules , which govern the behavior of the organization and its parts, as well as the procedures to be followed in the various possible cases, or even the concrete actions that define the “spirit” of the company.

These business policies can be of two types:

  • General . They apply to all levels of the company without distinction, since they are critical, high impact policies, which have to do with crucial issues such as budget , compensation policies, comprehensive security, etc.
  • Specific . They apply instead to certain processes, defined according to their scope, or registered in certain sectors of the organization, such as sales policies, payment policies, etc.
  1. What are the policies of a company?

Business policies are a guideline, a basic script of conduct to which the organization must adhere. They must also do their respective departments to be faithful to what the company considers as ethical , political and / or moral north .

In that sense, it is part of the identity of the organization and the values that determine its particular vision of the activity to which it is dedicated. In sum, they serve to unite, organize and give the same meaning to the different activities that the company carries out.

  1. Examples of company policies

corruption company policies
A company’s policies can severely punish corruption.

Some examples of a company’s policies can be:

  • Provide a mandatory training course for all new members of the organization.
  • Provide solutions to the needs of the community surrounding the company as part of its final results.
  • Demonstrate zero tolerance for corruption , especially among its senior and middle positions.
  • Handle prices always accessible to the consumer .
  • Contribute to the training of a generation of national workers directly and indirectly.
  • Always give your customers what they want.
  • Foster the spirit of work from leaders to workers.
  • Provide the employees of the company a friendly , fun and comforting environment for their daily work.
  • Value the law and common welfare above any type of economic income or market opportunity.

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